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Princess Dharma - girl among boys

We are ONE!!!

March 20th 2013 7:12 am
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Well, where does da time go? One minute ar Mama is bottle feeding us 'n' da next minute we're gonna have kitty cake cuz it's ar first birfday.

Mur-Mur...dat's wot we calls my bruver, he is just actin' like a little idiot today. Okay, well, maybe he does dat everday, but I swear I can detect extra bits of idiot dere. He keeps talkin' about bein' old like Darius, Milo 'n' Trey! Sheesh! Not hardly but he's a boy. Dey do tend to go on...

I'm so hoping my Mamacat will make me a pretty new lining for my bed. I hurd da sewin' machine whizzin' away dis week 'n' I sawed da prettiest girlie flannel on da table. Pretty flowers instead of baby stuff! Keep yer paws crossed dat it's a birfday giftie fur me?

Fank yoo all fur all da birfday wishes. Yooz ar all da bestest friends a little girl can have...a ONE YEAR OLD little girl!!!

Dharma >^..^


Fashionably Late...

May 24th 2012 12:08 pm
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See, Murray is sayin' he gots his diary done already 'n' that I'm behind him. I am not behind him, nor will you ever find me behind him. I will always be ahead of him or on top of him or putting holes in his nose er sumpin'. Cuz I'm a princess!

An' I'm pretty too 'cuz Mom 'n' Daddy say it all da time. Daddy's allus pickin' me up 'n' tellin' me how beeeeuuuutiful his li'l girl is. there Murray, Milo, Darius 'n' Trey!

Anyway, I jus wanted to wait to build excitement for when I did start my diary. I knew everbody has jus' bin hangin' for dis day.

*ouch*! Huh? Why did you nip my ear, Darius? What did you say, Trey? Nobody likes an uppity little smart aleck girlie kitty? But I was jus' tellin' da trooth!

**OUCH** Okay, alright, I'll stop it!

sigh...this is the story of a beeauutiful princess who is held captive by four mean 'n' ugl... **ouch** Alright!! I'll stop, I promise!

Dear Diary, my name is Dharma 'n' I am being held at water pistol point, being forced to write nice things about my bruvers.

Waaaaiiiiit! Don't make me get away from the computer....!!!!

~I'll be back~

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