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Age: 10 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 13 lbs.

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mi-mee, me

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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-mixed breed-cat rescue

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February 7th 2007

October 15th 2006


lays on the back of the couch with her paws on my head or sitting on Poppa's lap for pets

White showing in food bowl

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window ledge in the sun

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watching out for kitties younger than herself


Arrival Story:
When my hissters and Meese wash about 4 munsh old the peeples we lived wish wrapped us up in a sheet. Then wrapped another one around it so we wouldn't get loose. We were very scared. We herdsh door opening and closing and it got cold, The we were sat down on something hard. and something preshed us together. We were so scared that we didn't make a single Mrowl. Suddenly the squishing stopped, and i herd the best sound in the world. My Momma saying what is in this? We started wiggling, as she pulled the covers off of usses. I put my head out firstest and then Tabithat poked her head up. Momma was saying to poppa Rich kittens! Then Kitty put her heades up momma said like a Jack in the box. Mommay picked up the three of us and was cuddking us and loving us. Those other people never did that. Poppa tried to be the responsible on saying youcan't keep all 3 but momma was smart. she looked at him and said ok you decide who to get rid of. Gotta love my momma. He couldn't say no to a kitty in need either. They never really figured out who abandoned us like that but at least they put us in that door. Momma thinks it was someone who lived near her. Momma said they didn't ask her to take us bcuz there was always the possibility she could have said no. Took about 5 days to name us all. I was the easiest. momma went into the kitchen on our first night she said it was 1130. I followed her and we had been there a while and no food had been offered. so I thought I would reming her that even though we were babies we did need food and i yowelled. Lowelled. she started laughing, and said to poppa that one name was taken care of. She said she was going to call me SCREAMING MIMI. I do have a very loweld voice. Seemes like food is never a problemhere. Momma always has food out so no one thinks they are starving. However I still nedd to remind her if there is any white showin in our food bowls. Maozer cries even more than I do. (momma said she would appreciate it if I clarify that there are 2 huge bowls for food that are NEVER empty, Cat snaks for the starving hoard and a Cat water fountain in the living room and a big water bowl in the Bathroom and another in the Kitchen. Water is refilled in the bowls 3xday and the fountain daily.)Sheesh I just said I was doing her a favor and she gets all defensive. She is the bestest momma in the world.

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7 of 9

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February 20th 2012 More than 4 years!

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April 8th 2013 1:05 am
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Ize jush haz toos tells alls ob yous dat Ize haz been a berry bad kitty, HEHEHEHE. Dat fool dog guy Sam was runnin roun da hous tonites likes heese usually doos an ize ush hads enuf. I means hows many times is heese gonna run frum da living rum toos da kitchen an not figure out dat nothing haz changed. Soos Ize sat under da table in da dining rum where heese cudnt sees meese on da way in da kitchen but when heese turned roun dere Ize wuz. SUPRIZE. mrowl. Now heese upset an whining. Ize iznt really dooin nuttin, jush ebery time heese tries toos leeve da kitchen Ize stretches a little bit. He sat crying likea little puppy till momma came and stood in the doorway and guarded him as he went thru to da living rum. She gave me a look an I sed what I dint doos nuttin. Ize cant helps it if dat dog guy is jush stwange. But shees stills told meese toos knock it off. Ize dint doos nuttin. Den da dumb dog came back again. Heese is soos dumb. Roun 2. Same ting He moves I stretch and heese cries. I loves dis game. Momma hads to comes an gets him again. I had moved bys da time sheese looked where Ize had been. But I'll be back cuz dat dog will be back. Its gives meese sumting toos doos. Dint want meese gettin all boared now did dey. Heaven onlee knoes what He could get into witout supervision.


Weeses haz a problrmm...

June 13th 2012 12:42 am
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Eze dunts noe watz da matters wits myz broders an hissters lateslee. Ever time eze turnses aroun sumonz haz a collar missing. Now sumz ovz usses alweyz keepes our collar on an sumz gets toose involved in cat play dat da collar gets offs but itz bins an awfurr lotz latelee. I ov curses have not gone "neekid" az momma haz sed. Howsevers, my hisster Miss Kitty haz losteses herz at leastes 4x an den momma couldn't find her collar agin. Soo she haz a new one. Momma boughtz usses allz new ones wens we cames heres an Tabbie an iz still haz ours but Kittie's is missing. She hadz a yellow collar wit blu fisshieses onz it. Poor Kitty, she really misses it. She sed herz nu onez jus dunt feelz rites. Itz orang an haz yello duks on itz.
Then dere's da babies. Dere not babies anymore but momma callez dem dat. Zeus iz collarlesses atz da murrmrnt. He startedes out wit a red one, los dat an momma gots himz a orang onz. He kep dat a long timeses butz of curses boyz are wreslerses an los dat onz tooses. Den shesses gots hims a zebra striped onz gon in a week then a brown sparkly one. Now dis onz he really seemedes too like. If itz came off he wood bring it tooo momma. Dis went on furr a wile. Den itz wuz gone tooos. Zeus really likes to wear his colllar. Heese wuznt try to be undressed. Den dere wuz da silvry spurkled onz. Dat wuz las week. Nows dat iz MIA toos.I noew dere is at lees onz more inz hiss list. He always brings his collars too momma to put bak on unless he really was too involved in play an dint relize itz wuz off.
His broder Raggz has onlee had 2 collars. Hiss furs one lasded a lond time den it wuz gone aftr a major dustup one day. collars wuz off. fur clumps wuz everwere. Thor's nose wuz scratched an a few otherses has sum battle injuries toos. Dey even noked over one ov poppa's tray tableses. noked hiz magzinez everwere! boy wuz he mad. MROWL MWORL. Anywaa never fund dat one so he gots a new onez. Itz green an blue an momma says an aqua color watever dat iz. Well heese kept dat onz. Itz gets noked offes and momma fines it an puts it bak on him.
Their Sister does not weaqr a collar. She iz what momma calls feral. She haz lived here all her life. since thay wuz 4 week old. momma han fed dem. She jus dont want to be touched let alone wear a collar. Sheese iz fines wit da res ov usses an iz tink dat she really duz luv momma an poppa but sheese dont noe how to let dem noe itz. Well ize tellz her allz da time dat ventulee sheed figurr outz hows toos lets momma an poppa noe dat sheese luvs dem.
Den dere iz Thor Heese dunt jus lose hiz collars, he destroys dem! weese haz watched hims chew the clip apart. Momma sez heeses gettin better atz keepin collars on. An heese not dishtroyin dem aneemore. Momma tinks dat dey come off wile heese tusslin wit Tara. Rite now heese haz a brown on dat heese seems toose likes. Heese haz kep it onz furr 5 daze. Dat is a big mewoweeza.
Az furr da res ov usses weese all keeps our onz. Maozer's came offs da odder day an momma foun it an puts itz bak onz him. She sed dat sheese tinks heese needz a new onz becuz da clip doan feelz right. Like itz nots catchin rite.
Everone else iz good tho. Our fearlesh leader Jake haz hd only 2 collarz in hiz 13 years. Hese hadz a black onz furr years and den onez days itz wuz gones, den momma gotz hims a purple ones. Momma's favrit color iz purple and heese hads dat ones ever since. Heese never takeses his off. Heeses feeles dat wood nots bee purlite. An Jake iz a Siamese after alls. Dey are always polite.

Well headbutts an purrs furr all.
Love to all my catster friends and their adoptive humanz.


Long nite aheadd.

February 22nd 2012 11:54 pm
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Well I haz spents the lasts few hourss sleeping on the back of mommases Reclinzer. I told everyonze about not sleepings unders dem. I iz a gud gurl ands onlys sleepses on the top or seat now. Now it iz times for myses hissters and Ize to ggo onz ourses nitely run. momma and poppa appreciate it so muches. Theys ares always yellings ENUFF! I dew appreicate when theys approveses. Foe dems thats knoes thats my hisster Mrs Kitty lost her collar in a dustup wit Thor, well her collar is still in dat placeses where collars goe. So momma iz going to gets her a nice new one whens sheses goe to the cats store. Kitty sayses thats sheses feelz nekid. I tolds hers dat sheses looks buutiful. Time foe usses to runz! Purrs to all. Dints forget to serinades at the top of the stairses in the midddles of the nite. Theys loveses dat too!

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