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Strategic planning in place for tomorrow's cooking

November 20th 2012 3:47 pm
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Mom is starting to strategically plan for tomorrow when she'll be in the kitchen to make a couple contributions for Thursday. First she plans to put her hair up in the hairagami bun and cover it up with a hair net.

I cry if I'm in my crate while she's busy in the kitchen so I'll be hanging out in the bathroom while she's busy. She's going to try to keep her clothes clean since she's making a couple different things she will be contributing to the holiday meal with her extended human family who live in the area. She does not want hair from either of us to get into anything, and will be storing the finished results safely to deter me from taking any samples.

She's gonna order out for pizza tomorrow so she'll have something to eat in between the cooking.

Thursday she'll just get up as usual, give me some Fancy Feast turkey & watch the parade & have some toast. If her cousin's kitty isn't hiding she'll spend a little time with her.

This is our first Christmas together and her first ever with a cat so she's going to deal with the decorating thing as it happens over the coming weekend.




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