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What a day!

January 27th 2013 7:28 pm
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Mom caught up on cleaning the apartment. Then she took a break before rearranging the living room. She finally got rid of the recliner just last night so she had to clean up loose fur that was under there first.

She still has the swivel rocking chair so she moved that to where the recliner used to be, and bought a fold down ottoman, so now she can decide when she wants to kick up her heels. She was fighting with that recliner forever.

Anyway she thought the media shelves with movies should be located next to the tv, so first she moved the decor & book shelves out of the way. Then she moved the media shelves where she wanted. This took so long to do with taking everything off the shelves, placing them and then placing things back on them. When the media shelves were done she took a breather and then put the decor/book shelves where the media shelves used to be in the corner of the living room and arranged them.

In between the shelves she placed my kitty cubes, toy basket and other things I like to play with. She calls it the kitty corner. My sleeping arrangements have been moved into the bedroom, I eat on the floor of the kitchen and use my box in the bathroom. I just can't go in the pantry, bedroom closet or on the counters.




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