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Kitty Scritches

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my drunk face

March 19th 2013 7:24 am
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mom uploaded a new pic of me. she said I look fresh outta rehab


Fun Weekend

March 18th 2013 4:46 am
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I slayed another spider and while flinging it around, it... get this... SPLASHED RIGHT INTO MOM'S COFFEE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH and she didn't see at first, well neither did I! I kept hunting for it but no luck then when she went to drink her coffee, well she found it! HAHAHAHAAHHA she was MAD and freaked out! HAHAHAHAAHAH But hey, I SLAYED the spider, that's what counts, right?


Diary of the Day

March 17th 2013 4:21 am
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Mom got an email that I was one of the chosen Diary of the Day cats! How exciting! on my 1 year anniversary too! How pawsome is that?!!


Lots of snuggles and cuddles

March 15th 2013 5:28 am
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I always race Java to the bed now and call "shotgun". Then mom PICKS ME UP and lets Java up first, then she gets into bed THEN I'm allowed to pick my spot from the leftover space! Rude!! It's not fair! Mom says it's because I'm the littlest and can fit anywhere whereas Java is bigger and needs the end of the bed and mom is bigger and gets most of the bed. So I end up with plenty of space or on mom's butt but sometimes I WANT SHOTGUN!!!!!

Mom said she has some pictures and videos to update my Catster and she may do that this weekend! I talk, I play fetch, I rock my stripper pole like a boss. I admire myself in the TV reflection, I am FABULOUS!


Spider Slayer

March 13th 2013 4:48 am
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That's my official job at home now! I am the official spider slayer! I'm fine with that, mom says it's how I can earn my keep, whatever that means. I demanded lots of cuddles and pets and mom says I purr a LOT, like it's not normal for a cat to always be so happy.

I still have not won over the dog, but I will. I'm determined to. I head butt her every time they come back from their walks and rub all over her legs and she always looks totally submissive and confused. Some day I WILL snuggle with her! Right now the best I can manage is sharing space on the Kong bed at night when we're not all piled in mom's bed.


I'm mostly on Catbook

March 12th 2013 5:28 am
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I prefer Catbook as I do other things on there too but I should try to update here on occasion. I'm getting a 2nd stripper pole, I can't wait! I have beat the crap out my first one and mom is looking to see how to fix the pole with rope instead of the fabric that's on there, i've torn it all up. I beat up my toys.


Sorry I've been Scarce

January 17th 2013 4:13 am
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Hey my kitty pals, so sorry I've been absent for almost a year! Me and mom end up using Catbook more out of convenience and the fact that mom doesn't let me surf the net. Plus we can add tons of pictures there, which I LOVE pictures and videos!

I 'll try to update here though because some of my friends and my new friends don't really use Catbook and I miss sharing stories.



May 23rd 2012 6:42 am
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Mom's gonna help me share my videos here. There's some of me slaying Java's doggy toys. Some of me playing fetch. Some of me being cute.

I hurt my leg last night, mom made fun of me at first but then I looked really upset and hurt and she realised I REALLY DID hurt myself and wasn't just kitty dramatics. I'm better now though.

I love to snuggle with mom in bed but she gets mad when I nibble her face or bite her nose. I don't understand why.


I wonder...

April 25th 2012 8:17 am
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well mom just uses my crate because it has a nice tray to catch the litter -I get a little crazy when I bury things and fling litter around MOL!!

on top now is my food and special quiet box so I have a corner to relax in if the weather gets scary. I have a pawsome new tree by the window with lots of caves and scratching posts and at night I have free reign in my room. All day I to, too, until mom comes home then I have free reign in the whole apartment until bed time.

mom said MAYBE this weekend I can free reign overnight and see how The Big Furry Thing handles it. it would be cool to snuggle with mom in bed but my big sister gets a little jealous sometimes and mom doesn't want either of us to get hurt so I still spend nights in my room but now it's my WHOLE room and not just the crate. I cry a little but then realise I have lots of toys and things to do then I pass out.


Adjusting Well!

April 11th 2012 11:20 am
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I still sleep on my own in my room in my crate but I feel safe there and don't mind. I often put myself to bed. I am allowed supervised in Big World now, where the Big Furry Thing is teaching me what's acceptable and what isn't. Mom built me a climbing pole with platforms and all the pole toys I destroyed so far. Sometimes the Big Furry Thing has a friend come over and they are nice to me, we all sniff each other then run around but I either am getting chest scratches or watching from a platform -the Big Furry Things won't hurt me on purpose, but they are fast and BIG!!

Mom said she's gonna build me some shelves on the wall around my pole so I can scratch and explore and get exercise. She even said she might put a pot with kitty grass on a shelf for me and a basket with some towels that I could use to nap in!! I'm so excited!

To think a few weeks ago I was homeless and living in a noisy shelter!!

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