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Sweetie's Hopes and Dreams

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Kitties Who need Major Help!

August 27th 2012 1:46 pm
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Seems that mom keeps getting herself into these things - but she worries about the homeless babies. Now we gots several with real troubles.

First there be Brutus and Julius. So cute they are but no home yet!

Then mom get a call from Lowes Home Imporvement in Nicholasville (where Dad work) that they have a kitty been stuck out there for a week. They ask if mom come get her (and of course she does!). This be the most bootiful little 4 month girl in the world. she so loving and affectionate and fussy about her food that mom know she must be a lost kitty, but cannot find her family. We callin' her Amielle. She need a home real fast, cause we cannot keep her a a cage for long.

Now Mom has a friend whose cousin died unexpectedly and lives her sweet grieving kitties (three young cats!) Raimey (girl), Ripley and Toby (males). All fixed, and sweet and with no one to love them anymore. she try to get her friend to let them stay in her garage while we looks for homes, but she can't and they have only two days (8/29) before they go to the pound! Mom has put up notices in Petfinder (through Caring Hearts) put them on facebook and on craigslist. She don't know what else to do. Know this is a long shot, but are there any Catster families out there who would think about any of our new babies?? Mom be putting their pictures here.


Brutus and Julius

August 20th 2012 5:38 am
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Meet our new little foster babies! Brutus and Julius are part of a litter of six kittens. Their feral mom went to TNR by a person who did not know the kittens were there. Caring Hearts asked mom to foster and social these two. They socialized in less that a day!!! They now ready for forever homes. Mom hopes they get to stay together.


I Be Gone to Somewhere

August 3rd 2012 8:38 pm
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Mom not sure where I am. She hasn't seen me since June 27th. Boomer and Tawny been around and fightin' with raccoons, so mom hopin' that I been around just less cause of them. But it been a long time. She knows I am a very resourceful girl. It's also be very hot and dry this summer and I may have gone to a place that I found to be cooler. I may also be here, but hidin' so she hasn't seen me. She knows in her heart I be okay and hopin' I'll come back, but she misses my pretty little smilin' black face. Us feral kitties just have to live our own lives.


Phoenix-Naomi Done Gradigated!

June 4th 2012 8:22 pm
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Yep, me and Cookie gonna turn little Phoenix-Naomi over to her own page. She gonna live for sure, so she gradigate to her very own page!


Go say hi to her!


Urgent Purrs Needed!

May 29th 2012 5:44 am
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Mom just got a call. One of the little kittens was found in the rubble! It is injured, dehydrated, obviously not doing very well. Mom is at work, but Dad is on the way up to get the little one and isolate it while we call to get someone to look at her (think it is a her). Many purrs needed, baby is not in good shape! Barn students now out in full force to find the second one.


Life is Never Dull!

May 28th 2012 1:33 pm
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Okay, so mom and dad went runnin' off cause seems that one of the feral kitties at the barn moved her babies into the site where they is dumping big chunks of concrete and dirt for landfill! Person who saw the momcat carrying baby into the pile placed a red bandana to mark da spot and got the construction peeplz to stop dumping. Mom and Dad now been out dere mountain climbing for three evenings, not found mom or kittens. Knows there is two kittens about three weeks old. Mom be thinkin' no kitty would put her babies into all that dirt and concrete when there is a sweet green woods just beyond. She thinks babies are in da woods. Meantime, the other five kittens is just about ready for homes: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Ruth and Esther. We thinks Matthew has a home already. Mom kinda wondering how she became the kitty savior of da world and glad Dad is helpin'. Little Bailey looked at me through the window today. Wonder if he remembers who I am. Glad he has a forever family.


Holiday DDP!

May 26th 2012 11:13 am
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I be DDP! I give da honor to my dad, a vietnam vet! We put da flag in the yard! Hope everyone has a buuutiful Memorial Day and has fun, but also remembers all those who gave their all for us!


Diary Pick!!

May 21st 2012 9:34 am
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I soooo thrilled and excited to be diary pick! I free in my yard to smell the roses and the lavender and punch on them big ugly black birds! Sunshine on my fur and checking in with Tawny and Boomer. Life is very good to this feral girl. Thank you everyone for my diary pick honor!!!


Free at Last!

May 20th 2012 4:09 pm
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Well, this afternoon Mom and Dad gently carried my crate out to da back porch. I could smell my fresh outside and sat up really straight. Mom opened the door and she and dad stepped away. It took me all of about three seconds to stare at the open door, then bolt through it, running licky-split for the back garden. And in a moment all that they could see was my back end and tail, then that too was hidden by the green brush. And even though I did not choose to become a domestic kitty, they felt happy for me.


Chips Get a Home!!!

May 19th 2012 5:43 pm
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Good day for Chips! A new forever family for him! The mom is really relieved and happy cause da clock was tickin' for him. He now safe forever!

I spend my day in da crate hidin' in da back. Didn' eat nothing. Drank some water (or spilled it). Just sit dere and kinda glare at the mom person. She come and talk real quiet and soft, but I'm not buying it. She wanna reach out and pet me, but knows I'd be scared of that so she don't. Tomorrow be my gettin' free day. I think about runnin' free across the lawn, chasing buuurds and bugs. Sitting in my flowerbed. Hope the mom knows I really appreciate her helpin' me this way, but I don't wanna be a housecat. We can just appreciate each other from afar. That be okay.

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