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Home:St. Paul, MN  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 6 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 9 lbs.

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Mo, Mr. Mojo, Mojie, Moj, Mojo-Man, Mojo Bean, Moj-Moj, Mr. Poopy-Pants, Mr. Pouffy Tail, Lil Buddy

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
April 24th 2012

October 4th 2010


Feathers, and fishing pole toys and catnip

Too much petting and too much brushing, not having food there when he wants it, the Fancy Feast cans are too small

Favorite Toy:
Da Bird

Favorite Nap Spot:
Top of kitty condo, where Squeakers used to sleep, on my lap.

Favorite Food:
Wellness canned food, Fancy Feast, Trader Joe's cat food, chicken and turkey formula, shrimp, Trader Joe's dry food

Playing hide and seek and sneeking around without my human knowing where I am


Arrival Story:
I did have humans before, because they had me neutered and declawed, but then I made my little cat way to a barn. I didn't like living with cows, and one day, someone picked me up and brought me to the Feline Rescue. After being confined for two weeks, I was let out of jail. There were alot of other cats there, and I fought with them for food and litterbox privileges. Then a lady and her mom came by and said they wanted me. At first I wasn't sure, I bit her Mom really hard! *evil laugh*. After that, though, I climbed right into the carrier they had for me and they brought me to a place called "home." Home is nice. Really nice. That older lady isn't there. I still bite sometimes, but it's an old habit I have to break.

My name was Jezzy, but my human didn't like that because it sounds like Jessie or Jazzy. the shelter said that she could rename me because they were the ones to name me Jezzy and I only had the name for 6 weeks and I was young enough. My new human likes Jackson Galaxy and his Cat Mojo thing, so she named me Mojo, even though the older human calls me Mr. Mojo

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9 of 9

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Mr. Pouffy Tail

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The Late Late Show - Act IV

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May 4th 2012 More than 4 years!

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Mewsings From Mojo


April 24th 2014 5:39 pm
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I can't believe I've been with the same human for two years!
Wow, that's cool!

Okay, so it isn't quite two years yet, if you're gonna get technical. I was adopted just around 7:45 P.M, and it's only ten to seven here, but so what?

Yeah, I was in a weird shelter, first of all, it was all cats! No dogs, and no kittens! What fun is that?
And it was only open to humans for a few hours every day. How's a cute cat supposed to get adopted that way?

Some humans looked at me, I'm sure. but two humans came in to look at me on a Friday morning, and one of them thought she liked me. I bit the other one! MOL!

My name was Jezzy back them. What a weird name. It sounds like Jesse, which would be okay, or Jazzy, which would be kinda cool, but Jezzy?

But they left me alone, in that cage, again. Ho hum.

After the weekend, though, somebody came in and said I would have a new home, and took me out of my cage. That was okay, but it was hard. I feared that other cats would try to eat my food, so I growled and hissed alot, and by that fateful Tuesday night, I was kinda cranky.

The women came back, the ones that looked at me on Friday! but the short woman went into the office, where another cat tried to climb into the carrier that she brought JUST FOR ME!

How dare he!

The tall woman came to see me, and that's when the adoption counselor lady told the short woman that I could get a different name. Since my soon-to-be human liked Jackson Galaxy and his TeamCatMojo thing, she either wanted to name me Jackson or Mojo. The tall lady liked Mojo.

So Mojo it was.

Then I gave the tall lady a bite she'll never, ever forget!

But she started it. She came in and bent down with her hands out and said "Mojo, you're coming home now!'

Well, how could I not bite her? She was TALL! And I thought she was scary, but now I know, she's not. Not really, anyway.

They all thought they'd have a big hassle getting me into the carrier, but when the short woman put it down and opened the door, I climbed right in!

I didn't make a sound. They took me away. That was nice of them.

I got to a place called "home" and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I stayed in the carrier.

Until food came into the picture.

Food! My OWN food!

I came right out!

And I ate....and ate....and ate!

And there weren't any cats to try to steal my food!

After the tall woman left, the short woman, my Mom, and I got really close. I purred a thank-you for the food, we played, I laid my head on her knee. Everything was purr-fect.


Later that night, the tall woman said the place where I bit her hurt, and was swelling up. The next morning, she had to call in sick for a thing called "work" so she could go to the emergency room!

*evil laugh* That's what she gets for trying to pet me!

I went to the vet *screams* and they mostly just talked....about me having rabies and possibly having to put me to sleep!


But my Mom decided to put me on quarantine for ten days instead. She was kind of scared of me (good, I like it that way!) and that I would bite her as bad as I bit the tall lady, who I found out, was her Mom. The vet told her I shouldn't sleep in her bedroom...just in case.

Hmmmm. I didn't like that.

Days went by, and she wasn't quite so scared of me. Her mom was getting better, but her arm was in a sling, and she missed another week or two of that work thing.

I was kept out of Mom's bedroom, but one night, I snuck in!

She shooed me out.

But every morning when she got out, I was waiting by the door to her that devotion, or what?

Yeah, I bit her too, but not even half as hard as I bit her mom. After all, she feeds me, if she loses her hands because of me...well, you get the idea.

Another night, I snuck into the bedroom again. By the time she saw me, I was all comfy on the bed. By that time it had been over a week and I hadn't been sick or had any other rabies symptoms so she thought "why not?" and let me sleep with her from then on.

Now, for most of two years I've been her bed buddy!

Couple weeks went by, I went back to see the human in white, and I was given my rabies shot that the stupid shelter didn't give me....if they would have, we wouldn't have had to do this quarantine thing, now would we?

Her mom finally got better, was able to go back to work, and wash her own hair, and after some time even started liking....then loving me too, even though the first time I came to her house on Thanksgiving, I gave her another serious bite! But not much swelling, so no cellulitis this time....or at Christmas.

Now, even though I still bite once in a while, if I think they're getting too big for their britches, and I'm not really the cute, lovey, purry kitty they thought of, but I can be at times. This last winter when it was very cold outside, I slept on my human to keep us both warm, even though it was warm in here. I wait for her to go to bed, now I've been lying on her pillow before she comes to bed to warm it up for her. I lie on her and the fleece blanky to convince her to take a nap, I patrol around the front door when the hallway sounds interesting (not dangerous, but interesting), and I show off for her and her friends.

Now is that love or what?

Her Mom, my grandma says I'm spoiled. Well, Mom doesn't think so, but if I am, so what? After all, I was living in a barn...with stinky cows before I came to that shelter. I don't remember how long, but who cares? It's nice to be spoiled...if that's what it's called.'s Grandma (her mom) who does most of the "spoiling" anyway!


Mojo the Doorman

February 25th 2014 7:57 pm
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I have so many important jobs to do! I can't believe I have enough time for a 5-7 hour nap in the afternoon and a 7-9 hour sleep at night! I can't believe I even have time to eat, and play!

Lately, Mom has been busy cleaning, and I have to play detective and find out what she's doing, then I have to play inspector to make sure she's doing it right.

It's been SO cold outside, so I have to keep her warm at night, so I have to lay on her and keep her warm.

When she makes something to eat, I have to check out what it is, if it's for me, and if it's not, why not? And if it's for her, I have to try and taste test it to make sure it's safe for her, but she never lets me. Hey, I'm only trying to do my job!

When she brushes her teeth, I have to sit in the sink. Well, that's more like play than work, but still, it drives her nuts, so I have to do it.

When she makes her tea at night, and heats up water for her hot water bottle, I have to sit by the microwave to make sure the tea smells okay and make sure the water's hot enough. Well, she lets me sniff the tea, but she doesn't want me to get near the hot water.

When she makes her bed (if she makes her bed) I have to help her and jump right in the middle, and ride the duvet around while she straightens it out!

I also tell her when to go to bed. After she takes her meds, she leaves the bedroom light on, so I think she's going to bed soon, so I go in there and meow to warn her that it's about time for her to go to bed, but she doesn't listen, so I come back out in the living room, curl up in MY bed and wait...and wait....and wait. But if she didn't plan on going in there soon, why does she leave the light on and turn the one by the bed on?

Humans. I'll never understand 'em!

But my most important job (besides keeping her warm) is doorman/security guard. If anybody comes close to the door, I go right to it and wait. Most of the time nobody knocks (though sometimes I haven't heard anything, then somebody knocked!) Then I gotta check 'em out, give 'em the once over, if they don't seem to like cats, they get the stinkeye from me! Like that lady who came over. Mom didn't know her, but was expecting her, and I came right up to her to say "Hi! Welcome to our house....come on in! Would you like a Mojito?" (I got that from Jackson Galaxy, he calls that kind of cat The Mojito Cat....purrrfect for me!) But she acted funny and asked Mom if she could put me in another room cuz she was allergic to cats.

Well, I suppose she couldn't help it, but HOW RUDE!

If they smell like dogs it means they like animals, so they're cool, like Mom's friends Jen and Gary. If they bring me presents they can stay like Mom's mom. If they smell like cats, I have to check them out, see where they've been, what cats they've been around, stuff like that.

A lot of people just walk by in the hallway though. jingling their keys. I have to check that out too, because that sounds suspicious. Mom sometimes jingles her keys before she comes in. someone else coming in that has keys? Usually, no. Some lady across the hall jingles her keys and then her yippy dog barks, so I have to check that out. Then if there are voices in the hall, who knows, they could be coming here, so I have to be ready, so I sit by the door and wait for a knock. If there is a knock, I lay in front of the door, and warn Mom to be careful before she opens the door

Usually she is expecting someone and she says "Mojo, MOVE!"

So I step back, before the door catches my tail or something. I do like to meet and greet, usually, and only a couple times did I sneak out. When Mom was talking to the Schwans man who brought her food (but none for me!) I ambled out into the hallway, and she nudged me back in.

But that hallway is interesting, doors closing, people talking, dogs barking. It's fun! And a doorman/security guard has to check out all points of his surroundings to make sure they're safe!

Boy, this job is tiring. But fringe benefits like good food, long naps, pets and scritches and playtime are nice!


Doin' The "Happy Cat" Dance!

February 12th 2014 5:48 pm
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Mom and I did a double-take when we saw something on Facebook about Catster coming back to life! And I thought only Jesus could do that!
At first, Mom thought it was some kind of sick, twisted joke, but then, she decided that it wasn't, that it's actually true! So both Mom and I are doing the Happy Cat Dance!
And believe me, that's not easy for an uncoordinated human to do!

I am so glad that I won't be losing my friends, although I did join that Here Kitty website, and we appreciate Cowboy and all he did to start that site.

But...well, there's just nothing like Catster! Even if it does change a bit, we'll all be together...hopefully for years to come....especially next year at this time when I become a Dreamboat!

After I finished my Happy Cat Dance, I sat in the corner and laughed at Mom for saving all our diaries....she even saved a diary of a cat Squeakers and Sandy knew named Rocky Ann....and her diary is longer than all ours put together!


Oh well, she has them if this ever happens again. Hopefully it won't though, we can't stand all this extreme shock, sadness, shock again, then extreme happiness!

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