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Black Cats Matter

DDP and storms

June 17th 2012 7:06 pm
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Thank meow catster for the feature and my furriends for the support.

Mom went to the movie this afternoon at the theater. She went out the back and was attacked by a crazy insane psycho bird that kept circling and diving at her. Good thing she's too big for that crazy bird to take her, she came back through the front side of the building and saw that stupid bird attacking another person out walking. Wonder if its got a nest nearby or what.

We just rode out a severe storm in the past couple hours. No tornado but still a lot of wind, hail, rain, thunder & lightning. I'm too brave and I scare mom by going by the window so she crated me and we stayed in the bathroom together.

Apparently we don't have hot water in our building 'til the plumber comes tomorrow. Mom can't wash the dishes tonight and will have to wait for it to be on tomorrow to get underway with the cleaning. She's considering DQ for lunch.




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