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Sweetie's Hopes and Dreams

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Back Home Recovering

May 18th 2012 8:16 pm
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All da scary stuff over. Mom surprised that I did not hiss or snarl. Just quietly walked out of da trap into the big dog crate that Miranda used to live in. Lots of soft towels, water, food, litter box. I just used the litter, then curled up to sleep. Mom beginning to wonder if I once had a family. When they tried to catch Tawny last night he got so upset he clawed through the deer netting of the drop box and got away. Next to him, I am very very well behaved. I very sleepy now. Hurting a little. Gonna sleep...night all...


Diary Pick!!! How Pawsome!

May 16th 2012 6:30 pm
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Thank you all for this pawsome honor! Mom been runnin' like crazy frettin' 'bout peeplz stuff! Tomorrow my trap day and she worried she gonna mess it up. Iz is gonna really try hard to be brave an' go in that ol' mean trap. It is sooo scary! I knowz da next coupla dayz gonna be real frightening, but then life be better with bein' healthy, gettin' food when I hungry. No more babies. Maybe someday I even gets to trust da peeplz. Thanks again for my diary pick!!!


Hi, Mom, I'm Back!!

May 15th 2012 5:14 am
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Mom was a little concerned cause had not seen me since traumatic Saturday, but this morning looked out the window and there I was - sitting in the middle of the propped droptrap waiting for breakfast. "Hi, Mom, I'm home!" It been hard for me knowing I don't have little Viper with me anymore, but he is getting better than I every had. That what being a ma is all about - wanting our babies to have better than us. He healthy and has a bootiful forever home with children who already love him dearly just waitin' for him to be big enuff. No more being outside in da rain. And me? Well, I get TNRed on Friday. Thursday Mom gonna drop that trap while I'm eating. I'm gonna panic and fuss, but it will be good later. No more babies. I be healthier. Tawny gonna go with me. And Shadow. Boomer, dad of Viper? Well, I hear he is hanging out at the other end of town (like 4 blocks away). Mom gonna get him set up for next month. Now we just need a home for Chips before June 1.


Such Big News and Nobody Around!!

May 13th 2012 1:43 pm
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Everyone here just bustin' with excitement and Caster is sooooo quiet. Guess all da mama's day stuff. My baby is a boy and his potential forever mama came to see him today!! We gonna create him his own page. His family say they gonna take it over when he comes to be with them. He is very feisty! Yesterday did a lot of spitting at peeplz, so Stephanie started calling him "Viper." (know it a bad name, but for now we use it). He doing great on goat's milk, but no poopy yet. Mom wondering about adding a drop of vegetable oil to next feeding.


Scary Day! Baby Safe! BABY PIX!!!!

May 12th 2012 7:41 pm
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Eary this morning mom got a call from cat lady across da street who said she had seen me hanging at da church yesterday and she was sure my babies was dere. Mom had looked there before, so wasn't so sure. But then the lady said they were gonna do a cleanup at da church and tear out all da bushes where babies could be. Mom and dad when back and started looking really hard. They found my kitten!! Just one. I was close by watching. Dey put baby into cat carrier and put it against a trap with food like all da videos show, but I would not come by. They waited more than two hours! Meantime, Dad and Jonny looked all over under and through everywhere. No more kittens. Seemed funny to have only one! Especially with how big I was! Then, suddenly I left, ran across da busy street (yikes!) back towards mom and dad house. Mom followed me and after a bit of a chase, I went right to their porch! Dad brought trap and kitten to the porch and reset da trap, but no go. I sat on da porch for a while. O for a drop trap!! Then I left. I did not come back. After a few hours, Suzanne got goats milk from da chikun-goat peeplz, and baby been eating that off a syringe real good, crying. Misses mom! I miss her! Dad ia building a drop trap and hopefully tomorrow baby and I be reunited and in mom's house till I get TNRed. Good news! When kitten big enough, already has found a home!!! Now for a name.....


Trappin' Training

May 5th 2012 9:51 am
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So, this may not really be diary worthy. Mom n Dad went an' got dere trappin' training this morning. Those traps sure look a little scary, even to da humanz. Boomer, Tawny and Shadow (my sis with the 5 kittens about 8 weeks old) supposed to get caught May 17 and snippity-snipped on May 18. Mom hasn't seen Boomer in about a week, but he be kinda like me - pretty shy. sent her doorhangers to put on peeplz doors the day before so they know she comin' and not to put out food on May 17. Mom a little anxious. She ain't never done nothing like this better and the trappin' timing isn't real good. The gragigachun she oversees at da school is on May 19th. Mom gonna put Shadow's kittens here since she still lookin' for mine. She follows me about twice a day and I still keep gettin' away. One thing for sure - I am a good mama at protecting my babies.


Two Kitties Gots Homes!

May 3rd 2012 8:29 pm
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Taylor went to her forever home at Kentucky Horse Park yesterday. They say she very very happy and lovin' on da peeplz, dey lovin' on her. Nuff to make a kitty purrr.

Kenny went to his new forever home just a few minutes ago. He got to the new place and jumped up on da chair to take a bath like he'd been there his whole life! He gone to live with Suzanne. Lottie was supposed to go, but Kenny needed help more. Kenny an' Suzanne had a love at first site kinda thing goin' on. Sweet.

So -- Chips still need a home, but luck bein' so good we feel like it'll come.



May 1st 2012 8:29 pm
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Wow! Great happiness! Taylor may have a home already! She go to the Kentucky Horse Park tomorrow! A kitty could not go to a better place! Bootiful animals and peeplz on acres and acres of pretty rolling hills!

Kenny finds out about a forever home on Thursday!

Wez got pictures now of my sister kitty's babies (they be 8 weeks old), but mom wants to get pictures of my babies, too. They be three weeks old tomorrow, Maybe it be time for me to take mom to their hiding place.


Da Cavalry Comin' over da Hill!!!

April 29th 2012 2:01 pm
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Mom been just a jumble of funky human feelings and feelin' like she fightin' da battle alone, but at last help is arrivin'!! Yesterday she got to meet with Friends of Animals, Caring Hearts, and Humane Society all at the same time!! Petsmart must be some kinda human watering hole! Today F of A person called and is bringing food for barn kitties tonight and more tomorrow. Turns out director dude bein' pressured by dis other person who was buying catfood and don't wanna do it no more - so with the donations comin' Mom can slow down the death trips to the shelter. Battle for the barn kitties isn't over, but mom is gaining ground!

AND they gonna help with our little feral family, too!!! Will try to pick up Tawny and Boomer next week (snippity-snip, boys!).

AND finally confirmed where my babies are!! I haven't decided to show 'em off yet, but mom now knows for sure where they are! Old shed da owner was gonna TEAR DOWN!!! He agreed to wait till I am done usin' it.


Things not too Good

April 24th 2012 3:42 pm
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Mom already did her rant on Miranda's page, but just an update. Things not going real good. Mom no closer to findin' my babies. I haven't been to eat since yesterday morning (at least not that the trailcam caught). Oddly, my bruffers Tawny and Boomer haven't been round today either. She hopin' da trailcam just messin' up, but she sure gettin' lots o pichhurs of buuurds eatin' da catfood. She kinda down. She just wanted to help us. She wishin' she had trapped me before da babies come, but it seemed right at da time. Now dis whole thing with Kenny and his 8 bruffers and sisters at da barn. An' she had to leave the one kitty behind at Humane Society cause there be no money to bail him outta jail. She once heard "You can't save da whole world. Just save da little pieces you can." Right now she feel like she failin'.

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