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Buddy's Tales

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Finally got a diary. Meowmie is slow.

June 7th 2012 8:29 am
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What does it take for a cat to get a diary around here? I am the most interesting cat in Memphis and no diary! (points at meowmie) Is meowmie's fault. No computer, no internets...seriously? I have things to talk about! First, I am so glad that we moved from that little apartment to this big house. I sit at the front door and watch birds, or I sit in the kitchen window and smell what's cooking at Wendy's. Sometimes, if I am lucky...I catch a whiff of the Chinese restaurant. Yummers. I love living in this house. So many windows, so little time. I have three bedrooms to sleep in, plus a living room, a dining room and I love to leave cat hair and paw prints on the white kitchen tile. My days are fun filled....even when I am sleeping. I love to listen to the mailman shove stuff into that black box near the door. I usually kick it with the children in the living room. I am learning so much about the latest video games...NOT. I go in there and sleep. I love to hear the noise of the children. And I love pizza night. They laugh at me when I sit in the chair like I am expecting a plate. Hello? I AM expecting a plate. Not some chunk of melted cheese you toss to me. I want a piece of pizza, with the pepperoni and everything. What is wrong with you people? It's so hard to be cool when you have to deal with minions that are slackers. Meow.


Hey! What did you bring home?

June 7th 2012 8:36 am
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Meowmie took off for a few days. Don't worry, I was not home alone. The minions were here. I was busy living large...when meowmie came home. She had a blanket. The blanket smelled like....A CAT! I followed meowmie to her bedroom. It WAS a cat! She would not let me near him and he hissed at me. She shut the bedroom door and left me in the hall. Excuse me! Every day, I would stick my paw under the door to see if the cat was nearby. I did this for a week. Finally, the cat on the other side of the door slapped my paw! It was on!!!! Slowly, mom introduced me to this new cat. His name is Paisan. You probably know him. He is the definition of cool. But, he respected that this was my house. Slowly, he started inspecting the house. One day, he flopped down on his side in front of me. Hmmm, I thought..what does he want? Then he slapped me. We had a short, but funny slap fight. No claws. After that, we started to play and chase each other. We even share each other's food. I am glad they brought Paisan here. I hear that Bella and the crew are going to be here in a few weeks...along with ...gulp....Lexi the dog. I am not too worried. Mom said that nothing will happen to me. I trust her. This should be very interesting. Can't wait.



June 7th 2012 8:40 am
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Thank you slacker meowmie! I received the Cat of The Day honors, and did not even know because you are a total slacker. If you have gotten the internet when I told you to, I would not have missed this. Thank you to the powers that be at Catster for the honor of being Cat of The Day. I can replace you as chief minion, meowmie. Just remember that.


I am very nervous.....

June 9th 2012 1:33 am
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Meowmie leaves for California in a week. When she comes back, she will have 5 cats and a dog. Do I really have to go thru this again? Meowmie said that nothing bad will happen. We all just need to adjust to each other. This is my house. I was here first. I hope everything goes ok....I am not used to being chased all over the house by a dog that wants to play. This should be very interesting.



June 11th 2013 11:51 am
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We have had a tough time with fleas here. And other bugs that I wont mention because I basically hate bugs. Meowmie has an exterminator coming in a few days, so yay! But, wait until I tell you the horrifying tale of what happened to me last night...

My skin has been flaky and itchy. I got busted pulling out my own fur. Meowmie was alarmed, and saw that Whiskers was doing the same thing. We have bald spots now. ( Me and Whiskers have a vet appointment Saturday)

Dad came home with some blue soapy stuff called Dawn. He said they wash birds with this and that he was going to wash me too.

Dad tried to fit me into the kitchen sink. I did not fit.

Dad put me in the bathtub. Humiliated.

Dad gave me a bath with the blue soap. I protested loudly. When I was finally able to escape from the tub, I hid in the corner. Dad grabbed me with a big towel and started drying me off. I protested again.

Finally, and not a moment too soon...Dad put me down. I stayed behind the recliner chair the rest of the night. My fur! How could Dad to that to me? I thought we were buds.

But today, I feel better. My fur is soft and I smell nice. But for the record, I am still mad at Dad. He owes me big time. And it better be repaid in the form of Cheese.

A very clean Buddy.


Are you for real?

August 12th 2013 7:49 pm
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Paisan, you just kill me sometimes. You make me laugh so hard, I roll right off the center island in the kitchen. You act like it has been years since you had Pizza Noms...Dude, it was last week...LAST WEEK!!!
And, it was gourmet pizza! I know, because I slept on the box!

The Pizza is here.
The Buddy



August 21st 2013 2:34 pm
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Thank you to the Catster Overlords for choosing little ol' me for one of the Daily Diary Picks for August 16th. Thank you to my Catster friends for letting me know. How do I get mom to visit Catster more? Maybe if there was food. Yes! Food...I will leave food crumbs all the way to Catster. She will follow the crumbs and voila! Well, in theory it works. In reality, maybe not so much.

So, if cats had knees, this would be a knee slapper.
Yesterday, Scooby was lying on the bed of the oldest kid. Karisma bopped into the room and climbed onto the bed. Guess there was nothing fun to do, so she curled up inside of Scooby's cone on his head and went to sleep. Scooby was lying very still, and his eyes were huge! I think he was afraid to wake the tiny ninja, and suffer the wrath of her Ginsu claws. mol mol mol. No. Meowmie did NOT get a photo of this. As soon as Scooby saw Alpha Dog (Daddy) he gave him the "help me" look. Alpha Dog picked up a very angry Karisma and put her on the bed. Scooby jumped up and went into another room. Gotta love that kitten!


It's the cops!

October 12th 2013 5:31 pm
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I live in a nice, quiet area of Memphis called High Point Terrace. Crime is very low here, and you just do not see police cars outside of a neighbor's house. Well, our neighbors got an eye full of cop cars tonight. You see, something horrible happened to the oldest teenager when he was walking home from work. A car pulled up, a guy with a gun jumped out and demanded the wallet. He gave the bad guy the wallet. The bad guy took the money and threw the wallet on the ground. Then the bad guys left. So Meowmie called the police to come over and take a report and talk to him. It was a very traumatizing situation. Dad cat is going to give him the money that was stolen, cuz the teenager boy also goes to college and needs that money for the week. Everything was all cool...then I meandered out of meowmie and dad cats room to check out the food situation...Cops! in my house! They were big and scary. I got really low to the ground and slithered into the first room with an open door. I think I am scared of the cops. But they were very nice to the teenage human. I bet the neighbors are all a buzz with the rumors of why there were two cop cars in front of our house when meowmie and dad cat get along and no fighties and the teenager boys are good kids. Meowmie said that she will get strange looks from the neighbors tomorrow. I am going to look out the dining room window and watch. Cuz I am nosy. That is why meowmie calls me Buddy Kravits. mol


Because I can.

October 18th 2013 4:20 am
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Did you hear that? Meoowwwlllly all through the house...yep that was me. This house echoes. I like that. It enhances my singing voice. I felt the need to sing last night, in the I did. I even walked all over the house singing so everyone could hear me. It was pawsome. Now, for a nap.


I am such a slacker.

January 18th 2014 2:28 am
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First, let me say thank you for all the gifts!!! My friends are so pawsome! Thank you to Grace and WeBeSiameezers for the cool COTD photos from March 2013 (told you I was a slacker). My Catster friends are just so awesome!!! I just want to say thank you for reading my diary entries and commenting on my photos. Meowmie has alot more photos of me, but she is not going to post them because Catster is going away. I will miss you all. Please try to stay friends with us!!! I Gato Go!

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