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The World According to Audrey

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Mamma is Mad!

May 13th 2006 9:09 pm
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Look at what I did :(

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April 5th 2006 5:04 am
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Ma is sleeping and was silly enough to leave the computer on and her credit card right next to the keyboard. So lucky little me now as a CatsterPlus subscription :)

Now all I need to do is convince her to take some new photos of me so everyone can see how much I've grown lately.

Must go now and visit a few online pet stores for some cool new toys ;)


A Snake!

February 27th 2006 5:34 am
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We had a new visitor in the house today. It was a red and white snake with a really sharp mouth. Maggie and I have been chasing the evil creature around the living room for the past 20 minutes. I have no idea why Mama dares to touch it but she has been swinging it around the room too. I think she's trying to get a hold of it so she can kill it. Maggie and I have been trying to help her but the thing keeps getting loose. Once I had it in my mouth for a spilt second but Ma pulled the snake away and threw it across the room. He was laying there for at least a minute, so we thought he was finally dead. But as soon as Ma went to pick it up he started moving again. She told us that she was putting it back in the sewing box. She called it a tape measure. I've heard of pythons and cobras before, but never a tape measure snake. I just hope that he can't escape this sewing box Ma speaks of!


Cat trees, grasshoppers & lunch...

October 28th 2005 7:43 pm
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So much has happened since I last updated. The most traumatic event was the loss of my favourite napping spot - the computer monitor. It was replaced with an extra thin monitor where there's no room to sleep. However, Mama started working full-time recently which meant that no one is home with us during the day. As sad as that may sound, the benefit for me and Maggie is that we got a whole heap of news toys and a really big thing that we climb all over. I think Papa called it a cat tree. Scratching that thing and playing on it all day usually takes up all my time.

A grasshopper flew inside the house last night and I had so much fun chasing it for hours. I was quite pleased with myself as the little chap is now in my tummy. He was a very nice desert :-)

Opps.. Must go now as it's Mama's lunch time. This means I put on an extra cute expression and sit there looking pitiful at her, hoping that she'll give me some of her lunch. I'm hoping that one of these days it will actually work.


Grandma-ma hates me :(

July 14th 2005 5:37 pm
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I forgot to mention in my previous entry that Grandma-ma came to visit yesterday. As she was leaving Mum encouraged her to give me a kiss goodbye. She gave me a dirty look and said, "I'm not kissing her!

She then said that she'd kiss Maggie, but not me.

I don't think she loves me :'(


New Photos

July 14th 2005 2:39 pm
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It's just past five in the morning and I finally have the computer to myself as everyone else is sleeping. Papa should be up soon to get ready for work, so I can't write for long. I thought I'd include a couple of the new photos Ma recently took of me. Actually, they were taken last night on my new favourite napping spot - the computer monitor.

First photo
Second photo
Third photo

Must go now to do all the naughty things I do while Mum and Dad are sleeping ;)


Daddy is Crazy!

May 19th 2005 3:48 pm
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5:30 AM: Mummy finally wakes from her sleep and I'm greeted with "Good Morning, Precious." Maggie comes running out to see if breakfast is served and is only greeted with disappointment. Instead, Mum makes breakfast for herself and starts ironing. This means I'm put in the bedroom while she irons, as pulling on the cord is too tempting for me to resist.
6:00 AM: Now it's my time to see if breakfast for us is finally ready. I can't understand why she is out of bed and not preparing it yet. I spend the next hour and a half waiting.
7:30 AM: Breakfast is finally served and I'm beginning to feel content. I contemplate taking a nap. However, Daddy has now woken and there will be no chance of sleep until he leaves for work. We get to hear crazy songs he makes up about my puffy tail or Maggie once working as a Data-Entry Operator. Between Maggie's past jobs and her old war stories, I'm a tad confused about her past. I won't even get started on how old she must be!
8:30 AM: At last there is peace and quiet in the house. As much as I love Daddy and his insanity, it's nice to finally be able to take a much needed nap.


Pretty in Pink

May 15th 2005 7:47 am
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When I first came to live with mummy and daddy back in March, she tried to put me in some baby clothes. After I did a few backflips trying to get the silly thing off, she realised that I didn't like it and never tried again.

Until tonight. For some reason, she found it amusing to see me in this outfit. She was almost rolling on the floor laughing and calling out to Daddy about how cute I looked. Of course that's true. I look cute in anything. However, I really don't see what the big deal is all about. But if if makes Mummy happy, I was happy to go along with it for a few minutes. I even changed the main photo of my page because Mum loves it so much. Here are just a few of the other photos she took. Notice the look of disapproval in most of the photos :/

First photo
Second photo
Third photo
Fourth photo



New photos

May 6th 2005 9:09 am
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Despite the tragic events of yesterday, today was certainly much brighter. Mama was a little snap happy with the camera and wouldn't stop taking photos of me and Maggie all night! She even managed to get two photos of me poking my tongue out. The first was when I was hiding under the sofa and she only got half of my face in shot and the second was when I was on the table on the balcony with Maggie.
I was sleeping on my bed in the lounge room tonight when Daddy just had to show Mummy how cute I looked. So he picked me up, bed and all, and took me to the office to show Mum. Of course, she just had to take another photo!
Mama is getting ready for bed now as it's way past her bedtime. I might ask her if I can stay up late tonight, so I can work on my new web page.


Such a sad day

May 5th 2005 6:23 am
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Mummy was only meant to be popping out the house for an hour or so today. So I got really worried when she wasn't home after a few hours. When she finally got home tonight I could see that she had been crying. I soon found out that Oscar, the family cat who lives with Grandma-ma and Unkie Raymond passed away. I was a tad confused, as Mummy and Oscar never really got along.
Mum told me that she went to the vet with Grandma-ma to say good bye to him. She said that he seemed really content and wasn't in any pain as he was high on drugs. I feel really bad for Unkie Raym and Grandma-ma as I know how much they love him and how hard it must have been for Gran.
Maggie has been terribly upset tonight. They were briefly married, but I think Maggie still loved Oscar. I think they also parted on bad terms, which makes it so much harder for her to deal with.
Mummy is still upset, but she made a page for Oscar on Catster so Grandma-ma can write about him and include some photos. I never got the chance to meet him, so I do hope she writes a lot about him :)

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