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"A gift from our wonderful friend Rory and his beautiful family. Thank you so much."

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A beautiful present from our good friends Tundra and Family.  Thank you.

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"A beautiful present from our good friends Tundra and Family. Thank you."

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Rainbow Bridge
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November 18th 2011

September 18th 2011

Orange Tabby

Alfie loved our grown up Bengal Cross - Dave

Arrival Story:
Alfie was a lovely little ginger tomcat which my husband acquired from our vet. They had a litter of kittens about 4 days old with no mother that someone had found in a shed back in September 2011 and they were lovingly hand reared by the nurses. Alfie was beautiful and was the first kitten to find a home. We brought him home from the vets on 18 November when he was 8 weeks old. At 11 weeks old he went back to the vet for his first part of the vaccinations. He was a delight, an absolute mischevious terror and brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. I have always had cats/kittens and have 2 adult ones, but none have been as adorable as Alfie. Alfie had a 2nd visit to the vet on Christmas Eve for his 2nd dose of vaccinations, but was a little under the weather so the vet gave him an antibiotic jab and some antibiotic tablets. He did not improve and by the 27th December I had admitted him to the vets for observation and blood tests. He had started to slow down and was not very playful. He wanted to sleep all the time and was eating very little. They took some blood samples and said it was possible he had been born with a liver shunt (portosystemic shunt). He was referred to Davies the Vet Specialists hospital near Barton Le Clay for Tuesday (yesterday). In between his visit to the vet and to the hospital yesterday Alfies little tummy became very big and he promptly went back to the vet who gave a mild diuretic – this was the day before yesterday. Alfie was admitted yesterday and underwent several tests, blood tests, ultrasound of his abdomen and a sample was also taken of the fluid in his stomach. The diagnosis today which could not be 100% came back as Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) which is impossible to diagnose without tissue sample and Alfie was too ill. After much discussion, crying and a whole load of pain we made the decision to let go with love and not prolong Alfie’s life just to ease our pain. When we visited him at the hospital today although he looked a bit perky and was trying to cry his meow was rather weak and pathetic. I held my fingers up in front of his face moving them up and down and side to side, but he did not follow them with his eyes. Both my husband and I are absolutely devastated as we love little Alfie with a passion he was with us just 6.5 weeks. It was an extremely hard decision to make but we feel we made the right decision. Alfie was born on 18 September 2011 and died today 4th January 2012 he was nearly 16 weeks old. I have read and learned much about this disease over the last few hours and I know that Alfie had the best of care from both my vet Aston Lee Vetinerary Surgery in Newport Pagnell and Davies the Vet Specialists. I truly believe that there can have been no other outcome for Alfie and that to try to prolong his life would have been selfish. Rest in Peace Alfie because you were loved and you brought so much happiness into our lives. We would not have missed out on your short life for the world.

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My Diary

Dear Alfie

January 19th 2015 12:23 pm
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I just wanted to write a short note to let everyone know that Flossie has fully recovered and is back to her normal wobbly self. She is beautiful and it took a while for her to recover from the virus she had. She spent 4 days asleep and I had to put little bowls of chicken under her nose to get her to eat and make sure she used the litter tray.

It took a little while for her to get the strength back in her leg muscles so that she could once again climb stairs. Everything she does involves far more effort than regular cats because of her condition.

She's a little fighter and doesn't give up when she can't do something. It takes her a long time to learn to do something, but once mastered is never forgotten. She sure could teach a few humans a thing or too.

Goodnight little Alfie and thank you for watching over Flossie.


Dear Alfie

January 4th 2015 1:06 pm
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I can't believe that your Rainbow Bridge day has come around again so soon. Three whole years have passed since that devestatingly, sad, tragic day. Yet this morning I never thought about it until I had an email from our wonderful friend Rory and his family. They sent a beautiful picture to remember your day. I was so sad that I hadn't thought of you this morning. It is unusual because I still think about you every single day. Not a day has gone by since you took your journey that I haven't thought about you. Not always sad thoughts sometimes funny, sometimes fond but sometimes sad.

Today my thoughts have been preoccupied with Flossie. She isn't well at all Alfie. She has a virus. I took her to see our vet a few days ago and she was under the weather but wasn't running a temperature so he told me to keep an eye on her. I took here back a couple of days later. This time she was running a temperature of 103.9 and he gave her a penicillin jab and told me to bring her back the next day. I took her back yesterday and her temperature hadn't gone down and he has now given her a course antibiotics. She has to go back tomorrow. Because she is a Cerebeller Hypoplasia kitty she has difficulty with her motor skills and wobbles a bit. This virus is really taking it's toll on her little body.

She has done amazing things over the last year. She forgot how to climb the stairs and never did it for ages but then she remembered and she was off again. She never came down the stairs but she went up. Recently she has learned to come down them too. You can just tell she is really pleased with herself. She climbs all over the place and nothing seems to bother her. She's learned to jump off the sofa and land without falling over. She can't walk fast, but she can run like the wind when the mood takes her. She is beautiful. This virus is really debilitating for her. She can hardly walk and she is struggling. Her body just stiffens and she falls over. She's gone off her food, but I've managed to get some boiled chicken into her and some of the liquid that it was cooked in. She's had cat milk and this morning she wanted some of my toast and butter. BUT she really is a very poorly little girl. Alfie, you will know what I am thinking. I am terrifed that she will be taken from me like both you and Buzz were. I can't stand the thought of losing another one. I am scared Alfie, very scared.

Freddie has also developed a cough and he will be joining us on the vets visit tomorrow morning. He seems fine apart from the cough but I really don't like it. I don't like it one bit.

Alfie, I am so very sorry this is a sad diary full of doom and gloom. Tears are flowing as I write. Some for you, some for Buzz and some for Flossie and Freddie. I keep telling Flossie how much I love her and that she mustn't leave just like I did with you Alfie when you were leaving. I wanted you to stay so much but you couldn't stay. It hurt so when you left for the Bridge. Now I worry that I might have to go through it all again.

I will write to you again with another update soon Alfie. Hopefully it will be a happier diary.

Goodnight sweetheart. I miss you every day.

Please God, don't take another one of my babies.


Hello Alfie

November 18th 2014 1:25 pm
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Today is your Gotcha Day. I wish so much you could be here sharing it with us.

I have had a happy day today Alfie but there is a tinge of sadness lurking in the background. You are so missed and I don't think that will ever change. It's days like today and your birthday that I think about what you would have been like all grown up. I expect you would be much like all our other kitties, magnificent.

There are 5 of them Alfie. Ollie and Dave (your bestest furriend) they were both here when you came and then there are Freddie and Flossie (the twins) and Boo. Boo had a brother, Buzz, but he sadly left us for the Bridge too. I like to think of you two playing together.

When you came it had been so long since we'd had a kitten in the house. Ollie was 14 and the youngest of 4 cats who had left for the Bridge one by one. Dave adopted us and he and Ollie had been good friends but had decided that they would only tolerate each other after all. Then we added you to our happy little band. It was 14 years since we'd had a kitten in the house and you were so much fun I couldn't believe I had left it for so long. I think, without realising it, I had been waiting for that one special kitten. The one that just melts your heart. By the time I brought you home we were both so smitten with you. Dave adopted you like a tiny little brother and Ollie, well Ollie was just disgusted.

Our furmily has settled down and I love all the furbabies, but we have the special one Flossie who had Cerebeller Hypoplasia and struggles on a daily basis to do normal things. She manages so well and is an absolute inspiration to all of us. She has just recently learned how to come down the stairs at 17 months old. She is a joy. They all are, but she has stolen a little corner of my heart all to herself. She is the baby of them all and the one that I have to take extra special care of.

You will never be forgotten Alfie. You touched our lives Alfie and you made way for so many other kitties. We love you. It was a priviledge go be chosen to be your human.

Sleep tight little one.

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