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Black Cats Matter

Black Cat Furiday

November 23rd 2012 7:28 am
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Mom isn't one of those crazy foolish people that goes shopping today. She got out of bed almost half an hour ago. She'd rather stay in with me and stay warm. We've been watching the snow fly out our apartment window. Just a coating, nothing too awful yet.

She's got plans to catch up on cleaning & laundry today. We haven't shared a holiday season (Christmas) together yet so she's gonna set up the tree without decorating it to see if I'm gonna do anything. It's surrounded on 3 out of 4 sides so she'd just need to secure it to the wall. She saved an empty tube from a paper towel roll to slip over the end of the light string and she has unbreakable ornaments she can put on higher branches. The ssscat will be under the tree and noisy cans on the furniture around the tree. The tree is a fake as well as the poinsettia.

She has a few cornbread muffins & brownies leftover so she's gonna brew some sweet tea after cleaning and enjoy a little southern comfort.




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