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We're ok

August 6th 2013 4:30 pm
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We went through a really scary storm a couple hours ago that had a tornado warning on it. At first we were gonna hide in the bathroom, but then mom decided to go to the stairs instead once it went from severe storm to tornado. We didn't even stop to look at it we just went for cover as fast as she could get the both of us down low as possible in the stairs.

It's clouding up again with a tornado watch still on for the next couple hours so we're being cautious and keeping up with the weather. The cable got really fuzzy after the storm passed (it dropped hail) quickly. There was a funnel cloud but it didn't get all the way to the ground.

Mom washed her dirty dishes earlier before the storm and ordered herself a pizza. Seems like every year when the fair is coming to town it just has to be nasty weather.




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