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I'm in trouble

July 17th 2012 7:42 am
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The other night I got up on the dresser & knocked some unbreakable stuff off, then last night I got into the forbidden pantry where she keeps food, cleaning stuff and stores other things in there. Wow is she mad at me, considering crating me in the bathroom in the dark tonight for the past 2 nights of mischief! She can't do anything about the pantry door & tried leaving noisy pop cans in front of it but I got brave (or stupid) enough to break through that barrier. She's gonna talk to the caretaker and find out what she can do to lock it up that won't take too much out of the deposit.

Update: Mom put her 2 5 lb free hand weights in front of the single bi-fold pantry door and she has difficulty opening them without moving the weights, and since I weigh about 10 lbs she thinks (and hopes) that will prevent me from entering. She's considering putting a baby gate in front of the door if one will fit so the door won't open when I rub it.




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