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I had to go out

July 27th 2012 9:53 pm
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My momma decided that it wuz times to chek onz our wates. Well everyone wuz ok cept meese. I had lost wate again. I tinks Iz looks great but momma worries bout alls ovs usses so sheese gots meese pointment wit doc J.. Momma sed I cants tells wat hiz reel name iz. Iz cans tells yu dat momma reely likes him soos off iz goos toos da stabby vet place. They sed I lost a pound an seemed a little de-hy-sumptin. Dey kept pulling my skin up. I hads enuf wit that. I climbed up on momma and sat on her shoulder, an faced da wall wit myz tail wrapprd around her neck. Momma held my tail like a leash to "keep me in one place" she sed. Nows Iz knoes better than to leave my momma when Iz ize here. I ams safer on her than anywhere. Nots dis time. Dey gots meese an wells dey stuk a very pointy neeeeedle in my leg. I did not likes dat ats all. Momma wuz rubbin my hed an wuz tellin meese dat its wuz ok. Excuze meese but it iz mys leg dat wuz stabbed. Well dey cheked furs alls kins ov tings. Diabetes, ty-roid, an a hole mishmosh of tings. I am a little anemic but dat iz all. Dr J asked momma ifs Iz wuz bein pushed away frum my fuds Sheese tole hims dat dere iz always food outs fur usses to eat. Momma sed she wuz gonna make sure dat Iz gets a speshal feedin so dat iz all gud fur meese! Den dey figurred out dat Iz prob haz a tooff dat my be boderin me. Soos now ize hazto go next week AGAIN an gets my teefs cleaned. Whats wit dat? furs yu tells meese I gets extra fud jus fur meov wich Iz hilee aproves, den Iz haz to go get my teef cleaned????? I ams never getting on dat scale again.


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Purred by: Pipo (Catster Member)

July 28th 2012 at 4:05 pm

Oh, Dear!
Hope your leg is all better from the stabbing incident...and that the dental goes well...and that you get to eat and eat and eat...till you are all filled out and plump! MOL!
Purred by: Jake (Catster Member)

July 31st 2012 at 10:19 pm

Hi Pipo, Momma haz bin givin meese pate cat food fur da lash few deyz an it iz wunnerful. I luvs wet stinky fud. I cant eats aftur midnite tonite becuz im havin myz teefs done tomurro. I amz not lookin furward toos dat. MROWL. I'll let you know how Ize am after everything iz done. mrowl mrowl pruus.

Purred by: Jake (Catster Member)

August 30th 2012 at 3:53 am

I ams sooo behind in myz messages. I hads 2 teef taken out and I ams oks now. myz lab ars ok But Ize is still loosing weight. I do eat. Not like I used to but I am eatin. Momma iz gonna have me scanned to be sure that dere iz no prublins dat cant bees seen. Momma wuz worried bout liver disease. She had red bout hows kitties stopped eating an went into liver failure. I am still eating just not a lot. we'll let u know how I am after the scan. My momma is really scared. She loves me a lot. I try to keep her happy by purring at her and keeping her happy. I gots sardines in tomatoe sauce on sunday.yeah.see how it all goeshave a scritch an a headbut on me Mrowl Mrowl
Purred by: Pipo (Catster Member)

August 30th 2012 at 7:18 pm

Minko & I are purring that all will be well..and that you start to EAT!!

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