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DDP and a sink hairball

August 30th 2012 7:56 am
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Thank meow for the DDP honor!

Mom shut me in the bathroom a couple nights so she could get rest. She volunteered the other day with preparing bags of food for starving children all around the world. Yesterday there was a purple party in the indoor party room because it was too hot to do it outside. It was a farewell party to 1 of the apt staff members so there was cake & ice cream. Everything was purple and attendees wore purple. Today is give & take so mom is gonna take a couple things she doesn't want and see if there's anything down there she does. Tomorrow she's gonna catch up on cleaning since she's feeling better.

I admit that I got in the bathroom sink (despite the ring of pop cans with the tabs inside surrounded it that were supposed to fall over & make noise when bumped) and now it's not draining right. Mom has notified the apartment office yesterday and is still waiting for the fix. She taught me a lesson that water comes out of the spout into the sink and soaked me. She can barely use the bathroom sink right now so she's glad the kitchen sink works, though she'll probably have that looked at too.

The caretaker is looking for blockages in neighbors' sinks at the moment and pulled a hairball's worth out of the bathroom sink so mama isn't very happy with me right now. I'm in my crate now so I don't get in the way & interfere with what's going on. I'll probably get treats later on though.




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