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Cute but a nudge

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March 7th 2013 5:42 pm
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Ever since the string incident I have been more of a luv bug with mom. We snuggle together a lot, although I still won't sit on her lap. Now that mom has finished grad school there has been all this talk about moving and strangers keep coming in to look at our home this month. Mom has been wicked stressed and I'm trying my best to help her by purring a lot, but at the same time she keeps talking about getting a dog. I don't know what this spring is gonna bring. As long as I'm with mom I think I'll be ok. Purrs.


I'm not jealous.

December 18th 2012 4:31 pm
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So Lindsay somehow gets diary of the day! I wrote about swallowing over 4 feet of string and didn't get chosen. Hmmmm but I'm not jealous! Purrs.



September 22nd 2012 6:02 pm
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Mom and daddy pulled out 58 inches of string that I swallowed. 58 inches!! Mom thinks I may have used up one of my nine lives. I was scared and going into distress - as was mom. When "the incident" was over mom cried. Mom never ever cries. She was so scared for me. We snuggled for a while, and I purred to help her feel better. Mom is still very upset and keeps replaying the incident over in her mind. She will be watching me closely over the next few days to make sure I am ok.


Back to school for mom!

September 3rd 2012 3:22 am
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Mom has been real busy this summer, but I can't figure out why cuz she had the summer off from work! Since June I have become a bit of a luv bug. I still won't sit on her lap but will lean against her. Mom says her favorite part of the summer - besides hanging at her friend's pool - is when both me and Lindsay are on the bed with her! This causes mom a problem because she is torn between her to-do list and snuggling!! Anyway, not too much else going on. I was happy to read my friend Monster's litter box article. I still have an occasional accident but not as often. Yesterday mom got real mad at me cuz Lindsay was in the box and I went right up to her while she was doing her thing. Lindsay got real mad, then mom yelled at me and shut me in a room for a few minutes so Lindsay could calm down without a pesky lil brother around. I think this was the first time I ever saw mom mad at me like that. I don't know why she acts like Lindsay is the queen of the world - especially since Lindsay favors daddy...


Big shot

June 9th 2012 4:49 pm
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Mom just realized she hasn't posted in a while (silly humans) so she thought she would write while daddy plays that obnoxious video game... Moms been letting me out in the condo hallway in the morning and I am loving it!! I go to the main front door and look out at the parking lot. What a change from always just looking at the woods! Mom and dad call me a big shot now cuz normally I'm a scardy cat, but not in the hall! Although sometimes they make a loud noise and I go running back to home for safety. They seem to think this is funny. Lindsay is not amused at all. She is still giving me serious catittude especially now that morning hall time was just her routine. Anyway there is talk about some big game for the Celtics tonight which means there may be yelling at the tv. I hate that. It makes me scurry away. The worst is Patriots season... Lindsay is in daddy's favorite seat. I don't know how she gets away with it...


Oops I did it again

May 5th 2012 3:44 am
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Missed the box again... and mommy found it with her paw...she didn't yell like daddy did and for that I know I have the bestest mommy in the world. She's been busy since my last diary entry with going to a few open houses but reality is setting in that even tho we need a bigger place she may not have enough of something called money. I've been snuggling with her lately and she seems to love that. I still won't sit on her lap tho. What is it with humans that they want you to sit on there lap?! Anyway, big sister has been cranky lately. I don't think she likes when I snuggle with momma, but she won't! She just growls and swats her paw when I walk by. I think moms nuts for wanting to add a dog to this crazy household mix. Well I have to get back to watching JJ...



April 11th 2012 2:35 pm
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As if mom doesn't have enough to deal with regarding my bathroom issues, not to mention my inability to meow "Normal" (she says I meep so they call me Meeper sometimes), then there's the mess I leave all over the place when I'm done eating since I guess I'm a messy eater... Now I've really gone and done it. I knocked over J.J. The hamster's cage!! Daddy kept saying I would but mom said no. When she takes the cage down from way up high she wedges it just right against furniture and puts a big Biology book on top... But yesterday JJ was awake early and I was so excited I shoved my paws under the cage and it all happened so fast!! Mom was in the kitchen and looked just in time to see the cage roll and JJ roll and all his bedding fluff ins come flying onto the floor! Mom didn't yell thou, but I think that was cause it was not even 6 yet and she didn't want to wake the neighbors. Now mom is rethinking our morning routine so I had to meep and meow and meow and meep to get her to bring him down again. My mom is the bestest!!


Purr purr

April 5th 2012 11:35 am
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I'm hanging out beside my mom. I'm so happy she and daddy are back from their weekend get away for daddy's birthday.I'm luvin all the scratches on my cheeks and rubs under my chin. I don't know why it took me a couple years to figure out that being a mama's boy rules!!



March 27th 2012 1:34 pm
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So mom picked out a couple pics for you all to see. One of them was from when she brought me home the first night, and I was crying in my cage. I adjusted pretty quick and now am very happy!! I was six months old in that picture. Mom asked the lady if I was a runt, but I forgave her for asking that question. After all, she was used to a supersized cat at home. Mom posted a pic of me and Lindsay so you could see our size difference. Also, notice who is on the lower end of the totem pole so to speak. Anyway, we also decided to post a picture of cousin Milo. He's a rescue cat too. Well Lindsay is trying to distract mom to get herself an early dinner. She is so spoiled. Why is it always about her!


Why me

March 16th 2012 2:36 pm
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So mom came home from the store today with the birthday card for daddy from us. She thought it was SO funny that she found a birthday card that showed three cats around a litter box with some poop on the outside and it said. Ok. Who's thinking outside the box again? Hope you're not too pooped to party on your birthday. I'm horrified!! I can't help it if I miss the box!! Remember the info section that says I have 8 outta 9 lives left?? Well that was cause one day daddy stepped in it, and he went thru the roof!! I felt so bad. Momma tried to take the blame, but to no avail. There was talk from daddy about giving me away!! Mom was so upset she went out and bought the new 200 dollar golf bag daddy wanted and put an I'm sorry card on it from me. Phew, that worked and I got to stay. I'm so lucky my mom luvs me so much.

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