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Black Cats Matter

Decent weather at last!

May 21st 2014 12:01 pm
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The grass is green, the trees are blooming and mom is sneezing if she forgets to take her allergy medicine (mainly allergic to the pollen). She's glad to finally get out on her bike on the better days and went out to lunch at DQ. Seems like she barely gets to the grocery store for herself anymore since her mom is busy babysitting so much and still working part time at the dollar store. The so called helper staff don't come around as often either.

My mom is flying south in a couple weeks for a 5 day vacation. She's never been away for more than 1 day at a time since I moved in with her. She's taken great strides to prepare by buying a lot of my favorite food & special Fancy Feast flavors. I have an auto water dispenser that is filled with tap water from the kitchen sink, a dry food auto feeder and dishes for my canned food.

I prefer being home so I'm staying home. Her local family will take turns caring for me while she's away. I'm so pampered that she's typing out a 2 page brief guide about my usual day & other important stuff about the apartment (curtain open while a/c runs, not automatic etc). She has also included a checklist so whomever comes each day can check off the completed stuff.

She's considering keeping me in the living room/kitchen part of the apartment so I don't shut myself out of the bedroom/bathroom and temporarily relocate my litter box (7 day odor control litter) to the living room. All my furniture/toys are in the living room.

She's going to contact the vet later this week to let them know the situation and leave payment information with them in case anything happens.

Mom will be staying with her uncle in GA and he has 3 cats so when she misses me she can pet them.




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