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Mom's home!

June 14th 2012 11:40 am
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And I can tell she's tired from going to the game last night. First she had to take a little bus from the apartment to her mom's house then they had to drive 20 minutes to the town where the charter bus was waiting to go to Target Field for the Twins vs Phillies game. It was a 3 hour trip there and she didn't get to her mom's until 1:30 this morning, then storms & noise at the farm co-op next door kept interrupting her sleep. She was just too tired to make it all the way home until late this morning.

I was real low on food in my dishes by the time she got home so we're gonna see if the aunt can check in when she's gone to the concert. I only have 3 dishes for water, dry food & wet food.

Now she won't be gone like that again until July 8 and is looking forward to better sleep.


While mom is away the cat will play

June 12th 2012 4:19 pm
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Due to my hiding and shying away at the friend's I'll be home alone tomorrow when mom goes off to the Twins game 3 hours away and won't be home 'til sometime Thurs morning. I'll have food, water, my cat box, a/c on low with that curtain open, and the radio on low.

Mom is gonna leave treats & toys scattered around for me to practice hunting, take that toy mouse! MEOW!!! She's also laying down the law that I can't have any furriends over, no partying with the neighbor pets, no making a big noise or mess. She'll leave the noisy pop cans out (empty coke cans with tabs in them) to remind me of where I'm not supposed to be (like counters & closets) but otherwise I have full run.

Mom was way overloaded up for her brother's party so she's taking as little as possible to go to the game and will be sleeping at her mom's when they get back after midnight, since she left her air bed stuff & a gown there.

She got the spare keys & they're with an aunt now so next time she's away longer or locks herself out she won't have to call 911.


Home sweet home

June 10th 2012 9:38 pm
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I'm finally home! I was hiding real good in the living room closet at the friend's. Mom knew if we waited long enough and she took my favorite kitty cube that I'd be drawn to it like a moth to a light.

Mom doesn't wanna put her friend or me through that again so she's gonna demand some extra keys and leave my food & instructions on top of the fridge for whomever stops in to check on me when she's not home.

There's no bus this time of Sunday night and mom don't drive so it's a good thing she's got a cousin old enough to drive but not old enough to drink just blocks away to come to my rescue tonight. Mom set out a mini buffet of Fancy Feast tuna, my dry food and water which I'm currently enjoying.


Still hiding

June 10th 2012 5:06 pm
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I've got my red collar w/ bell & tags on it. Mom is already spreading the word on local facebook pages for radio, newspaper & library. My tags & microchip have my current home information so I hope I return there soon and so does mom!

She hopes I'm back before she goes to the game on Weds and then I'll just stay home with someone to come make sure I have food & water. She's still thinking of boarding me when she goes to the concert. She knows I probably won't like it but she'd rather have me in a controlled environment.


I'm so winning at hide & seek

June 10th 2012 10:41 am
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I'm never going to the friend's house again. I'm just so stressed that I didn't eat and now they can't find me. Mom has super awesome photoshop skills and I have my red collar with the tags and I was microchipped in case I ever slipped out.

Mom is either gonna take me to the boarding place with the cage or leave me home with her aunts or cousin coming to make sure I have food & water & don't make a big mess. She's gonna ask the office for more keys, she didn't like calling 911 when she locked herself out the other day.


Packing up

June 8th 2012 7:44 pm
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Mom got her backpack filled up with what she'll need this weekend while she's not home. She doesn't wanna leave me home alone in the 90 degree weather without a/c or a fan, so I'm gonna stay with a friend and her 2 cats. My tupperware container is packed with my Fancy Feast, 2 flavors of treats and a baggie of some of my dry food I eat at home. I'll be there tomorrow night for just 1 night but I'll be back Tues & Weds night so mom can go to the Twins game with her mom on Weds night. I'll be home again from Thursday until it's time for the big concert a month from today.

My nails got trimmed today at the vet so I won't scratch anyone until they grow again. I only have them on my hind feet.

We do have a/c and fans (and heat for winter) but mom has to control them with switches for them to work.


All done

June 8th 2012 12:56 pm
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I was so anxious about my nails getting clipped on the back feet (I'm front declawed) that I wouldn't even hold still for the vet to hold me and clip. She had to hold me up in the air and have someone else clip. Mom's willing to try it again at home if she can get someone to hold me while she clips the tips. We were done in minutes.

I also get to hang with her friend and her cats Tuesday night and Weds while she goes to the game. Her friend has to work until later in the afternoon and the bus leaves too soon. I know we're gonna miss each other a lot! She's gonna sleep in a T-shirt tonight that she won't mind sending with me so I can curl up on it.


On da catnip

June 8th 2012 9:58 am
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Since I'm so touchy about my back feet mom gave me some catnip to eat. It helps to calm, soothe and relax me when I eat it so I haven't been attacking her for just touching my back paws. She thinks she's found the key to future clippings/filings at home. Give me some catnip & scritchies and I'm happy to cooperate!

She's gonna give me some more before we head to the vet so I won't be as stressed.


Thanks catster & weekend out

June 7th 2012 5:30 pm
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Thanks again to catster for featuring my diary. I hope my furriends enjoy it.

Mom is gearing up to go to her brother's first house for the party on Saturday. It is gonna be HOT outside and she won't be home to run the a/c for me so she's taking me to a friend who will kitty sit me for the night. She will return Sunday for me but will leave spare food there because I will be going back on Wednesday when she goes to the baseball game.

She copied down what time of day I eat my little variety of wet & dry foods & treats. She made sure to add that I don't like my back feet handled or my tummy touched. She also added her cell phone # in case her friend needs to call her.

We just hope everything goes smoothly and the 2 resident cats accept me at least short term. I understand there is a younger kitty with playful energy so I'm sure we'll be romping around together!


Pawsitive about the emery cat so far

June 6th 2012 3:32 pm
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Once mom got my new emery cat home & set up with the cat nip & toy I started sniffing at it & playing with the toy. I'll have to get used to the feel of it when I run my paws over it but I think this could work for us.

She still set up an appointment to take me in for nail trimming at the vet. She doesn't want her friend and her kitties to get scratched by me.

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