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Black Cats Matter

Pawsome news!

March 15th 2014 8:39 am
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My mom went to her appointment with a mental health professional a couple days ago. She took the photo book from our 1st year together and the therapist definitely thinks that I should stay right where I am! We want to move up to the top floor of this apartment building on the same side with the view of the backyard asap because we have nowhere else we really can go.

Mom has been crying hysterical tears of happiness that I must stay and hugged me. We listened to "Stay, stay, stay" and "You belong with me" (Taylor Swift songs) and I got treats to celebrate.

She would have gotten the process started sooner if it hadn't been for the emergency gallbladder removal. She had to walk by those same surgery doors (and pre-op room) to get to her appointment and she swears her stomach hurt all over again just remembering that.

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March 17th 2014 at 7:52 am

The lady she went to see also has cats so understands its nice to have someone to talk to since we're on our own. This week is less busy (mom was only home 1 - 2 full days last week) so she'll be at home cleaning through the big storm tomorrow. HUD inspections are on Thursday.

She ate too much junk this weekend and wasn't feeling well yesterday, so no more triple sweets back to back for her with no gallbladder to help.




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