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Watching over my family

February 15th 2013 4:08 am
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First iz want to thanks everyone for all the sweet wishes on valentine's day for me and my family. they haz had a rough few months and can use the luv. lucky had her problem with her tooths but that iz fixed now. she is even eating dry food tho she still prefers canned food, thank you very much.
then grams passed which was rough on moms and dads. then i gots sick and had to go to rainbow bridge. i really miss everyone but it is really nice here. i gots my eye back and i never have trouble breathing any more. and all the other cats play with me and like me.
then willie gotz his problems back again but he seems to be doing just fine now since they took him off his meds. i hopes all their bad luck is behind them. i will keeping watching over them and do what i can to keep them safe. then some day we will all be together again and i can nuzzle moms and dads once more.


i dont understand

September 2nd 2012 4:24 am
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if i lives to be a hundred [which since we dont know my age i could already be] i will never understand willie. when he was having his problems i was the one that stood by him [partially because i was so glad he wasnt picking on me]. i thought we waz finally friends. now that he is feeling better he is back to his old ways, including trapping me inside the litterbox. not fun. yet he still gets moms up in the morning to feed me. and when moms or dads is around he is all head butting and licking me. it is confusink. i guess i just never will understand men.


were still here

August 23rd 2012 4:42 am
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willie is still having problems. moms says if this last treatment doesnt work he will have to go to the versity. guess it is some kind of high class pokey place. not sure but moms says it is a lllooooonnnggg car ride away. i sure hopes he gets better soon. i have been hearing more 'good boy' than 'bad cat' lately so maybe that is a good sign. and he is starting to pick on me more so i guess that is another good sign. things have really been stressed out around here for a long time so wez could use a break. i triez to keep everyones spirits up. moms finally opened the windows. i luvs to lay in front of the slider and feel the breeze in my fur. but dads says we will haz to turn on the blowy thing again cause it is suppose to get hot. guess i hadz better enjoy the fresh air while i can.


nice weather

June 24th 2012 4:31 am
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we haz been having some nice weather the last couple of days. that means moms opens the windows and the sliding door. i love to lay by that and feel the breeze and watch all the birds and squirrels and such. i wish it could be like this all year round. i dont miss living outside. my life wasnt so great then but i do likes it when we can bring some of the outside inside. even if i do get a little snuffly it is worth it. hope all are having good weather where ever they are at.


were back

June 20th 2012 7:40 am
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i cant believe it has been so long since our last diary entry. moms and dads haz been busy and moms haz been in kind of a funk lately. i hadz my allergy shot monday. it haz been over a month since the last one so that is good. i felt great yesterday. i could sneak up on people cause they couldnt hear my breathing. iz a little stuffled up today but moms says it is cause the weather is suppose to change. i wish the weather would make up its mind. moms and dads were gone aaalllll day saturday. i mean they left when the big hand was on the twelve and the little hand was on the five and the hands went clear around the clock and then some before they got back. we waz getting worried. and hungry. sure had a lot of lap time to make up for.


grams sick

June 9th 2012 3:51 am
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things were pretty quiet around here yesterday. they took grams to the big pokey place and it took them nearly four hours to get her admitted. i dont know what she finally admitted to but around here we never admit to anything. she should have just played dumb like we do and just hope that no one ratz her out. iz had to stay overnight at the pokey place before and it iz no funs. hope grams gets feeling better soon.


celebratin the holly days

June 5th 2012 3:57 am
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yesterday was national hug your cat day and i made sure moms and dads didnt forget. i nuzzled them every chance i could get. i think we should celebrate this holly day every day. i luvs my nuzzling as much as willie likes his rubbies. i even nuzzle with willie. so if you missed it yesterday it is okay to celebrate it today. maybe i can get the princess to declare it a year round holly day. and dont forget to hug your hooman back.


congrats lucky

June 1st 2012 4:25 am
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iz so proud of lucky for being diary of the day. she gets down on herself sometimes for no reason. she iz so beautiful and sweet. sometimes too sweet. she doesnt stand up to willie when he is mean to her. i sure dont let him get away with it with me. she luvs moms and dads but she just has a hard time trusting hoomans. i know there are some bad ones out there but moms and dads arent among them. they are great and lots of fun. we are some lucky cats to be here and lucky knows this. i just hope some day she can learn to trust them completely [well not completely--there is still the pokey place they take us to].


i iz blest

May 28th 2012 4:06 am
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another diary of the day pick. i nay not be named lucky but i sure feel i iz. like yesterday. it was starting to get really hot in the house and i so wished that it would be cooler. then like magic i heard a hum and the air got cooler. moms said something about conditioning the air. maybe that is like training it to be whatever temperature you want. apparently she haz better luck training the air than she does training us. mol. we waz so grateful we laid on her lap all night long.


helping moms

May 23rd 2012 10:10 am
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hai. iz been helping moms this morning. she waz writing things out of a book into a notebook and i was holding down the pages and keeping her place for her. it is a very important job. one never knows when a wind will blow through and blow the pages all over. of course every so often she haz to turn the pages. that can be a little annoying but i tolerate it cause she is a good moms. and she makes a nice lap.

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