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The Many Moments of Lex

"Getting Fixed... But I'm not Broken?"

June 15th 2012 5:41 am
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My mom and dad are being really weird with Pepper and me lately... keep talking strange things, things like "the procedure" keep coming up. Daddy says, man to man, he feels for me... what does he mean by that?

I don't know why they want to "fix us", I mean sure I jump from the top of the curtain rails givin mommy a heart attack, and sure Pepper and I wrestle like WWF (World Wrestling Felines) but does that mean we are broken? I don't feel broken?

So anyway, we are enjoying watching them stress about this "the procedure", and all the extra love and affection every time they talk about it... must be a new romantic TV show or something.


Her lap "isn't big enough for the both of us anymore"

May 2nd 2012 6:02 am
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This is what my mom said to us today, she said that from now on, she is going to have to go on a "first come first serve" basis.
But I'm not ok with that... Pepper runs up there even when she isn't tired or looking to nap, she just does it to secure the spot, like calling shot gun. So my new basis is, even when Pepper is up there, I just jump up and walk all over her until she gets so annoyed, she leaves.
My mommy laughs, and says I must be nice to my sister, but I am nice, I give her the igloo at night :)

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