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My wonderful life

My short life, beginning to end

April 4th 2012 3:53 pm
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My human sister is writing this for me because she wanted the world to know about me. I was born on September 17, 2011, son of two abandoned cats at an apartment complex. I had three siblings, all of whom were healthy and gained my mother's affection. She knew there was something wrong with me and that I couldn't survive on my own so she tried to abandon me..first on my human sister's patio, then a couple of times by separating me from my siblings on a chilly night. The people watching over us didn't like this, so they kept putting me back with the others, knowing that I wanted to live.

When I started to walk, I couldn't..I could only crawl because my back legs wouldn't work - they were too weak. Well, sis saw this and wanted to get me help immediately. She tried calling vets but they were all charging too much for her at the time, so she called her parents, my wonderful soon-to-be family. They were so upset by all this that they told her to bring me down and they would take me to their vet. So, at three weeks old, I made the hour drive to their home riding on my sis's lap and entering my new home in a little basket.

My new parents were wonderful - they took me to the vet, fed me formula and cleaned me afterwards (I was a bit messy at first), helped me go to the bathroom and my new mom even did physical therapy on my back legs! And guess what - a week later, I could stand on my own! Sis was so happy when she saw me and knew that there was nothing I needed more than her wonderful parents to take care of me.

Aside from my poor legs, I also had a heart murmur, which didn't show up in vet visits afterward, so we thought it was gone. We still don't know for sure if it did leave, but it's believed now that it didn't. Why am I telling you this? Well...I had a wonderful and happy 6 months with my family...until it was cut short this past Monday. My dad was working on tiling the floor, mom was in bed...she came out to the kitchen that evening and found me...I looked like I was sleeping, but I was stiff and no longer alive. The vet believes I had a heartattack, based on the suddeness and the little bit of blood in my nostrils...

I love my family so much...I loved my dad more than anything..nuzzling him, following him everywhere, spending hours on his lap or in his arms...and he even refered to me as his son. And I was his son...he feline son who showed him love and kept him company when mom was too sick to get out of bed. I went everywhere with him and even now, I'm still there with him in his heart. My parents were so good to me and gave me six months of love that I never would have had. Even though my life was so short, I know I will live on forever in their memories, their photos and especially in their hearts.

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