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my rescue

my rescue

March 17th 2012 10:44 am
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I barely remember seeing mom (two legs) for the first time, something horrible bappened to me to end up at this building, But I was scared and crawled into a monster anyway, But then it moved, and a twoleg took me away from my hiding place. I was a bit greasy and scared, and I later heard them talk. I was in the motor of a van, I guess a van monster. yuck! When this other two leg took me she never let me out of her sight never even let anyone else hold me. But that was ok I didn't like any one else. But today I am happy I like my furr brothers, even if they try and hurt my two legs everynow and then, But I put them straight, I will chase and attach them. and then I comfort my twolegs till she is not scared anymore ( actually mom comforts him and lets him know nothing was wrong).
But I love her, and I don't want anyone to know I am here. So when visitors come I hide in her mattress. and wait to show my face if danger appears.



June 2nd 2014 4:28 pm
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Guess what my furr friends. My two legs had brought this giant of a dog into the house with us. I hear them talk about greatdane. But whatever he is he stinks. The two legs put him in another room when they leave for the day. Which is fine by me. I don't trust him. They say all his medical problems is making him hurt and not comfortable. So he is now inside. But I am brave I lay at our bedroom door and give him the look . that keeps him out. Sometimes he sneaks in but but my two legs chases him out. Saying this is your little brothers space not yours. He seems OK but we don't trust him. Except Joe. He likes everyone.



June 3rd 2014 3:37 pm
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I am so honored to have my day. much better then the slobber hound in the house. I feel I deserve this with all my guarding and watching of my two legs. oh and my little brothers birthday was yesterday. and we all got a good yummy treat. meorm meow mmmmmm. now back to watching the squirrels.


New beginning

April 12th 2015 12:14 pm
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About 6 months ago, my two legs took me and my 2 brothers somewhere early one morning before morning. we went for a ride, then we were carried into another building brought into a room,the door was shut our crates opened and then she left.I was so scared, when I came out of crate, there was my food bowl and litter box, water.

Hours later I heard my two legs. She visited us a few moments, I heard lots of noise which scared me more, and voices I never heard before.

Finally things were quiet, we were let out of the bathroom,and everything was differeNT but yet the same. The smells were There ,then she started explaining things,

This was our New home, we had left the other home to leave the man behind, he wasn't always nice, we are all settling in, and even have a baby sister now, her name is
Holly Paws

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