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Scary fireworks!

July 14th 2012 8:41 pm
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Mom knew this was the night they would be shooting fireworks at the fairgrounds several blocks away for prairie pioneer days. I'm indoors only so Mom wasn't about to take me out. We're high up enough that we could see the sky ones and once they started I got really scared so mom shut me in the bathroom and enjoyed them. She's thinking of putting me in the bathroom all night (we only have 1 in our apartment) so I can return to normal. There won't be anymore fireworks until the fair next month and she'll put me in the bathroom a few minutes early.

She sure enjoys watching those fireworks with air conditioning, no bugs, weather, or smokers around. She's going to need ear plugs or loud music from her mp3 player at the parade tomorrow so for the sake of normalcy she's gonna take her player and blast loud music in during the emergency vehicle part of the parade. She can't wait for a pancake breakfast at the fire hall!

Mom is thinking of getting me the Thundershirt for the next fireworks show and to trim my back feet claws (front declawed). She'll just have to manage with ear plugs & her ear buds n mp3 player, we are so alike when it comes to loud noise. We don't mind if music is turned up but everything else sets us off.




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