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Black Cats Matter

I'm off punishment fur now and we took photos

June 26th 2012 5:30 pm
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I was a little too amped up at 5:00 this morning (Mom nearly got out of bed to put me in the bathroom to calm down in the dark). I pulled the blanket covering the good chair halfway off, knocked down the tension rod with towel (sewn on) off the window under the a/c and made some noise. Mom doesn't think I need to see out each of the 3 windows in the living room, and if it weren't for the towel on the rod the afternoon sun beats in 'til sunset and makes it harder to cool our apartment in the summer. I was in my crate (except for eating & going to my cat box) from 9 am to noon for all the trouble I caused.

She's gonna resort to leaving my cat bed on the chair since I'm not loving it again lately & will be taking the towel & rod down from the window at night. She tries to play with me before bed but I don't always feel like participating. We cuddle on the recliner with the tv on.

I got a notice about a July 4th photo contest so Mom set up some patriotic props on the re-covered chair and I sat there with all of it for a brief photo session followed by a tasty treat!




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