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My first day

MEz brave kitty...NOT!

February 3rd 2012 5:05 pm
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Momma: Andy get out from under da couch.
Andy: NO!
Momma: Baby, come out now.
Andy: Heza gonna eat me....... (Whines)
Momma: What?
Andy: Dat beast... heza gonna find out Iz here... and he's gonna eat me!
M: What beast? Do you owe a zombie money?
A: No.... I saw a picture of Leo.
M: Where?
A: On the xmas cards... on da end table.
M: Oh... so?
A: He a big beast!!! He out dere somewhere... and he gonna come back! He will be pissed I'm your baby now....
M: um... mammal... Leo is gone... I think a coyote morselled him.
A: Youz don't know dat!
M: well no one advertised for a lost beast....
A: Was dere a body?
M: Eww beast... NO! That would have been awful.
A; Den dere is no proof. Go get my morsels and put dem under dis couch.
M: Hell, no... you be a man and come out and get your morsels like normal.
A: (Whinning) No... he's gonna get me!
M:( reaches under couch) Baby you are shaking.
A: Yeah, I scared.
M: Oh... give me a huggy.
A: I hungry...
M: Let's go get snacks. I want you to know that Leo was a very nice beast. He was my only kitty that had other kitty friends in the neighborhood. So if he comes back, it will be ok. You will have a friend to frolic with. But I don't think he is coming back.
A: (thinking) I is sorry that Leo went missing. I would be sad if I lost my best friend. Especially to an evil dog decendant. (sighs) I guess I will be safe.
M: Of course, little runt. I will always protect you. You fight zombies... you can defend yourself!
A: Yeah, But I wouldn't want to hurt your kitty.
M: True.
A: So I guess it will be ok. Iz on vacation from da zombies. They strong..oh I need to get a new stun gun... aw... I have to fill out da company form for it... mez forgot.
M: Well, then baby needs to do that.
A: Yeah...
M: Time for Tuna.
A: Yipee!


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