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Furry, purry Murray...

It's ar birfday!!!

March 20th 2013 7:00 am
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Yup! March 20, 2012 it happened! Da two of us wuz born! Me 'n' Dharma! Mamacat sez today me 'n' Dharma's ONE YEAR OLD! Can yoo believe dis??? I'z really 'cited about havin' a birfday 'cuz I never had one before. Well okay, dere wuz that major one when we wuz all born together,y'know. Me 'n' Dharma, Marly, 'n' Marcy. Dey's all got birfdays too, today. I wish I knew where da other sissies were so I could wish dem a happy birfday too...

Mamacat sez dere'll be surprises when ar Dad gets home from work tonight. I bet deys good surprises too. I'll let yinz know!!!

Anyway, fanks to all da great kitty friends for the wishes today 'n' hope y'all have happy days today!



Getting Done...

September 11th 2012 3:21 pm
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Okay, so everbody's actin' 'cited now 'cuz dey keep talkin' 'bout Dharma 'n' me gettin' DONE. I'z not sure 'zactly what dis is all about, but
Mama 'n' Dad-cat whisper 'bout it sometimes, den say it out loud sometimes, dat da date be September 19. Dharma hasn't sed nuffin 'bout it so I don' fink she knows nuffin eever.

But da uver bruvvers ar looking at me odd now. Dey get sort of a sad look on dere faces til I look at dem 'n' den dey gets dis big dopey kitty-grin thing goin'...I'm just not sure what to make of all dis.

So anyway, I was feelin' pretty good 'bout it all...Dharma is so smart 'n' if she isn't freakin' all ober da place den fings is okay. One small concern was when Trey sez 'it's okay li'l dude, it's over fast.' WHAT!??? What does dat mean????? WHAT'S over fast 'n' if it's a good fing den I wouldn't want it to be over fast...right? RIGHT????

So 'kay, I'm a little worried. Mama sez Dharma 'n' me'z gonna be together (sounds good) froo it all (not sounding so good again) but we're only away fur one day. I wonder where "away" is? I neber bin 'away' before. Golly, I gotz so many questions 'n' nobuddy'z got answers fur me.
I'll let yoo guys all know as soon as I findz out doh!
Your good friend


My name is Murray!

May 14th 2012 11:47 am
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Dis be my furst diary entry. Axtooally, dis be my furst diary. I'z pretty new myself so most everthing I does is new. My bruver Milo said it was about time I started my diary since everbody needs to have one 'n' get acquainted.

So I yam!

Day one - I was born. Dat be March 25 'n' I fink it was rainin'. I was dere but don't remember a lot about it 'cuz somebody grabbed me 'n' my 3 sisters all away from ar mama, threw us in a box 'n' put us outside. Dat day wuz scary 'cuz we were in da dark, 'n' really hungry 'n' the rain was LOUD 'n' gettin' our home/box wet.

Day 1/2 - A man peeked in ar box 'n' made an 'o' mouth 'n' took us into his office where he made a phone call. A lady named Debra took us 'n' wrapped us in warm baby blankies 'n' gave us yummy food in a bottle. It wasn't mama, but it was good.

Fast forward to Day 5 where we were to find out where we were going to live. Marley 'n' Marcy were going to stay wif Debra 'n' me 'n' Dharma were going to live wif Mommy Ginger 'n' brothers Darius, Trey 'n' Milo!!!!

So dat brings us up to speed on how we gots here. I know Dharmas diary is gonna be a lot better den mine 'cuz she's so smart 'n' does fings perfect, but I'z gettin' better 'n' my hearts in it!
Fur instance, just today I runned up the kitty tower in the morning room before her! YES! Before her! Not only dat but I got higher den her, so haha! I could tell by da look on Darius' face he was so proud of me.

Dat be it fur now. Dat's a lot fur a 7 week old.
me, Murray =^..^=

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