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Black Cats Matter

Cough cough *HAIRBALL*

February 23rd 2013 6:37 pm
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I had a couple "hairballs" within the past hour. Mom grabbed part of the paper she gets every Saturday & set it under me and allowed me to get them out without making a mess on the carpet. She just cleaned the other day and I hairballed a couple weeks ago as well, so I got a prompt and thorough grooming with hairball malt treat. I also took a refreshing sip of water from my dish, she put fresh tap in it for me.

She's still trying to get it out of her head so she can have a few Oreos & milk.

The day wasn't all bad, we played a while in the early afternoon when I was all revved up and hypurr. I was chasing the laser on the wall and fell into my cardboard box! Mom burst out in a major fit of the giggles & had to wipe tears from her eyes.

And I got to inspect a purple toboggan sled. She noticed the snow covered mini hills in the backyard so since spring doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon (and her bike is still stashed away) she's gotta do something fun. Now that the arctic air is staying where it belongs she'll try to get out on it in a few days when the weather stays consistent.




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