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Black Cats Matter

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Thank meow again Catster and furriends

May 17th 2012 10:38 am
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I celebrated my diary pick by popping some more bubbles, so we'll put up a new video in a little while. Mom has to finish her laundry & make her sweet tea for her cornbread supper. She might not live in GA anymore but still tries to incorporate southern comfort once in a while.


I have a step-sister and cousins!

May 13th 2012 10:55 am
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My mama isn't the only cat lover and cat mom in her big extended family. Her cousin has a cat, 3 out of 4 of her uncles have cats, and now her dad has a cat too! I sure hope they all join catster soon, meow!

My mom's mom loves me and likes cats but unfortunately is too allergic to have one. Her brother has a hamster that I'll never meet.


Congrats college grad neighbors & happy mother's day

May 12th 2012 4:57 pm
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Some of our neighbors graduated college today so there's a lot of commotion with parties going on, but they're all down on the ground level. Mom graduated a year ago tomorrow (didn't attend ceremony but has the degree) and had lousy weather at her grad party, and she couldn't even get a job as a local web developer which is what she learned to do! She's trying so hard to get her business going sooner instead of later but other things keep coming up and distracting her from the goal.

She just went to the local Pizza Hut with her mom & brother (it wasn't crowded like they feared, most parties are where the grads live) for an early Mother's Day. She gave her mom one of Taylor Swift's mother's day cards with a copy of the recent Lionel Richie concert from the tv. For my mom, I'll try not to hairball again soon and behave like I should. I might even give her a massage with my paws, I think she'd love that!


Hair ball in the kitty cube!

May 9th 2012 8:05 pm
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I'm shedding so much right now that it's getting all over the living room. Mom is going to try to stay on top of it by cleaning it up & helping to groom me more.

All that hair had to go somewhere, and it wound up in the kitty cube both as regular hairs that came loose and in the form of a hair ball. I feel much better now. Mama used baking soda & fabric+air refresher for the smell then promptly wiped it up with paper towels. The way I've been shedding lately and trying to clean it up myself I think we both knew it was coming.

If you have any tips to clean out my kitty cubes of the regular fur she'd love your advice.


Cat fail

May 9th 2012 10:13 am
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I tried to climb to the top of my cat tree only to try to catch a toy only to fall off. Mom wishes she would've had the camera out and she's having fits of giggles over it.



May 7th 2012 6:46 pm
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As an indoors only cat, it's easy to get bored despite the basket full of toys, tree by the window, condo, cat bed, and kitty cubes. Mom bought some bubbles and showed me how to pop them in the air so I gave it a try. I'm turning into a master of popping bubbles before they pop on their own, but there are always so many more than I can pop!

She took video of me going after the bubbles and took a still frame from it when I was about to get one!


Thank meow catster!

May 6th 2012 9:11 am
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Looks like my diary is being featured all weekend! Mama gave me another flavor of Fancy Feast to celebrate (I believe it's the cod feast). We missed out on the super moon thanks to the super storms. We didn't even celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but if we did we probably would have tried to play the popular card game Uno together.

Mama made herself chocolate covered strawberries and she won't let me near them cuz she knows chocolate is bad for animals. They're in the fridge to keep them good. There are lots of strawberries & chocolate left so she can make more.

She also got me a new set of toys with more shiny sparkly looking balls (similar to mylar) I love to play with and a twitcher that is battery operated and runs for 10 minutes when you push the button on it. It has a dangling toy and it's super fun to try to catch it! She puts it away when I'm not interested in it so I don't break the toy off the cord like last time!

Also thank meow to my furriends for the comments and messages.


What a night

May 3rd 2012 7:59 am
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Terrible storms, spider crawling in the window and me, a black cat. Mom feels like she was in one of those scary movies! Anyway the storm got real bad about 10 to 10:30 last night (so bad they called a severe warning) so Mom and I hung out in the bathroom until we learned that it was just narrowly gonna miss us but hit the next town where her mom & brother live. She slept about as bad as the first night I was here trying to get to know my new home.

She believes her mom & brother are ok but that the power might have gone out due to the storm. She always gets e-mail and hasn't yet today. There were others with tornado warnings again about an hour away, so she's relieved that did not happen here. That would have made her sick knowing it would have just missed us and gone down to her family.

It was still quite a sight watching it out the window. I love to be right at the window but mom thinks that's pretty dangerous so I watched it from inside my carrier from farther away. It started lightning again after mom laid in bed for the night so knowing what a goofball I am she put me in the bathroom without any windows. Funny how calm and great the weather can be between the storms.


So noisy!

May 2nd 2012 12:02 pm
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We dodged that bad weather yesterday that made tornadoes around us. Had it hit us we would've heard the storm siren just like the test an hour ago and would've sought shelter.

Minutes after the storm alarm test ended then it was time for the painfully loud fire alarm test that mom and I hate. She is very smart (like me) and got the idea to vacuum through it. I hate that vacuum and hissed when I saw it come out but I stayed put on the window and allowed her to proceed after moving things out of the way. She was already done with the living room when the alarm finally went off but she turned it on again and swears it helped her, I think it might have helped me too.

Of course we don't ignore the real alarms, only when they test them. Now that the monthly alarm tests are done and Mom is done vacuuming (for now, laundry break in that room 2 floors down) I'm finally curling up to take my cat nap. Mom thinks she might take one too since I woke her up an hour before her alarm this morning. I know she gets up at 9 but I think she should be up around 8, we fight about that.


Hot n stormy

May 1st 2012 3:39 pm
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The weather has warmed up drastically today and we're under a tornado watch until 10 tonight, that started at 3:00 this afternoon. So far we're fine, but we did have a little bit of small hail. Mom grabbed the camera and then I jumped up in frame for a closer look. It could've got worse so she shut me in my crate after filming for a few minutes just in case we had to take shelter.

The sun is out again already here but it's not so safe east of us. We're glad that we're gonna be fine but she's going out on Friday near where the bad weather is right now.

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