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April 8th 2013 10:15 pm
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Tink started this tag game. If you would like to play, copy the questions to your diary and put in your answers.

1. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY CUTE.

Wen my momma iz sleeping, sheese keeps her arm aroun meese. Sheese sed sheese doos dis cuz Poppa moves toos much ins his sleeps an wud crush meese.

2. Describe one thing your pet pawrent does that you think is REALLY LAME.

Sheese always lets Sam ours dog toos sitz nex to hers onz da couch. Sheese sed its becuz Mimi terriorizes him.

3. Describe the one thing your pawrent does dat you REALLY love.

My momma kisses meese on my head and I keep pushing my head up to get more kisseys. I love wen my momma gives meese kisses on my head.

I am tagging anyfur who wants to play!
Dis wuz fun. com on gang join in.


a wandering we went

March 28th 2013 9:30 pm
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Hi alls. Ize jush hadz toos lets eberyones knoes dat weese jusht went onns anodder vacashun. Momm sed its wuz catually jusht a weeksend away buts weese wents furr a bery long time inda car. Mush hab bin 2 millions howler. Alrite, momma sed ize iz eggsagurratin. It wuzonlee 2howlers. Sam myz dog wents wit usses toos. Momma sed dat heese wud misses hers toos muches soos sheese tooks him wit usses. Heese iz reely prettygud ns da car. heese dint ges siks or nootin. an heese wuz gud in da rum. heese went outside to goos potty. I'm glad i don haffa goos outside to potty. I iz purrlite an usses my nice little box dat momma gots fur mee fur travelin.
Well weeze hads a grate time. Sam an Ize sleeped in a giant king sized bed. Momma sed hees wud put our pikture on catster when she gets it to da puter. Weese lets momma an poppa sleeps ins it toos. Poppa decided to sleeps on da wrong side an dat mades Sam confused. course the wind blowin makes him confused becuz affer all heese iz a dog. Sam izs ussd toosmomma sllepsing on da right sides ov da bed an poppa on da lef. He decided to sleeps on da right an Sam sleeps next to momma on da right soos heese don bother poppa. but wit poppa on da right Sam had toos sleeps on da left an doggies don takes well toos change. heese kep tryin to sleep on momma's right. and poppa kept telling him to move. Itz wuz funny affer a while. Momma called it a comedy routine.
An Poppa kep closin the blinds in daroom. I spent hours ebery nite telling him heese needed to open them. I mean really loud. I am a Siamese affer all an I can raize sum noise wen I want toos. He kep dem closed an kep telling meese to bees quiet. i jusd iggsnurred hims affer alls itz iz myz vacashum.
Sam an Ize had a great time an had neat snaks. I eben gots a new dish. It is likes dat cat on TV eats outa. Da fancy feast cat. I find it acceptable.
Momma sed I ams gonna goes on morestrips wit hers an poppa. Sheese sed sheese reely likes habing meese wit her. I lubs being wit hers toos. Sheese iz my momma affer all.
I cants wait till da nex times.


Happy Mew Year

January 3rd 2013 3:39 pm
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Ize just wuz reedin broder Zeus's Mew Year Message. Ize agreez wit tankin da Divine Kitty furr all da gud tings dat weese haz ins ours liveses.
Fur myself Ize had a human long ago who liked meese as long as Ize wuz a leetle baby, but wens i gots to bees a big kitty sheese dint want meese anymore. Momma found out that Ize needed a home. Momma wanted meese right away. Wens Ize gots toos hers houz sheese Hugged meese an tol meese dat sheese lubbed meese an Ize wills neber haz to wonder ifs sumones lubs meese agin.
I haz a wunerfurrl furrmily. An eben da dog is good. Heese iz my furriend.
I wudnt changes myz life eber. Tank da Divine Kitty.


Merry Catmas

December 25th 2012 5:52 am
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Ize haz not had a lot of times ins da lash few weeks to send any messages to my furends but lets meese wishes youse allsa very happy catmas. Hopes eberyones got eberyting dey wanted.
Loves youse all frum da Jakemeister and all myze broders an hissters


Hi Hi Hi HI Hi!!!!!!!

October 31st 2012 7:34 am
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Mrowl mrowl mrowl. Ize iz soos exslited. Momma was able toos usses Poppa catputer so Ize is able to says Hi toos alls myz furends. Momma Needs to gets herrrs tingy fix-ed. I dontz knoe wares toos sturt. Ize feels likes itz haz bin furever sins I mrowled anyones.
Marowl! Wells I tink da lash ting I tole anyonez wuz wat a grates times Sam an Meese had ons ours Trip. Momma iz still tellin anyonez whose will lisen toos her howl goods weese wuz. An weese wuz gud. Wen momma wuzn drivin Sam an Meese wuz curled up together on momma's chest. Wen sheese wuz drivin I stayed in her seat rite nex toos her an Sam slep wit hiz hed in poppa's lap. Weese haz a big SUV soos fur meese toos sit nex toos momma itz ez. Momma cawls it a fullsized truck. Ize am still tiny soos itz likes I toooks ups no rum in hers seat at alls. An sheese had my harness on meese so if fur sum reason a window or door opened, den ize wud stil bees safe an restraand, Sam Toos. Momma iz crazy bout usses beein safe. She haz neber traveled wit ones of usses kitties wit her. So sheese problee oberdid it a bit butz dats ok. I gots toos goos on a trip. Dat wuz cool. Well weese gots home jush fine an alls myz broders an hissters gaves usses a gud sniffin wen weese got homes. Ize don knoe ifz dis iz howl dey alweys dood wen dey goos away buts weese did haz fun. Dat wuz almos a mundt ago.
Momma haz had dr J weigh meese bout a week ago. Sheese sed dat sheese tout I wuz heavier an I dint feel az bony az I did. Ize haz gained almos tree qarts ov a poun Ize iz almos 6 pouns. Momma iz so pleezed. Sheese wuz soos wurried bout meese. Sheese sed Ize iz not "out ov da water yet." I most certenlee ams mot in da water. Sheese mush bees cunfused. I knoed dat sheese iz feedin meese gud stuf. Yummy. Alls kinz ov seafud patees. I ates 2 whole cans yesherdey. An I can stills eats wateber Ize wans ov da dry cat fud toos. Poppa tout dat da oderz kitties wud bees mad dat Ize iz gettin speshul fud an den beats meese up. I dont tink dey are mad. Momma alweys makes shures dat eberyonez gets speshul snaks. An I tink dat dey knew dat I needed extra fuds. Dr J tout dat dey wuz pushin meese away frum my fud butz Itz wuz dat myz teets hurtz an momma had dat takens cares ov an I really likes wet patee bettrn dry. I donz like sliced or chunked fud needer. Alls I doos wit dat iz lik away da gravee.
Wells allz Ize iz doosin is mrowlin bout fud. Ize haz oder ting toos talks bout toos. It sheems dat Sam haz mades furends wit mur of my hissters. Mrs Kitty Catualee licked hims da oder dey. An sheese haz been sheen shleepin wit her head on hiz rump. An dey play together. Heese jumpz arun likes a fool dog doos an shees iz thumpin hiz silly hed. Momma watcheded dem da oder nite an dey kept it up fur wat sheemeds toos meese likes hours. Momma sed it wuz onlee 15 minates. An Tabitha Is alwayz brinin Sam his toys ats nite. Sheese iz playin momma an heese iz jush spoiled. I done tink MIMI is likin hims dou. She beat the stuffins outa him on mundey nite. He tried toos steels my fud wich heese does all da time an momma always stops him, but, it seems like Mimi wuz in a bad mood or sumtin. She went afer him an kept wackin an wackin him. He tout she wuz playiun at furst den he figgureds out on dat sheese wuz gonna tear hiz tail off an beat him wit it. He had a lot ov scratches wen heese finalee came cryin fur momma toos saves him. He is bigger den her an cud have hurt her butz momma sed it isnt in him yets, heese still a baby. He climed up bhine momma an wuz sittin on her shulders soos sheese wud purtekd him. Da onlee oder ones ov usses dat really got mean wit Sam wuz Thor. Dat wuz Sam's own fault. Heese wudn leave Thor alone. Tuesday nite Thor was guardin da cat's fud bowl, The haves started doosin dis soos dat Sam dont eat dere fud. But dey don tink its a problem wen dey steels his fud. Mrowl mrowl. Anyways Sam started agga agga agga in at Thor an Thor was growlin an he started hissin. Momma tole dat fool he'd better stop buts heese ignored her. Thor started stalkin Sam. Ebery hair on Thor's body stud strate up His tail wuz in full fluff. He chased Sam back an forth thru da house. Sam tried to hide behind momma an Thor wasnt lettin Sam off da hook till he taut him a lesson. Thor didnt hurt Sam but made sure dat he wuz scared. Sam wuz cryin like a little girl puppy an haz left dere fud alone fur now. I gotta goos nows I needs toos let momma up soos sheese can feeds meese agin. An Sam wants hers to send eberyone an awoo awooo from him.

Purrs an headbuts. Mrowl mrowl an a MOL.........Da Jakemeister sign out fur Now.

OOOW OOOW I meant to say tank yous to eberyone whoose congradulated ne on DPDD. It really means a lot fur yous guys to send messages. Ize ize reelee apreeceeate ur ahahppy thoughts.

Also Mimi, Tabitha, Mrs Kitty an Muggs zn Thor an Maozer sed tank you for da happy birthday an gotch day wished. You guys are all Kool Kats.



October 17th 2012 12:17 am
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Mrowl-mrowl.-I-knows-itz-haz-bin-ways-toos-longs-since-Ize-h ad-a-bit-toos-ywol-bout.Momma's-keyboard-iz-malfunkshunin-an -she-sayz-hers-spacer-bar-aint-workin.Dat-iz-whyz-sheese-is- writin-wit-deese-dashmarks-.Soons-as-sheese-gets--dis-problu m-fxed-ize-will-catch-usses-alls-ups-on-da-lash-days-ov-ours -vacatshun.---takes-cares-an-amrowl-mrowl-mrowl.


DAY 3 I cans get used toos dis.

October 6th 2012 9:38 pm
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I means reelee. Dere iz no odder cats here toos steels my fud. momma dont lets dem but I cans haz it out all da time an munch when eber Ize wants toos. Sam an Ize iz learnin toos likes each odder. Momma an poppa went out fur a bit an wen dey came back weese wuz asleep in da chair all curled ups togeder. Puleese don tell Thor. Heese will makes fun ov meese. Momma sed tomurro weese goos home. I wills bees bery glad seesin my broders an hissters speshalee Isis an Tara. I reallee misses dem. Dis times tomurro Ize wills bees in my bed at home wit allsmy furmily. Dat will bees a good ting.


Day 2

October 5th 2012 10:51 pm
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Weese hads a gud nite. Momma gots ups early an feds meese again an walked Sam. I haz a window toos looks out, an dere are 2 chairs fur meese to lay on toos. Sam got chased by da Chi wawas next doors. Dey came running out wen momma brout him in frum his walk an pinned him against da wall. He wuz scared as a leetl gurl. Mrowl Mrowl. Their daddy chased dem in an heese pologized fur dere rude behavur. By dis time Sam had climbed momma's leg an wuz shakin like crazy. He iz jush a baby aftur alls. If dose dogs keep boderin my dog I mite haz to teach dem sum manners. He's a pest but he's my pest. Weese din't goos nowears today. Jush stayed in our room an napped an played an ate. I like Vacation.


travel time

October 5th 2012 4:16 am
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Mrowl mrowl. Momma an poppa hads toos goos aways dis weeksend. Momma sed sheese cudnt leeves meese home becuz I need speshul feedin soos shees wus takin meese wit her, an of course she took Sam wit her toos becuz heese a baby an wud misses her toos muches. Dis wuz a loooonnggg ride ins da car.
Now Ize doos nots likes toos goos ins da car. Ebery times dat ize haz been in da car i wines up at da stabby vet place an gets a needle. I done wants no needle so Ize aints goin. I watched as sheese wuz gettin ready an sheese buyed me a new carrier. Sheese sed its wuz an "AMERICAN TOURISTER" it was a blak meshy one dat iz liter to carry shees sed. an it had a shoder strap soos she could have sam's leash and stills haz a hand free. She puts ones ov my favrite towels in an tried to convince meese to gets in buts Ize figted back. Nots well enuf buts Ize dids try. Well sheese got meese in an zipped it up. an Ize wuz ready like one ov da suitcases. I started compurainin rite den. I wuz also wearin a harness like da dog's harness. Now wats up wit dat. All myz broders an hissters wuz watchin. dey wudnt come close in case dey gots snatched up an bagged toos. Dat silly dog was ready toos go tho. Heese had his leesh om an wuz runnin all ober da house sayin heese wuz goin fur a walk.I tol him its was mor n dat. but heese silly an don lissen.
dey got eberyting in da car an momma browt Sam n me out lasht. I got sat on da backseat an he sat wit momma in da front. They stopped soos dey could get fud an drink stuf fur peepl an den we wuz ons our way. I wuz sure dat Ize wuz gonna wind up at da vet place but afur a wile i knew dat wuz rong. We wuz travelin at nit toos. likes wen peepl shud bees sleepin.
Momma had walked Sam rite befur weese left. an sheese sed dat sheese had a box in da car fur meese. I cud smells nice cleen litter. Mal always gets toos da litter as soon as momma does da boxes an dis one wuz neber used an it wuz a new box. much smaller den our nurmal boxes.
momma picked up my carrier an lets meese out after weese wuz "out of heavy traffic" momma sed. She hooked a long leash ons my harness buts I wuz able toos walks aroun in da car. Its a big car. Momma sez its a Tahoe. an Poppa calls it a truck. Dere is windowa alls aroun. Neat. youse can sees eberyting. Sam jush sat on momma. Id come ocatshualee an sits wit her but I wuz startin to enjoy dis adventure. I had toos goos back in my carrier wen dey wud make stops. It wuz pretty chilly out soos momma sed dey cud leeves usses in da car wen dey stopped to eat. It wuz nice cuz mommma hads fud fur usses toos so weese wuz eatin wen dey did. an afur dey ate momma walked Sam an dn weese gots on da road agin an lets meese out soos I could stretch an use my box. I wuz beginnin toos like dis travel ting.
Weese furnally gots toos war weese going in da afternoon. I wuz sleepin on Sam an momma. I hads to goos back in da carrier an get cheked into a Motel. Dats like ur hows buts jush da bedrm an bathrm. Momma brout my box in furst an gots all da bags an tings in befur sheese let meese loose. She opened a new can ov fud an foun me a place in da bathrm on dis long counter up high soos Sam cant gets mys stuff, an sheese puts out fud fur Sam an water fur both of usses.
Sam got out once an went wandrin down da hall an momma hads to coax him bak. On da hole I gotta says I likes travelin. I gets toos stay wit momma. ize always wondered wat dey dids wen dey wud goos away fur afew deysn nows izs knoe. maybe sheese will lets meese goos away wit hers agin
ize wud luv dat. weese is goin tood beds now an dis bed iz way bigger den ours at home. Ize cans still sleeps next toos momma. Priceless.



September 26th 2012 11:11 pm
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Well I gottsa says dat Ize iz feelin better. Momma haz been givin me wet fud 3-5 times a day and poppa says day I looks less scoffulus. Momma says I feel like ize haz a bit more meat on myz bones. Sheese feeds meese wet fud an I gets snaks toos. I gewts at leese 1 full cat of Pate fud ebery day. It iz divided up into small meals so ize cans eats it and nots oberlode my belly. Momma feeds me in the cat carrier soos no ones like Sam can steels my stuf. Momma haz fixed the carrier soos dat Ize can get inand sheese puts my dish down an closes da lid an den wen Ize iz done all Ize haz to do iz push the lid up and slink out. If I haz left anything it will be there fur later. Pretty good system ifs yew askes meese. I ams soos glad dat weese were able to figure dis out. momma is so much happier. Sheese wuz getting
ready to syringe feed meese. I don knoe dat I wud likes dat toos much. Ize wants toos tank alls yews whoose haz sents meese good wishes. Weese are still going day to day buts I am eating likes a champ. Love an headbuttz to all.
Da Jekemeister iz in da building!!!!

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