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Putting the Thundershirt to the ultimate test

August 1st 2012 11:28 am
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Today was the first Wednesday of a new month which means super annoying tests of the tornado siren and fire alarm. The fire alarm came first and caught us both by surprise then the tornado siren. Mom had the Thundershirt on me and had me in the carrier (she has to do that when either goes off for real). Once the fire alarm went off I moved a little but didn't cry, I just looked around confused about the noise. Same result with the tornado siren. Thundershirt kept me much calmer through that and we're going to put it to the ultimate test with some more things I don't enjoy (vacuum, fireworks next Thurs, maybe go to vet for back claw trim or at least show mom how to do it on her own at home). They're still working on the upstairs apartments so she's leaving the Thundershirt on me until the noise is done for the day, she saw how that affected me.

Once mom's ears feel better from the noisy mayhem she has business to tend to.

Purred by: Dusty (Catster Member)

August 5th 2012 at 7:36 am

It helped me with the fire alarm & storm siren tests and through the unpleasantly noisy stuff going on upstairs. I don't care if it storms but mom put it on me during a 30 minute severe storm and cooped us up in the bathroom away from the intense lightning. Today she's gonna put it on me while she cleans and see how I do with the dreaded vacuum. She's also gotta put it on me Thursday night for the fireworks show (county fair is why there will be more). Then she'll put it on me and carry me down in the carrier as if we're going to the vet to see what I do.




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