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Black Cats Matter

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Mom wants to trim my hind claws, hiss!

June 6th 2012 8:02 am
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She has a few scratches on her arms and a leg so she wants my back claws trimmed or at least dulled down. I'm declawed in front and she doesn't want to declaw me in the back so I can take care of my itchy spots, but she's tired of getting scratched (mostly by accident). She's gonna get me the emery cat for starters (she has nobody to help us with trimming unless we go to the vet again). A facebook friend offered to send her emery cat things but is laid up with foot problems and mom can't wait any longer, she's tired of walking around all scratched up!

I really don't like my back feet touched. I growl like a dog if they're touched! This means clippers and other things that require that probably won't work for us. She'd only clip the very end of the sharp tip off to avoid the quick, but I just prefer keeping my paws to myself. I squirm too much for her to hold and clip.


Mom is crazy about Kenny Chesney!

June 2nd 2012 10:59 am
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Mom is getting more excited because she will be seeing Kenny Chesney for the 15th time next month at the Twins baseball park. It will be her first time in the sand bar (the standing only pit area at the stage) and she will finally get to use her ticket she bought herself last Christmas.

She's so excited for the show that she's going to watch all the tv stuff he's gonna be on this month (and record it to watch again later when she has more time). She also pre-ordered his new CD (she has all of his previous work), 8 x 10 photo, calendar sets of 2011 and 2012 (she has Taylor Swift posters on display but has a collection of his calendars since 2005) and a new goldenrod tour shirt on the way. She even ordered the Billboard Magazine with him on the cover and feels the need to hunt down the new People Country magazine. The good news is she only paid for shipping on the CD, the rest was FREE shipping.

She paid off the pet deposit last month because she knew she would be buying things. Since Taylor Swift isn't touring right now, Kenny is her other love. She's seen Kenny, Tim and Jake before but not Grace.

I wish she could go backstage and meet him already! She got to meet Taylor Swift last year and she's the biggest name in music right now. Love her or not she is a superstar.

Don't worry, she still has plenty left for rent & bills to be covered and to restock my food when it gets low again.


Busy times ahead!

May 30th 2012 8:22 am
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Mom will be busy the next couple of months with a lot of things going on. First up is a birthday party at a friend's this Friday and she's gotta make the s'more pie again by request of the b-day girl. She's gonna take my blanket for her cats to smell me and bring something with her cats' smells on so I can smell them.

I brought a good sized plastic tupperware style container full of my old dry food when I moved to my new home, but it is empty and washed out now. Mom is going to fill it with ziploc baggies of my new dry food (I've been eating it just fine for several weeks), treats & Fancy Feast so it will be my on the go food box when I go out. That should make it easier for mom to take me and my food! Mom could never figure out what the old stuff was so she transitioned me to what she could find locally, I'm on the Purina Griller's Blend.

Then she's going to her brother's house warming party next weekend (already has the gifts stored in pantry to take) and spending the night while I sleep over with the friend and her cats.

Then she's going to a MN Twins home game on June 13 (a night game) and I'll be at the friend's again so mom can get her sleep when she gets home late. That's the bad thing about living 3 hours away from the city.

After that it calms down a little until July with the Independence Day parade & Kenny Chesney concert at the same ball park where the game is. Then local prairie days & the fair to end off a busy & eventful summer, plus all the monthly parties in the 3 season porch we can see out our window.

She doesn't know how she's gonna do all this and get business stuff done too!


Snuggling to keep warm

May 29th 2012 5:36 pm
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It's been a rather chilly day for late May, mid 50's at best and real windy. I'm cozy with my all over fur coat on but mom doesn't have the coverage like me and was shivering & sprinting down the hall because they left the windows open. She hopes the heat will be on tonight since it should be 30 - 40 tonight (that's in US Fahrenheit) so we'll be cuddling & snuggling to keep each other warm.

Mom also hates the cold because of her congenital hypothyroid condition. She is on medical treatment and constant testing for it, but still has trouble dealing with anything below 65 degrees (or slightly warmer but with a lot of wind and rain), plus the fact she grew up in the state of GA and is more used to a warmer climate.

PS Yes that is a new purrofile photo mom took of me the other day. I love watching the world from the window!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend

May 25th 2012 5:08 pm
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Since mom got together with the family last week at her cousin's daughter's birthday party she's not doing anything all weekend except keeping an eye on me and designing for a new web project she just started. She's pretty sure it won't pay but it's something for the portfolio. We're listening to the dude's music right now and it sounds good. She set it up so that admin can easily make changes to it online without her so it won't be as much work for her. I like having her attention and that's just not as easy with the old fashioned HTML based sites she has to update all the time.

We're in for more heat & rain, maybe storms this weekend. We hope your weekend goes better than ours. It looks like rain is on the way here again now so the windows are all shut, but I'm still able to look out through them. There's a potluck on Monday at lunch time so she's gonna make a s'more pie for dessert - graham crust, chocolate pudding pie filling & small marshmallows on top. Should be yummy for the people allowed to eat it, I already know I won't get so much as a lick of it.


Finally a sunny day

May 25th 2012 8:00 am
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It's rained all day the past 2 - 3 days so mom had to keep the windows shut. Now the sun is out & the window is open (with screen) so I can enjoy seeing and smelling the goings on from our apartment!


Rain, rain and more rain

May 23rd 2012 5:16 pm
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It's been raining a lot today, like nearly all day today. We've had about an inch and a half. There were some storms with lightning & thunder so Mom made sure I stayed away from the window. Things are quieter now though we still get showers frequently. We're probably going to get more rain tomorrow and Sunday too.


Gotta love a liquidation sale

May 20th 2012 1:11 pm
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Our local Pamida store is soon converting to Shopko, so today is the first day of the liquidation sale. Mom stocked up on 25 lbs more of my litter, a lot of food for me and a laser with changing shape heads. It feels like Christmas! We're only going to use the laser after sun down so we don't wear it out so much like my other one.


Still can't accept new furriends

May 18th 2012 10:11 am
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I just tried and I'm so sorry but still having error when I try to accept new furriends. :(

I hope you enjoy the new extended version video of me popping bubbles. I go all kung fu now and get as many as I can!


Sorry furriends in waiting

May 17th 2012 4:08 pm
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I'm getting errors when I try to accept my new furriends, so I'll try again tomorrow.

As for the previous post, mom currently lives in MN but still has deep roots in GA since she's lived there most of her life. Eventually she hopes to move back within a 30 - 60 mile radius, maybe try out TN! We love country music so it would be amazing to live at the TN-GA border. Mom misses going to concerts frequently and often and only gets to go to 1 - 2 per year as the nearest ones here are 2 to 3 hours away when she used to drive 10 - 30 minutes.

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