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April 27th 2012 6:11 pm
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Mom furgot to tell me she took a shower earlier so when I went to check out the shower stall my tail and paws got wet!

She's wearing her kitty slipper socks, they have sticky paw prints on the bottom so she doesn't slip on the hard floor parts.

Gotta go lick myself 'til I'm dry again.


Loving my home

April 24th 2012 4:19 pm
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Now that I'm used to being here I love it! I even stretch out on my own comfy bed more often now. Spring is here and I'm seeing all kinds of Cat TV life out the 4th story window! Mom keeps them closed now because we have air conditioning (with built in fan) for warmer days and she is so allergic to the outdoors.

Unlike other cats my mom knows, I sniff everybody that I don't know when they come in and rub against them if I like them. I'm a people cat. Her mom is allergic to me so I can't rub against her and she doesn't visit much.

Mom is planning to leave me with a friend and her 2 cats when she goes to a baseball game in June so we'll find out how we 3 cats get along. Mom will send my food (including treats), a blanket, the shirt she wore. She visited the boarding place today and decided the cat room is cute but really small, but they have giant kennel crates with shelves in them. It's right off the grooming room but they keep the cat room door shut so the dogs can't scare us. There were a few dogs there but no kitties. Mom worries about leaving me home alone because sometimes the neighbors' cooking sets off the smoke detectors and there could even be a fire!


New pics as purromised

April 22nd 2012 2:20 pm
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We just added the best of my new pictures, enjoy!


New pics coming soon!

April 22nd 2012 9:12 am
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Mama took some new pictures of me this morning. She has other priorities to take care of today first, but we will get them on soon. Maybe even a new purrofile pic out of them!


My diary featured again? Purrrrrrrr!

April 21st 2012 8:50 am
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The people at Catster sure enjoy my diary to feature it for the second time! Sure brightens this cool, rainy day for mama and me!

She's busy still trying to make sense of business plans. Web sites and graphics are easy, plans aren't as simple. She can't read minds either so she can't help anyone that won't tell her what they want.


Furriday the 13th

April 13th 2012 9:26 am
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Mama and I aren't total scaredy cats about today being Friday the 13th. I'm a black cat and I'm always in mama's path. We even opened an umbrella inside, how delightful! I hope you're having as lucky of a day as we are.


Its my half birthday

April 12th 2012 8:01 am
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I'm officially 1 1/2 years old today! Mama got me 2 kitty play cubes & a squeaky mouse bopper toy on a stand. Her half birthday is Monday.


New purrofile pic

April 6th 2012 5:37 pm
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I hope you like my new purrofile pic!

Just wanted to wish my kitty friends Happy Good Friday & Easter, and Passover as well. I don't have any bunny ears but I'll try to pose with the plastic blue egg (once I get the treat inside - yummy) mama has.


Purroud for Taylor

April 1st 2012 8:29 pm
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As my readers know for the past couple weeks my mom and I have been purrmoting Taylor Swift and helping her cat Meredith bring home the win. We are happy to announce that all the hard work has paid off and now we can relax 'til next time!

Mom is so happy she didn't even mind that I stretched up & put my front paws on 1 of the Taylor posters.

We hope to see a picture or vlog of Meredith Swift with the award asap!


Down for the count

March 31st 2012 2:26 pm
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Mama didn't feel too good this past week (she thinks it's a viral/bacterial infection), especially last Monday. I was concerned to see her laying in bed unusually early and running to the bathroom frequently.

I'm also not feeling like myself. I'm not interested in playing as much, I want to sleep lots and I'm only eating a little and I cough a lot when I'm done, so mama thinks I have a hairball. She put some butter on my paw last night that I licked off so we're going to give that a try before resorting to more drastic measures. We both hope to be feeling normal soon, but if not we're going to visit our doctors.

Mama also needs to go in for a dental visit, eye check up and lab work for her under-active thyroid she was born with so they know her medicine is working. She hopes it's the last one for a while, it's like getting stung by a bee over and over.

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