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Diary of a Mini Dragon

Thank You!,

December 4th 2012 9:23 pm
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Dear furriends,

I am so honored to have been chosen to be diary of the day!!! Thank you to so many kind furriends for helping me to celebrate with kind pawmails and rosettes!

Sending kitten cuddles to all my furrriends!




Little O

December 1st 2012 7:51 pm
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Dear furriends,
Little O as everyone may or may not know is not such a little O, although he like to be called that because he thinks if he's a 'littleO' he is small enough to be the perfect size for cuddles. Of course momma says he's the purrrrfect size exactly how he is!! Anyway, Little O has not been eating very much he was telling momma that the food smells yucky and he didn't want to eat it. Momma went crazy worried scaredy and took him to the v-e-t. I am trying not to say that very loud 'cause when little O hears that word he starts crying even though he is 5 years old already! Anyway,the good news is that they didn't find anything after a bunch of tests. More good news is he's eating MEOW mix. The bad news about that is that he's supposed to be eating less fatty foods (did I say that!!! I didn't mean it little O!!!!!). Momma doesn't know yet if he has an actual appetite or not yet, if it has returned since he is actually on an anti nausea, plus appetite stimulant medication.

So I am asking all of little O's furrriends please purrrr for him to be back to normal. None of us kitties like momma being crazy worried scaredy!!!!




Happy Howl o ween!!!

October 31st 2012 9:09 am
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Happy Howl - o - ween to all of my catster furrriends!!

It has been awfully quiet around here. Maybe everyone is having some howl o ween fun making it spookier!!!

Have a happy Halloween and stay safe. purrring for all kitties to be safe and snuggly.


Theo - post operation

May 24th 2012 11:18 pm
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Hi Theo's catster friends,
This is Theo's momma.

Theo had his 'operation' almost 2 weeks ago. The week after was a bit rough, as having pain medication and wearing a soft ecollar was hard on my little man. He decided he didn't feel good and didn't want to eat one day and of course I panicked! His vets are the best, luckily after a day with no collar on he came around no problem. He's back to being Theo, a loveable teenage muffin boy, who is a sweet mushy baby when he's not busy being a teenager!!!

he loves his brofur, his sister, and his momma!! :)


Thank you so much!!!!

April 29th 2012 9:15 am
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Meowsiieees!!!! Momma gets up this morning and tells me I'm a diary pick. I asked what does that mean momma???? Momma says you are being honored today little man! Meee, just a little kitten, who hardly knows what to say in my diary! Little me!

What does a little guy say in a diary? Let me think!

Well, momma is finally learning the proper ways of cuddling, smooshing, and kissing me. I learned yesterday maybe I should not try to bite little O on the neck, that sometimes he doesn't always appreciate that... How's that for kitten wisdom!

Thank you so much to Smiley Cassanova and Angel Buddie for sending me congrats and letting me and momma know that today is a special day for me on Catster. I am so honored!!!! And thank you so much to Angel Rufus for sending me a shrimpie and for giving me good advice about being special, and thank you to Tate for an adorable little ladybug to chase around and for his concats too!

And I got a new furrriend today! It's nice to be a diary pick!

Thank you to all of my catster furriends for all of your kind words, and for always saying kind things that have helped momma to feel better. Me, Lily, and Little O can only do so much MOL! just kidding, we all 'work' very hard to keep her smiling, and you all bring a smile to her fact too.

Kitten cuddles and kisses, and now for a nappy!



April 23rd 2012 11:20 pm
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Dear Catster furrrriends!


I'm back!!!! I mean I'm here! I mean, momma can now type better for me because she has a better computer and internet! Meowwwwsiees I mean mousies???

Momma says that I'm turning into quite the little cuddlebug. I want to be just like my big brofur who is a big cuddlebug... I wonder when I will turn that orange color???



2 Weeks!

January 2nd 2012 2:53 pm
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Hi friends!
It's been over 2 weeks since I joined my new momma and brofur and sisfur. It has been quite an adventure! I love playing with my fur sibs although momma says they don't understand their size! She says Orion is like 7 times bigger than me and Lily is like 4 times bigger than me (well that's rounded up MOL!!!) Me and Lily have fun playing with the feather toy and laser toy. Sometimes Orion will join in, especially with the laser. He loves that! I love following Lily around, and cudding near her, and occasionally momma puts me near a big sleepy lion (orion) and we cuddle. I gave Orion ear and head cleanies today, and momma says he melts like butter when any fur does that. Maybe when I'm 1/4 his size he won't seem so big MOL!!! All he does is lay on his back and get cuddles from momma. Then momma picks me up and smooshes my head and kisses me and I say awwww momma!!! I love you too!

come to think of it, I like head smooshies!!!




December 25th 2011 12:14 pm
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Hi! I'm Theo! I'm a mini dragon!

Okay, not really! MOL!!!

Well a long time ago, for me at least, there was a very very bright light. Three kitty angels surrounded me in heaven and told me that I had a new mission - to go and take care of a nice lady and two big muffin kitties MOL! One angel had brown fur and stripeys, one angel had black smokey furries and the third angel was grey and white. They said their momma cat needed me and that there was a little orange boy that needed cuddles from me too, and a big fuzzwhop of a girly muffin that needed a playmate.333ggujm. (last 8 characters typed by theo and not his typist - I think he is trying to say that a 3G network would be preferable to dial up!!! he's a very smart one!) Then guess what?? I cried out and had a very very beautiful kitty momma with silver sable tabby stripeys and patches like me! She said that she and her momma would take care of me until I would go and stay with my forever momma and family.

Before I knew it, I got to meet my forever momma and a cute orangie and a big fluff bunny girly muffin.

Well, I'm the new mini dragon around town. Orion is a mini lion and Lily is a fluff bunny. I've got a dragon riding on my back protecting me from those big muffin bugs. Momma says that I will be big enough to show them who's who soon enough but in the mean time momma keeps picking me up and giving me lots of kisses! And I love momma, and Orion, and even Lily blossom!

My favorite thing to do is to eat, well and to play, and to cuddle, especially with momma, I mean Orion, I mean Momma, I mean Orion, I mean momma MOL!!!! And Lily too!

Mewwwwwy yawns..

nappy time!


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