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Life in my new home

Mom's better

May 3rd 2012 12:04 pm
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Yesterday my humom and hudad went back to her doctor to have her surgery checked on. Thank cat they were only gone for the day. Her doctor is out of town. When she came home, she was able to walk a little without the extra 2 legs, she calls crutches. I got some good snuggles after she got home. She is making good progress, but still has to wear the bid foot, called a boot for at least 3 weeks. That means she can't drive, so she stays home with me and Yeti and Meh-Teh. We like that.

Humom made catnip filled baby socks for us. That was fun for me and Yeti, but Meh-teh wasn't too interested. Right now we are all having naps to rest up for more play. Have a good weekend everycat!


Changes at home

April 22nd 2012 9:27 am
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Welll, my sistercats Yeti, Meh-Teh and I have had a crazy few weeks. First my humom and hudad left us in the care of our uncle and aunt and went on a "business trip", whatever that is. We had fun with our replacement people, because they brought their baby along. She is like a big, furless kitten.

Then our humans came home and I snuggled my humom while the sisters punished them by being aloof. I preferred the snuggles. But, after being home for just 4 days, they again put that "suitcase thing" in the car and left again. They were only gone one night this time, but humom came in smelling awful and with 2 extra legs...she calls them crutches. She had something called Achilles surgery and now can't walk. I am spending all the time I am allowed snuggling up with her. I know she will be better soon because of my care! Meh-Teh and Yeti snuggle her too, but I know my snuggles are better.

I'll let you know how she gets along, but right now, she needs snuggles. Have a good weekend all you furries!


Bad day

March 14th 2012 6:19 pm
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Today was a bad day. My sister Yeti went to the vet for a surgery and my big brother Cozzie
Crossed the rainbow bridge. Humom says he is happy now, but Meh-Teh and I miss him. Humom planted flower bulbs around his grave to bloom this summer. Yeti should be home tomorrow. We will have to be gentle with her for a few days. tomorrow should be better.



February 16th 2012 8:41 am
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My 1/2 sister Meh-Teh and I celebrated "Spay Day" yesterday by participating. We are still a little sore, but so glad to be home. I am currently curled up on my humom's lap purring. Meh-Teh is here too. She is sleeping. Big sister Yeti is glad we are home, too. She thinks we are her very own, live squeaky toys. The vet glued funny soft things on our front claws while we were asleep. Mom says it was easier on us that way, but I keep spreading my toes to look at them. They look cool! Odd that they don't bother me. Now it's time for a nap again. TTYL.

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