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Punkin's Diary

The Purrty Baloons

October 1st 2012 12:08 pm
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I just wanted 2 say thanx efurybody fur the furbulous balloons fur me and my furmily! I have been gettin into more trouble than usual lately cuz the hoomans switched Midnight ofur 2 wet food. They did this bcuz they noticed Middy losing weight and wanted him 2 gain it back. Also he's like 14 or 15 so they took him 2 tha vets and it turns out he has arthritis and hyperthyroidism. So the sprinkle his food with vitamins in tha morning and my nose gets ahead of my brain and I like 2 push him outta tha way! Mom says I'm getting fat. I don't think so!! Don't hey kno that I'm the one who wears tha pants here?? Mom has been givin us a lot of catnip lately cuz she tried 2 give it 2 Twink sneaky like cuz Twink doesn't like anything on her blankie or she will jump down and sit somewhere else and stare at her blankie. She's such a diva!! She just looks at them when her blankie has been sat on by one of us and waits fur them 2 refold it or sometimes it has 2 b washed! She still only drinks outta tha fish tank and Mom bought us a nice fountain that she won't use!! She also only will eat on tha counter and only dry food!! She's my crazy wife tho and I luve her. Mom bought her a dress a couple weeks ago! She doesn't like it. They wanna get Tux a bow tie cus he already has the tuxedo. We have made some new furiends here and when Paelae had cancer Smiley was there fur us cuz we were so sad! We luv all our new furiends and look furward 2 reading their notes efuryday! They lock me in tha bedroom when Middy is eating!! NO FAIR!! They might give us wet food like once a day cuz they researched and found out that dry food isn't as good fur us. If we still lived in tha wild we would get more water thru the animlals we ate. So Mom went 2 and read up on the best foods fur us. Now we r gonna start on Blue Buffalo fur our wet foods! So thanx 2 all our lovely furiends frum my family 2 ur's!! Have a furbulous day!


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