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The tails of Me Meshia

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Thank You all for my Birthday/Gotcha Day celebration

March 31st 2013 4:52 pm
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Thanks for all the cute bunnies eggs and stars for my Birthday. My special Birthday cake was very yummy with the steak icing. I love a good steak. I do hope all of you had a wonderful Easter. I look forward to my next year here on Catster and in my new forever home. Thanks to all of you guys who made my day, very special.


3rd Birthday and 1'st Gotcha Day

March 30th 2013 6:20 pm
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Well it's hard to believe it has been a whole year I have been at the Junction. What a time it has been for all of us. I am one very spoiled, happy kitty. When you read my profile you can see how special our meeting was.
I got to eat lamb off the grill and mashed potatoes for my Birthday dinner and all of the guys inside got their share too. Sweeny wanted everyone's leftovers and any more he could talk the humans into. He is a lamb addict, I'm turning into a meat-a-holic myself. I grab what ever is unattended raw or cooked.
All in all I'm a purrrty happy girl. I go in and visit Pooh Bear every day. He really likes me and enjoys my company. I sleep in my own little place at night. I have claws and love the couch arms.
When I get hungry or tired I claw the curtains very carefully to get attention. I never damage them. Girl Human gets to her feet and gets what I want then and there. Works purrrfectly for me.
So now, I have my Human's trained well. My transition was quit easy as the others are not sure how to treat a kitty hopping about like a bunny rabbit. Girl Human was concerned with me having the use of 3 legs. She soon found out I fly about like I have 5 legs. I jump long distances. So long that I can make a heart stop.
I have mastered the entire house without a care. I have all the cats in order. No one fights with me except that old cat, Sophia. Since she is deaf, I sneak up on her and scare her. What a funny thing she is. She sounds like a great big balloon with a big hole in it. She goes on and on and on. I would think she would run out of air sometime. I did understand at first but, now I got her number. Tee Hee.
Now i'm off to see what I can get into tonight. I'm special today so maybe I will put a claw into the shears just to be different.
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me----Gotcha!!! Tee Hee!!!!


New Digs

January 8th 2013 8:52 pm
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Girl Human gave me a new place to spend my nights. I have my bed, my litter pan a new water dish and more room to move about. I am happy to go to bed and enjoy my new home. She has been leaving the fiber optic Christmas tree on for an hour after I get in my digs. I love watching the prurrrty lights. Peaches shares the cage above me. I don't think he likes his digs like, I do. His meow doesn't work well now so, his complaints are not heard to well. I tell him it is fine and he is lucky to have his very own place to sleep. He is safe and warm. I don't think he is into the whole thing like, I am. I have been sleeping in my little place every night since I came to the Junction. I feel safe, warm and happy. Really I don't think the Humans trust me out and about on my own at night. I can't help I like to explore places I'm not allowed to go. Well I guess this compromise is fine with me. Night Night everyone.


Shock and AWWWWWWW

August 13th 2012 6:44 pm
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Girl Human could not believe her eyes.
She was sitting at her computer on Catster.

Annie was sitting on the arm of the chair beside her.
I was just laying on the floor at her feet looking around.
Annie jumped down in front of me.

GET THIS, she licked my forehead.

No hissing, no biting, just lickie lickie.
She then stood and looked at me for a few seconds.

Girl Human and I were in total shock and AWWWWWWWW.

Annie then jumped back up on the arm of the chair and went to sleep.

Blew us away. Well maybe I'm welcomed home now.


Me Misha the cake queen

August 6th 2012 9:25 am
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Ha! HA! Guys. I got cake, Yes my very own Cake too!!! It was yummmmmmmmy yummmmmmy. I didn't have to share one bite. Well, I did let Girl Human have a finger dip in the icing. Made her smile too!!! Made me happy. Girl Human said, I could have all I want. She also told me, I will not gain one little pound. Now that's heaven don't you think.

Thank you all for the yummy in my tummy. SOOOOOOOoooooooo Good.

My fur brothers and sisters still will not play with me. I really want to play so much. Girl Human has been my playmate. She gives up to fast though.

Annie Spokescat is still jealous. She says she's not. I can tell by the looks I receive when the Humans fuss over me. They love to rub my belly for good luck.

Male Human said, I was zonked out this morning. I never woke up until it was time for him to leave for work. I only did that because, he gaves me treats before he left. He doesn't let me out of my play pen. Why wake up any sooner??? Sort of stupid the way these Humans think, isn't it???

Well thank you guys for sending me those cakes and if anyone has some they don't need I will take them. Non of these other guys will share with me and they got a lot more then me. I don't care. I'm happy.


Human's go figure!!!

August 1st 2012 8:52 pm
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My Girl Human, yes I call her mine now, is still in wonderment as to why any Human would not look for me when I was lost. I guess now, it's all cat fur under the coach. I'm a full fledged CJS citizen now.

I am settling in so very well. I still have a few tiffs. I'm the life of the party and everyone knows it. When other Humans come to visit, I put on my clown suit and make everyone laugh. My walk is my signature. My little plump bottom shakes and quivers when I'm ready, to make an attack on what ever is at hand.

I still am not very good at the being held. I love hugs and kisses. I really like to be at the center of everything. I have become a table ornament in what ever room I so desire, to be in. I am a counter dweller and the Humans don't mind. I am smart enough to know to stay away when the cooking is in progress. I would rather watch from a distance.

I am a beggar. I wait until someone breaks down and gives me a taste of what ever it may be that is being served. I am very instant when it's time for my food to be placed before me. But, I'm cute. I get away with almost anything.

I am spoiled and getting more so. My Humans worship me like I should be worshiped. After all, I'm a Catster.

P.S. I'm still looking for new friends. Lip Smacks and Nudges to all. Oh yea wait a few weeks before asking as this Cake give away is causing an E-mail nightmare and Girl Human shut it off for the week.


Not being a good kitty this week and it's only Monday

May 21st 2012 7:37 pm
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I have had a very bad week. I had to go to the vet as I scratched my neck so bad that it scared Girl Human. I got my nail covers off only to be given a red bandage wrapped around my foot.
After eating my breakfast Girl Human left me for less then 1 hour while she cleaned and returned to find me digging holes in my neck. She rushed me to the Vet.
I received a shot to stop the itching and was given some medicine for my neck. The Vet then put a big thing on my foot like my leg was broken and it was only my neck. I later found out it was Girl Human who was responsible for that one.
So now I have 2 legs and a raw shaved neck. But that will not stop me from finding something else to get into.
Come to think of it it was Girl Human who bought that so called, purrrty reflective collar from Petsmart too. So it's all her fault. Why do I have to wear this thing on my foot?? They need to take her credit card away and make her stay out of pet shops.
So today is just another day with Me Meshia.



May 3rd 2012 2:59 pm
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I think my name is changing soon. The Humans keep calling me "NO" or maybe it is going to be "NO NO". They can't seem to make up their minds.

Every time I do something they, call me one of those names.
I get up in front of the TV. When look at all the purrrty things on the shelves and they call me "NO".
I'm confused.

I love to aggravate Sophia and Amber.
Sophia eats every hour. I feel, I should be treated the same. Girl Human keeps telling me that Sophia is, Special.

I'm here to tell her "SO AM I. SO, FEED ME."
I run every time, I see Girl human heading for the kitchen.
Once I'm there she calls me.
She won't feed me.

Since I went to all the trouble to run out there, I just have to do something.
I try to make Sophia hiss.
I stick my face in the dish.
I hear my new name again, or one of them.
"NO NO".
So what is the big deal???
Girl Human picks me up and puts me in my play pen. Once Sophia is done, she walks by my playpen to the water dish.
She hisses at me.
I, of course have to jump twords her in response.
Sophia, hisses at me several times more.
I think it is so funny.
I jump at her again.
Come on, Sophia!!!!
I'm in a cage!!!!
What's the problem?
Sophia will hiss and I'm not, even in the same room. She will do circles and hiss several times when I'm not even there.
Girl Human tells me, she is deaf.
Male Human is deaf too I have heard her say.
He doesn't hiss at me!!!!
Girl Human said, that's different.
It's some thing called, selective hearing.

Amber now she is so much fun.
She plays games.
She runs away from me.
She crouches down and tries to play hid and seek.
She goes under the bed and I follow.
She takes off real fast to another room.
Then, I hear one of those funny names, again.
I'm playing hide and seek!!!!
Back in my play pen, I go.
What is Girl Human trying to do???
I just want to play. not sit in this play pen.
Later, Girl Human lets me out.
I see Girl Human is busy.
Amber is going into the room where the food and potties are.
I go and ask Amber if she wants to play with me.
Amber yelled REAL LOUD.
She runs in the potty to hide.
Don't you think that's an odd place to play hide and seek???
I tag her.
She yells again.
So, I yell back.
Then, there it is again!!!
Now, make up your mind.
Is it No or NO NO????
Well, what ever.
Girl Human puts me in my play pen, AGAIN??????
Guess What!!!
She gave me another Name!!!!
Well that's the day in a life for a kitty trying out new names.
Have a good night all.


OK FURS, I have arrived!!!!!

April 26th 2012 10:03 pm
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YES I'm an official Catster fur sure. I'm a DDP. WOW. How Super Cool is that guys??

I spent my day celebrating. Yes, I did.

First, I yelled my head off because no one would let me out of my room.

Next: I took those Hot pink toes of mine and showed them. I found the seam in the carpet and tried my darn-dist to ripe it up. I lost a nail cover in the process, "OH DARN".
I didn't do a lot of damage. I just want the Humans to know how I felt. Being locked up until Girl Human decides to let me out.

Male Human leaves early and it is a few hours before she decides to open my door.
She says, she needs her time.
Well, so do I.
So what's the deal????
After I got out of prison, I got some chicken stuff for breakfast.
Poultry Platter, she said.
I don't think I want to know any more.
I'm glad I am to young to read the labels.

After breakfast Girl Human opened the windows. It was a little cool but, she said she wanted some nice fresh air. So did everyone else. I had to fight for a prime spot for viewing purposes. I must say, I did real well. I got a front row seat to watch the birds and squirrels for a few hours.

I got board and decided Girl Human had sat long enough. I jumped on the counter and stuck my head in a plastic bag full of newspapers. Girl Human did not like me doing that. Shge removed me from the counter and said something like
What Ever. OK, I got it.

I waited a little while, until she was on the phone. I picked the loudest toy in the house and started playing with it with full body slam action. That will teach her to speak to me in some foreign language.
I moved on to another thing called, Cat Dancer. What a big time I had. I danced and danced. Everyone was watching me because I was doing such a wonderful job of it.

Then some kitty came a long (my story and I'm sticking to it) and ripped it off the refrigerator. I had turned my back and there it was, laying on the floor. 3 times.
HA HA!!!
I got her to do something. All she was doing was cleaning our cat pans and giving medications and cleaning litter of the floors..

Later, Girl Human went out to look for Mr. Z. I don't mind her doing that.

I hope to meet him one day. He was the reason Girl Human and I met.
She kept going to the shelters and there I was.
Since she did return to let me out of my room, I behaved. I only removed one more hot pink nail before supper.
She said Make Human and she are going to put them back on. Not what I had in mind. I guess I need to hide them better. I will work on that tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for making me DDP Kitty. I am so very proud I'm a Catster.. I'm dancing the Happy Dance I am. OH must go here comes the Humans. Good night all.


Me-Meshia's Day (as posted in Annie's diary today)

April 25th 2012 7:52 pm
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Well, I have recovered.

I have decided that that man (VET) I saw the other day is not very friendly. My Humans like him. I'm not seeing what they see. I must be missing something.
I have not seen this man hold them down and put pink toes on them. Maybe they would think different if he grabbed them, held them by the neck. He pressed me in places a respectable gal like me, does not want to be touched. I told him what I thought, oh I was a lady no bad words.. He just grabbed my feet and flipped me over and repeated it all over again.
I was beginning to wonder if Girl Human is really my friend. She stood there and told me it was OK. Not OK, by me.
She let this man not only do all this stuff but then she helped him.
He put a nasty sharp needle in my bottom. It hurt. I cried. He put a bigger one in the back of my neck. I yelled so loud, I scared myself. Girl Human was making awful faces. I know she felt bad about what was happening to me.
The man let me go. Girl human opened the door to my purrty pink carrier and I ran into my nice soft blanket. Girl Human shut the door and locked. That man could not get me, HA HA!!!.
WOW, I guess Girl Human is my furrrend. She took me away from him. I was so glad she is my furrend.
Again, I'm not sure as Girl Human paid a lot of money to a lady before we left. Now why would a friend pay some one to treat me like that???
Still undecided about our relationship.

I slept until 10 before I started to tell Girl Human I was hungry.

I was so excited that she had my purrrty pink dish full of lamb and gravy for breakfast. It was so yummy I ate it so fast I never tasted it. Boy a few days rest sure makes one hungry.

I then waited in my playpen for everyone else to eat. Girl Human let me out. Freedom, Yes!!!!!!

What first???? Play? Chase someone? Check out the big litter pan and make sure it's clean? So many choices for me to make.

I chose the game "chase the cat."

Peaches looks like he want's to play.
Peaches pleads with a high whine.
OK, I get it.
Here let me give you five.
"NOOOOOOoooooooooo", said Peaches.
Oh come on lets play!!!
"NOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOooooooo", he repeats.
WOW, your no fun.

I jumped on the island in the kitchen and watched the rest of the morning go by. I don't think I'm really ready to play any why.

Girl Human had to leave and put me back in my room. It felt sooo nice to lay back on my futon and relax the afternoon away.

Well maybe tomorrow Peaches will play with me.

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