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My first day

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December 29th 2015 12:53 pm
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Well mez survived my xmas alones. mama had to goes to North Carolina, so mez was left at Happy Cat Hotel. It were oks. At least I wasn't stuck in a cagie... I had some room to perch and play. Da hooman were nice there too.

But mez happy iz home with mama now. She gave me some xmas presents yesterday. Very fun. I will get more for my gotcha day on 12.31.

Haven't heard from any of my furs.... I miss how Catster was befores. No one comes heres anymores...

( Stares at screen sadly.)

Wells Merry Christmas and Happy Mew Years!

Andy da Kitteh.


Summer is still heres

September 4th 2015 3:36 pm
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Still hotties. Mez enjoyed watching all da animals outsides dis summers.
Right now mez snuggled with mommy on couch. She is typing for me.

well da flight is booked and mama is going to look at a special cat hotel for me to stay in tommorow. So I won't be playing under the xmas tree this year! So sad...Mez doubt they will even put it ups. That my fav thing about Christmas. So insteads I get to be in a strange place for five days. Mama said we will have party time befores and afters.

She's not happy about its. But she never sees da small screaming things. And time goes by so fast. So she is going....

mez will enjoy times with mama up until thens. den I will bitch wail the whole way to da kennel when the time comes. she will feels so bads...ahha haah



August 19th 2015 6:17 pm
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Summer is almost over and the mama is back at work! She was petsitting alot but we snuggled. Mez heard her and da grandma talkings and the granny wants to go to NC for xmas. I hear da momma and doesn't want to leave me over xmas. She likes mez with hers! I feel loved. But anxious that mez might bez in a kennel for many dayz. Mama doesn't want mez to goes.

Sighs... the drama of life.

It's very hotties in dis house. Our ac downstairs broke and we only have an ac unit in a window upstairs.

Andy da kitteh



January 1st 2015 8:39 am
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So it seems that if shelters get an unknown pup or kitty in, they automatically proclaim dem as being three years old. This did not help my cause. Mommy and probably other hoomans thought mez wuz mature kitty. I WAS NOT! Mez was all da housie... on table, counter, tv,,, Playing with my toys. Chewing and teething.

So Mama brought me to the vet... My first visit.... She said this baby is chewing everything... he is not three! Meanwhile I am in the vets sink, going in the cabinent. Vet said... uh, yeah he doesn't have that old man look in his facey, like my three year old male does. So he probably one and half. And was a big for being a kitten and they got confused. His teethies look about that... not three. As muchically.

So mez wus brought back about a year and a half. Mama changed my bday to July 1oth. We celebrates the much fun gotcha day on Dec. 31st. We had a blast yesterday. Mama made a cute video of me and we relacated all days on couch. She is off until jan. 4. Very fun.

Mez would like to thanks all da well wishers, Wez feel loved.

My whole cat family and I would like to wish everyone on Catster and dogster a Happy Mew Years. Let's hope good luck and health will be rung in.


Everthing goods

April 11th 2014 5:42 pm
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Helloz all my kitteh friends. Haven't heard from anyones. I hope everyone didn't abandone us to other forums. Probablies.

Well, my mama had surgerys in feb. She was home for three weeks. it was nice. But mez avoided he for a while. Wasn't sure why she was home and she smelled differents. But towards the end I wuz cuddling with hers.

mez feel warmer weathers coming. yeas... but mez still can;ts goes outside. Sucky.

Well I must go do my drive by... while yelling MEOWWWW> like something is going on....

hee hee


animals in da bed

March 18th 2014 4:30 pm
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There was an article from catster on Fb about letting da kittehs sleeps in da beds with da peeps.

hmmmmm... right nows there are so many stuffed animals in there, I don't even want to hear how I hog da beds! Mommy has never really complained. I don't excessively bathe, or move around. Sometimes mez wake hers up and whine early. Or I do kneedies and stab her with an occasional claw. But mez wonders how many goggies and kittehs sleep with their hoomans


Oh boys...

February 18th 2014 12:35 pm
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Catster will be staying. I guess all da grumpy furs gained up and complained. Ugh... sorry mez wuz napping probablies. Mama says websites are alot of work and money. So she understands. But we were heartbroken. We love the furs here.

Wellz dat dat... spared..saved ... rescued...

Well we are getting ready for da mommas surgery. She will be in for maybe six hours. dat shocked me. But oks.... this could be interestings. or just a pain. I am in my rocking chair having some me time. I will be on cuddle partols major.

Andy da kitteh.
boy nurse.


Happy belated mew years everybody!

January 15th 2014 4:09 pm
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So... mez been resting it up. Had a nice break with da hooman. Mez went to pa to meet da grandpa for da first times. He patted me and den I was whisked off up to the bedroom that mez and da grandma and mommy were sharing. I got to see da small hoomans again. They keep trying to play with me and pat me. I hid under da bed. It was fun!

I got prime rib and turkey, cat nip, new laser toy and bouncy ball that I promptly lost! Here at home though.

so that was that. Then new years we stayed in. Mama might have to have minor surgery. So wez hunkering downs...

Hope all da furs are doing wells. I wish dis was more like a facebooky. da hoomans laugh at all the pets posting deres. facebooky was trying to kick all da pets off. They seemed to have backed off.

purrs and chirps for now

Andy Da Kitteh



November 22nd 2013 5:24 pm
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So mezs like some people food like... hotdogs, bacon. Mez attack mommy for those. I like a marinated steak called flank steak and I have tried chicken... da hoomans are having dere turkey tomorrows. Da granny is leaving and momma might be going to her friends for da day or leaving me fors a night. I will not like it!!! But she might stay home... I hopes so.

otherwise, I have been playing with all of my toys and sitting with mommy. nothing new. The other hooman is now retired. SO I am not alone in the day so much. I still like it when momma comes home though. Mez wait for hers.

Well, that;s all. I haven't been on since summer. Bad kittY!


Yea mez three today

July 10th 2013 8:08 pm
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No mores kitty..... mommy disagrees... she claims mez still kitty acting. But I know she wouldn't want a boring kitteh.

She already gave me new catnip sacks and toys earlier on in da summer. She said she might get me another surprise. Mez can't wait.

Otherwise, I has been on cuddle patrols. Mama was very six for about 5 days. Luckily, she did not have to got o the hospital.

I have found a new delicacy- June bugs and ants. NOM NOM NOMs... very crunchy and nice.

I hope all da kittehs are having a great summer. I am going to try to stop in the barbeque that the No longer alone group is having heres dis friday and sat.

Right now, I hope mama will be settling down soon, so I cans go sleepies. Mez tireds.

Andy da snuggly beast.

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