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Black Cats Matter

While mom is away the cat will play

June 12th 2012 4:19 pm
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Due to my hiding and shying away at the friend's I'll be home alone tomorrow when mom goes off to the Twins game 3 hours away and won't be home 'til sometime Thurs morning. I'll have food, water, my cat box, a/c on low with that curtain open, and the radio on low.

Mom is gonna leave treats & toys scattered around for me to practice hunting, take that toy mouse! MEOW!!! She's also laying down the law that I can't have any furriends over, no partying with the neighbor pets, no making a big noise or mess. She'll leave the noisy pop cans out (empty coke cans with tabs in them) to remind me of where I'm not supposed to be (like counters & closets) but otherwise I have full run.

Mom was way overloaded up for her brother's party so she's taking as little as possible to go to the game and will be sleeping at her mom's when they get back after midnight, since she left her air bed stuff & a gown there.

She got the spare keys & they're with an aunt now so next time she's away longer or locks herself out she won't have to call 911.




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