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Kitty Scritches

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new stripper pole

April 23rd 2013 4:08 am
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Mom said this week I'm gonna get Bogey's stripper pole. She said he never played with it and since they're moving, Bogey's mom doesn't want to take it with her so I get it! WOOOOOO I'll have TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom said she will probably put it in my room by my tree. How pawsome is that? She said that maybe we could put it in the living room by the big window, that would be cool too! I have beat the crap out of my current one, all the scratcher stuff is shredded, mom has to fix it.


Thanks everyone!

April 15th 2013 4:16 am
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I guess I was a Catster featured diary yesterday! How pawsome! Me, mom, and Java were busy cleaning and really didn't get to be online too much yesterday to acknowledge it! Thanks for all the zealies everyone gave me! This is so cool, now excuse me, I must go bask in my fabulousness!


I was NOT happy

April 11th 2013 4:36 am
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Mom dashed home and grabbed me and tried furiously to cram me into the crate. I wanted NO PART OF IT! What the HELL! No! I tried to climb the wall, mom was getting annoyed. Java told me to just trust mom and let her get me secure so Java could get harnessed up and we could evacuate the apartment. I DON"T CARE! Mom kept saying "for my own protection" even though I didn't understand nor did I care to. SHE ACTUALLY SHOVED ME INTO THE THING ASS-FIRST!!!!!!! And smooshed my face down so she could close the door! WHAT THE!!!!

All because the exterminator came with zero notice to inspect and spray and wanted us out. he could have worked around me yknow?! For my own safety. Whatever.


Getting impatient

April 10th 2013 5:24 am
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Mom was 1 minute late for my breakfast today and I let her have it! That's a whole 60 seconds I was wasting away weak, frail, starving!!! I even swiped at her as she walked by to show her who's boss and yknow what she did???

She picked me up and cradled me like a human baby and scritched my chest and said "you're getting a pawdicure tonight, your claws are sharp again."


I HATE PAWDICURES! LEAVE MY PAWS ALONE!!! I'm supposed to be "grateful" she didn't have me declawed or some garbage.

But she gave me an invisibag.


New Stripper Pole...

April 8th 2013 5:34 am
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Mom said that Bogey doesn't like his stripper pole, has never touched it. I find that incomprehensible! However, mom said that Bogey's mom will give us his stripper pole so I can have TWO!! TWO STRIPPER POLES!!!!!

Mom can't decide if it will go in the living room, but maybe by the window so I can look out (mom has covering over the lower part of the glass to help Java not be so stressed out by foot traffic in and out of the building) or put it in my room next to my big tree... So many possibilities!


Power Fetch

April 4th 2013 7:09 am
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I play a new version of fetch with mom. Power Fetch. I run mach-10 down the hall, catch the fuzzy ball in my paws and sprint back to mom and throw it at her and we do it again and again until I pass out.


Pawdicure shmawdicures

April 1st 2013 5:59 am
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Mom snuck up on me and gave my back claws a good trimming. I put my paw down and wanted no part of my front claws getting trimmed but she said she'll win, she'll get them next time I'm in a deep relaxed sleep. RUDE!!!

I met one of Java's friends, Reggie, thru the screen this weekend and the dog thing she's smitten with, a little Shiba Inu named Granite. I stand my ground, I stare at them from the screen and they get all bent out of shape. then I meow at them and they go crazy! HAHAHAAHAH once I have their full attention, I get bored and saunter away.

Mom says I'm such a cat.


Fun weekend but I HATE...

March 25th 2013 4:54 am
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I HATE pawdicures!! HATE THEM!! Mom gave me one last week but couldn't get my thumb so I got real fussy this morning but mom finally won and I submitted to getting my thumbs trimmed. ONLY because I was getting it snagged on things. But I HATE pawdicures! She said it's to keep me safe, Java safe and her hands safe but whatever! Then she told me to be grateful that she didn't get me declawed because it is more painful and still a common requirement in most apartments! I don't know what all that means but she promised me she wouldn't get me declawed after she's had it done on previous cats to be able to keep them in an apartment so we agreed I would get monthly pawdicures so I could stay healthy and happy and keep all my toes.

STILL... not a fan of the pawdicure.

And I let mom down, there was a spider in the sink Saturday morning, she said it taunted her, hanging around on her coffee cup so she screamed, me and Java came running but it was a BIG spider, more than I could handle. She sprayed it with kitchen cleaner and washed it down the drain! I think it screamed as she ground it up in the disposal but I couldn't be certain, mom was saying lots of ugly words! LOL She said she called the manager to have someone come and spray, that an occasional spider would be okay for me but this is just too many and is now a menace.


a new Kitty Invisibox!!!

March 22nd 2013 4:31 am
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So last night me and mom played lots of fetch. I love fetch! Then she got me a new Kitty Invisibox! I haven't had one for awhile because she put books in it but then a package came for her and she took off all the plastic tape and sticky things and threw the box in the corner for me. I immediately cloaked myself so the dog couldn't see me. I LOVE invisibox!


I drool

March 20th 2013 5:21 am
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Sometimes, when I get super relaxed and extremely happy, I crank up the volume on my purring and I end up drooling and misting it everywhere because I purr so hard. Usually onto mom's hand, arm, or neck because that's where I snuggle the most at 4am! I rolled over on my back like my big dog sister Java does and mom scratched my chest and belly for about 10 mins and I was just so happy my face was soaked in drool! Mom laughs. Then I got over stimulated and ran away to my room. Mom doesn't like when I get that way and bite because I bite really hard, so she's teaching me to just leave and go to my room to burn off some steam with my toys or beat up the squeakies on my stripper pole. It works out better for everyone because then I don't hurt mom and then I don't get in trouble either! Mom said she can tell when I'm thinking, debating between biting really hard and just excusing myself and run off to take out my aggression on my toys.

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