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Thanks Everyone!

March 30th 2013 1:33 pm
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Thanks to everyone for my wonderful gotcha zealies! Mom has a friend who has a feral colony abut 4 blocks away her her house. While friend is gone for a month, Mom said she'd feed the kitties and do a number for her using the trailcam for several days. Guess who's feeding there! Well, maybe it be me. There are not many black kitties in our area. Picture did not reveal much, but then I always was good a hiding from the camera. Be it me? I'll never tell, but maybe.....maybe.....


My Birthday!

March 3rd 2013 8:01 pm
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We kitties who are feral have wonderful birthdays. We live out in the wild, we come and go as we wish. When our birthdays come, all the angel kitties come and bring us special purrrs and headbonks. Mom has not seen me in a long time. She sometimes wonders if I am still alive, but I am glad that I get to be the one who talks about the little rescued kitties in the family. Mom got a call today from a lady who needs a feral boy caught because he's being mean to the other kitties. Lady agreed to let mom catch him and get him TNRed. Maybe he'll calm down with his hormones are less intense! Meantime, I be so proud that my baby boy, Bailey, has become such a purdy house kitty.


More Happy Stories!!

October 6th 2012 7:26 pm
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Amielle went to her new home two weeks ago!!! Mom took her to Petsmart and a girl adopted her who lives just a block away from us! She doin' very well in her new home and very happy with a broffer black tux kitty the same age she is!! And -- Toby has a home! Mom was gone last weekend to Maryland playin' with them police horses. When she got home there was a phone message from Toby's foster mom sayin' she was takin' him to the pound on the next day. Mom started tryin' to call her, but no answer. Then she saw a message on facebook - a family was askin' if Toby was still available cause they wanted to adopt him!! Mom got hold of Toby's foster mom just before she was about to take him to the pound! Phew - talk about close calls!! He is in his new forever home now - a bit scared, but makin' friends with the teenage girl. So, of all our kitties this year, everyone but Julius has a home.


Mommy Missed my DDP!

September 20th 2012 6:52 pm
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Gee, I was DDP on 9/19 and mom to totally missed it. Missed Talk like a Pirate Day, too! She just need to work a little less!!!! Thanks you for my purrrific honor!!!!!


Brutus to His Forever Home!!!

September 18th 2012 6:10 pm
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Brutus went to his forever home yesterday!! He be so happy and so is his family. They waited through his whole sick time. We knows they are gonna be one special family. Unfortunately, Julius' family did not work out. He be cute, too!! Mom think better they changed their mind now than later. Amielle goes to Petsmart for show on Saturday. We hopin' she'll get a good home soon. Toby the orange kitty from the owner that died is at risk again. The family person who was keeping him say she not want to do it anymore. Lookin' for someone to love him. Wishin' we had room for more, but we already over our limit.


Life a little Quieter

September 12th 2012 8:28 pm
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Well, life be a bit calmer now. Julius be all better and hanging out at Ms. Frances with his other brother. Brutus after givin' everyone a real scare is on the mend and going to his new family next week. Amielle will get to be a show cat at Petsmart Sept 23 where we pretty sure someone gonna really want her! The three horses even found their home. And a little extra special happiness -- I was seen the other day by one of the neighbors. Seems I have moved over a block. Mom wishin' I was still here, maybe I come back as cool weather sets in, but she glad to know I am alive.


Raimey and Ripley have Homes!!!

August 29th 2012 5:07 pm
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Well, two outta three is a good start!! A bootiful family stepped up and adopted Raimey today. They and she will be so happy. Ripley has gone to be a barn cat with one of the family members. He always loved being outside, so he gonna love that life! Toby still looking for a home. Mom's friend has taken him so he don't go to the shelter (why do they call the place they kill us a shelter! Don't shelter us!) So, keep purring for Toby. He such a lover boy, if anyone would meet him they'd fall in love with him. Thanks for the purrs everyone!


Kitties Who need Major Help!

August 27th 2012 1:46 pm
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Seems that mom keeps getting herself into these things - but she worries about the homeless babies. Now we gots several with real troubles.

First there be Brutus and Julius. So cute they are but no home yet!

Then mom get a call from Lowes Home Imporvement in Nicholasville (where Dad work) that they have a kitty been stuck out there for a week. They ask if mom come get her (and of course she does!). This be the most bootiful little 4 month girl in the world. she so loving and affectionate and fussy about her food that mom know she must be a lost kitty, but cannot find her family. We callin' her Amielle. She need a home real fast, cause we cannot keep her a a cage for long.

Now Mom has a friend whose cousin died unexpectedly and lives her sweet grieving kitties (three young cats!) Raimey (girl), Ripley and Toby (males). All fixed, and sweet and with no one to love them anymore. she try to get her friend to let them stay in her garage while we looks for homes, but she can't and they have only two days (8/29) before they go to the pound! Mom has put up notices in Petfinder (through Caring Hearts) put them on facebook and on craigslist. She don't know what else to do. Know this is a long shot, but are there any Catster families out there who would think about any of our new babies?? Mom be putting their pictures here.


Brutus and Julius

August 20th 2012 5:38 am
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Meet our new little foster babies! Brutus and Julius are part of a litter of six kittens. Their feral mom went to TNR by a person who did not know the kittens were there. Caring Hearts asked mom to foster and social these two. They socialized in less that a day!!! They now ready for forever homes. Mom hopes they get to stay together.


I Be Gone to Somewhere

August 3rd 2012 8:38 pm
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Mom not sure where I am. She hasn't seen me since June 27th. Boomer and Tawny been around and fightin' with raccoons, so mom hopin' that I been around just less cause of them. But it been a long time. She knows I am a very resourceful girl. It's also be very hot and dry this summer and I may have gone to a place that I found to be cooler. I may also be here, but hidin' so she hasn't seen me. She knows in her heart I be okay and hopin' I'll come back, but she misses my pretty little smilin' black face. Us feral kitties just have to live our own lives.

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