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What itz like beinz in charge.

Our nemisis

September 8th 2012 10:16 pm
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Well Ize wuz jus readin over Zeus' shoulder an I haz to agree these JRT tings haz way more energy than is safe in a house full of cats. I mean after alls weese haz our rutine an he jus blows that away. I mean I have speshul time with momma at nite in bed anheese layin in my spot. An he chases alls of us includin Jake. Now dat aint cool. Jake isn't feelin well an dat dog shud leev him alone. Weese alls haz taken turns watchin out fur Jake. He iz our senior cat an weese don like him beein bullied. If he don watch himself Ize iz gonna get hims one nite an pull his curly tail of an wak him with it. He'll find out what it wud be like toos bees a longtail cat at a rocking chair convention. MROWL MROWL MROWL. I wont really but it souns good. But jus tink bout it, it wud bees funny. He'd jus go cryin to momma like a leetle girl anyway. Thats wat happens when Mimi steps in an stops him from botherin someone, or from eatin our fud. He runs off yipin and hides behin momma. Well Ize iz gonna goos toos bed. My spot best be there or there will be fur flyin.


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