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It's tough being beautiful...

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Tough morning

March 18th 2012 6:21 pm
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Tough morning for me. Mom partied last night with friends celebrating daddy's upcoming birthday. Mom's too old for those shenanigans. My breakfast was late because of this. I got shut out of the bedroom, and when she finally let me in and tried to hide under the covers I had to do the "secret purr" that she can't resist (a super loud purr) along with my "one paw" trick where I try to lift the covers with my paw. Finally she fed me!! She went out for a while while daddy golfed for the first time this season. Later I heard talk about open houses, basement, and the word dog was mentioned. Dog?? Anyway, I'm trying to figure all this out. As long as the fancy feast keeps coming I'm not going to worry...yet.



March 14th 2012 7:28 pm
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So I've had this hairball for a couple weeks now... Whenever I purr mom hears something making my purr sound raspy. She took me to the vet which I was not happy about, but I was a good sport, well until the nice lady tricked me into thinking I was done and tried to take my temperature. For an 18 pounder I never swung around so fast!! So mom is going to keep giving me some hairball
food, which is ok I guess, and that other stuff that is ok too but I'm kinda sick of it so now she smushes it on my paw. The nerve! I tried to fling it off but to no avail. I'm not sure what asthma is, but I'm hoping that's not what the problem really is...


Pretty and know it

March 13th 2012 6:26 pm
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I may be an indoor cat, but whenever my neighbors see me or when I go to the vet all I hear is how pretty I am. I'm so smart that I figured out what this means, and I use it to my advantage to torture my mom! She wants me to be a lap cat so bad. When she sees me she just wants me near her. I of course refuse to be her lap cat and instead I sit on daddy's lap! How cool am I. Oh she'll say stuff like "I was the one who picked you out" but what she doesn't realize is I picked her out! I could tell she would let me rule the roost so I purred and purred and even sat on her lap at the shelter - just long enough to seal the deal. So now I'm living the good life, or I was until mom thought she would try again for a lap cat. Now I have a pesky little brother named Seb and mom still doesn't have a lap cat. That's how it is with kids... You never know what you're gonna get!

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