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Black Cats Matter

New purrsents!

December 18th 2012 11:12 am
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Mom got a little package in the mail today from another fan of Kenny Chesney. She sent the Taylor Swift Christmas CD (mom already has it but will keep it as a spare in case her first one ever wears out) and a pet stocking filled with new purple toys & catnip just for me! She put them on the floor for my prompt inspection & took some photos so she could tag the friend in them on facebook.

I've been so excited about my new things that I've been running around in the living room for the past half hour making mom laugh & giggle. She put some of the things away in my other stocking 'til next week so I'll get everything then. She plans to set the stocking on the floor & have the camera ready while I dig in to the rest of my gifts!

Mom needs to eat her frozen pizza supper within 4 hours and be ready to take a little ride around town to see the decorated houses. There's a bus coming to take some of the apartment residents around this evening to see the lights so she's excited for that.

Tomorrow is an off day so she's going to make her shopping lists for Thursday after the 2nd graders & give & take happen. She doesn't know whether Friday will be the last day but signed up for the yummy fish lunch that day that is brought to the building and will be cleaning this weekend.

The tv is off because we need a break from the constant tragedy in the news. Mom assumes it will hit her the hardest after the class of about 20 2nd graders have come & gone so will have tissue in her pocket.




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