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Sweetie's Hopes and Dreams

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Mom still lookin' for babies

April 20th 2012 11:23 am
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Mom been busy and I haven't been showin' up at regular times to eat, so although she think she knows where babies are, she doesn't wanna shine a flashlight under da shed and scare me away if we're dere. The trailcam has got me about six times, but no consistent time. Now have pichuurrs of the other kitties in my colony. White with little black male, orange tabby male. Across da street is a gray long hair female with five kittens about four weeks old (surprise!!) that are cute as buttons. Mom gonna get their pichuurs, too. So, dey want her to know how many babies I have by Monday. Why all dis docuuumentation stuff? Well turns out dat the group runnin' da TNR in our area is havin' a registration of colonies on Monday, April 23, at the library. If mom can prove who we are, they will get monies to get us all fixed and provide mom when she needs to catch us.

She'd be happy to start with the boy cats next week if she could cause my orange brother eatin' all da food!


There Be Kittens!

April 15th 2012 7:08 pm
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I showed up to eat early this afternoon and mom and Suzanne followed me. My nest is under a gardening shed two yards away (about 50 yards from mom's house). I did not show them my babies, so they do not know how many there may be. The shed belongs to an elderly woman who is one of the peeplz doctors in town. Mom gonna talk to her so she knows we are dere. Mom's trail camera didn' get good pictures today. she reset it so she can start finding what my new schedule is for coming to eat.


Dad Saw Me!!!

April 14th 2012 4:52 pm
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Dad was outside playin' with his man-toys and saw me!! I was tryin' to be sneaky, but really wanted him to see me. I came across the lawn, grabbed a quick bite, stopped to take a quick cat-bath, then headed out the back. He did not follow me so there are still lots of secrets! He called mom to tell her he saw me. But -- he did not know if I was still pregnant or not (guess that's a man thing!!) So Mom finally got smart and has put out the trail cam she bought when Linus was missing. Anything that comes across the porch gets their picture taken. Fraid she's gonna have lots of pictures of buuuurds! We should have some news tomorrow.


Not to be Found

April 11th 2012 5:49 pm
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K, mom knew this day would come (and maybe it is not yet here) but I have not been around at all today. Showed up briefly this morning, ate only a bite or two, then left across the yard out the back. Mom wonders if I had a place planned for my babies somewhere else. She was hopin' I'd choose right here where it is comfy, dry and there is food. But I isn't like mom's homeboy kitties and I don't think like them. She can only hope that if I have had my babies I will come back to eat at a time when she can carefully follow me to see where we are. Meanwhile it has gotten really cold here again at night.


O Meow O My!!! COTD

April 8th 2012 6:44 am
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How very pawsome!!! I is cat of the day on Easter!!!! Mez is so touched and honored!!!!! Thank you to all my caster fuuuurends! I is soo happy!!! I was waiting on the porch for mom this morning to tell her Happy Easter when she brought me breakfast!! Gonna be a purrrdy day!


I have an Egg but no babies yet!

April 7th 2012 8:04 pm
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Thank you, Kaci, for my egg. I never had one of those before! I spent the whole day on my porch today. The mom came and brought the food. I stayed around, not too close, mind you, and watched her put it in place. Then went and ate right away. Linus talks to me at da window. He says that a big bunny comes and gives goodies tonight. Never seen dat before either! Happy Easter everyone!


Big Dog!

April 5th 2012 8:44 pm
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Hungry day! This morning mom put down my food, but I did not come. She began to wonder if I'd had my babies. It rained last night and got cold again. She was real busy today so did not keep an eye out very well. Then at supper time, I was really hungry! She looked out the window and I saw sitting on the porch lookin' back at her "Feed me already!" She brought out my food calling me the whole time. I moved just a little bit under the table and watched her. Maybe she not so bad after all. She want back in the house and I went to eat my food. Then all of a sudden the big boxer from up the street came bounding into the yard and up on the porch. Boy, did I run!!! I heard mom come out and shoo the day away, but I wasn't gonna come back out there. Hope mom figures out a way to keep that doggie outta my yard. Hey, I called it MY yard. Thst sounds good.


Life Confusin' Foster Mom need MORE Adice

April 2nd 2012 9:59 am
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(Sigh)So, the idea of lettin' my babies get borned, growed, and us all goin' to new homes I guess was too good to be true. Today Siobhan talked to Frances (da lady really in charge at Caring Hearts). Things not dat easy. Dere are so many kitties who are already "humanz friendly" dat there is ZERO CHANCE for me and my babies. Even if dey were weaned, nobody gonna put the time and money into spaying them. We would all just be killed!! Foster mom is heart-broken. Dey told her to trap me, bring me now. Dey would spay me-killing my babies, but even then they can't place me cause I'm black and nobody wants black cats! Mom cryin' cause she don't wanna do that! Then they said no matter what, mom needs to trap me now before the babies come because afterwards no tellin' where I'll have 'em. Trapping me later, we might miss a kitten. Trappin' me now means all da kittens are safe when they are born and mom can try to tame them, if not me, too. Then she can try to find homes. They will loan mom the trap and a really big two story cage. Otherwise, she is on her own. She doesn't know what to do. Maybe should nothing at all and just let us all be in the wild. She never done anything like this before.


Diary Pick!

April 1st 2012 6:07 pm
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Not certain I know what that means -- but it sounds like fun! Da humanz girl cooked chicken outside today. Smelled really good! I hid under the edge of the porch watching her. She talked to me, but I just stared. She left me a little bit of chicken. Yum!


Hi Everyone!

March 29th 2012 3:46 pm
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Angel Cookie led me to this house. Not too sure yet. I hide under the porch a lot right now. I worry about my babies being born in a safe place. I am not really sure this place is safe yet, but the peeplz here are giving me food and a warm, dry place to sleep.

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