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Oh-MEOW-gosh scary tornado sirens

April 18th 2013 5:55 pm
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This is weather safety week (ironically it is snowing today) and today they sounded the scary tornado siren twice. It's too cold for a tornado now but a warm up is coming soon.

For the early one mom and I spent a few minutes hunkered down in our bathroom. She hunkered down like a school kid over me in the dry shower stall and when it was over we resumed normal life - and she gave me treats.

The 2nd one was an hour ago. Mom had me in my Thunder shirt and had the harness on over that with the leash attached. Mom grabbed me and we took a short trip in the hall to the exit stairs (elevators wouldn't work in power outage). I've never been out of our apartment without my carrier so I wasn't sure what to think. We stayed in the landing between the 3rd and 4th floors (5th is the highest floor) and I hid on the stair under her legs. I tried going back up to the door but the leash wouldn't let me. She coaxed me back down and put me on her lap where I started shaking/purring so much she could feel it. We came back up and she gave me more treats.

The phone rang a few minutes before the drill but mom didn't know the # so ignored it. She will not talk on the land line in nasty weather due to lightning causing many problems in her past. We are glad the drills are done now (there's a fire drill coming at some point) and hope that there are few if any tornadoes. I like to sit in the window and watch and she's not going to let me when we have warnings.




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