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Phoebe oh Phoebe

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Back to Catster!!!!

February 17th 2014 12:18 pm
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.... Hellooo everyone i am Phoebe and i think you know because you are reading this right now on my page!!! :) well... i am sry i haven't been writing this in a loooonnngggg long long long time!!! well i have a instagram called this_cat_phoebe i just got today!! durp!!! bye!!


hi ho he ha hi its MEEEEEEEEEE AHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 14th 2013 7:31 am
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.... Watzuppppppppppppppp??? i satyed home from school today and tomorrow because my mom SMASHED my HEAD in the refrigorator but i am ok i got a headache though that sucks :(:(:(:(:( MANNNN!!!!! oh and thanks for the DPOTD!! aka:( diary pick of the day ) when i got on here this morning i was soooo shocked!! i had 14 paw mails WOWZAAAAA!!!!!! u can see me and my sisters on youtube @ hitedj1 yep thats it hitedj1 i


i am in my classroom!!!

February 5th 2013 9:51 am
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.... Hi i am Phoebe i think u know because u r on my page anyways reading this diary sooo i think u know me well! i am in my classroom in school at recess and my sister Brooke is at my other sister Julies house getting babysat right now today is only tuesday and that means i have 3 more days of school i HATE school haha yeah ! i meant ( i love school ) that was just a lie well bye i have to leave because its the end of recess bye!!


i am sick eewwww!!!!

January 25th 2013 4:00 pm
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.... I am sick eeewwwww jk hahahahhahahahahahaha man i am sick of sugar daddies hahahah bye short one but true


Thanks Tabatha and other for dpotd ( Diary Pick Of The Day!!- )

January 24th 2013 7:39 am
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.... I just wanted to say thank you guyes for the awsome treats and ummm i cant think of the name of the little picture things with the note hidden in it !! well anyways THANKS !!!!! i wish i could meet you all cat to cat but nope i have a new channel on youtube called (Hitedj1) u can hear my voice hahahaha or u can go on google and search Hitedj1 and go to photos and look at meeeeeee!!!!! hahahahahhahahahahaha i am soooo funny oh my gosh ! ha ! i crack myself up !!!!!! well sense i am being good my mom said i can have alittle time on my computer! yeah woo hoo :) i love catster!! well bye this was short because my mom called me for lunch !! bye !


I am turning 13!!! jk!!!

January 18th 2013 5:51 pm
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.... Hey guys !! it Phoeb and i am turning 13 tomorrow !!! jk! i am actually 9 haha!! funny right !? ha huuu!!! man i am a teenager tomorrow my mom said ( Oh Phoebe u r growing up sooooooo fast u used to be my LITTLE GIRL!!! what happend to her ?! ) Sooooo i am probobly going to be grownded tomorrow ha !! and my birthday is not acually tomorrow its on Sept. 3, 2002 bye !!


Hi Bye

January 17th 2013 7:42 am
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.... I kind of wonder if Tabatha is sick because she is 16 and 1/2 years old and she is saying she is loosing weight if so i love you tabatha aand i hope you can be a strong as you can!!! you are the best cat that is your age !!! i just wanted to say that even though i am 9 i am kind of old in CAT YEARS anyways every time i look at you i see a georgious cat i love you tabatha and god bless you !!! with love ,Phoebe


hi cats its Phoebe

January 10th 2013 7:37 am
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....Hi Ho He Ha Hi its Phoebe and i am sooooooooooooooo mad and kinda excited and anxious and curious because i have to got to the VET!! du du duuuuu! i totally HATE the vet because they hurt me right now i am thinking of a spot to hide so my mom wont find me hmmmmm. OOHH oh oh ooohhh!! maybe in the refridgorator i can act like turkey roast!!! Yeah i think i will do that i will have to get deep deep deep in it !!!! If my mom doesnt find me she will have to take a stuffed animal of a replica of me and she will pay about 90$ just for a check up for a stuffed cat !! Ha good plan eeh!!!!???? and then i will get some chips and lay back on my chair and watch some Full House and just wait for her to return . I kinda like it well bye!! :)))))


hi people!!!

January 3rd 2013 7:40 am
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....Hi people its Phoebe and i love to eat!!! My mom is yelling of how fat i am!! she said you r a hamhock Phoebe!! but it dont know what that meens well anyways i got a light up ball for christmas with a fake snake in my stocking from Santa paws and my mom gave me greenies with little colored mice!! i love it soo much i just cant take it i love it ssoooo much!!!! i am a spoiled cat !!! i mean i am a loving cat !! bye!!!


Im at school once again!!!!!

December 13th 2012 7:36 am
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....Hello my name is Phoebe oh yeah you already know ha! well i am in the computer lab not the computer labretory that would be where the computers go to the bathroom.So i am a cat who cares why i said that is because i got bullied. i think that is not cool at all. People call me a dork and i am a stupid person/cat!!! So i love myself i get it ok you can stop!!! they said NO WAY JOSE!!!! i said i will tell on you ha so i did and they got suspended and i got detention i dont know why though!!!!!! and it is 10:28 am and i already got in trouble not cool man! So i told them i will go to the labretory and make myself a cup of cocoa in the toilet/litterbox. and i said i will drink it too! and that is when the bullies heard me. so they took me to the bathroom and the told me to go and do do my bees wax so i did. and they told me to drink it so they dunked my head in the toilet after i did it and i am wet now!! i cant do anything about it! Sorry i took it out on you well bye Meow!!!

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