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The Life Of A Spoiled Kitty

Hi! :)

September 20th 2012 11:00 am
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Hello kitty friends! It's Ashley here! I haven't written a diary entry yet! I thought today would be a purrrrrrfect day to write an entry! Well let's start off with the basics. I'm Ashley Marie, Marie is my middle name :) I have 5 siblings they live with different families, so I only see three of siblings and I also get to see my mommy! Her name is Liger and my 3 brothers that I see are Tiger, Rocky and Baby Sam! I live with 2 hamster sisters, 1 kitty sister, 1 boy kitty and a doggie sister! I'm not related to any of them but they sure are my family! :) My kitty siblings are Onyx and Starlight! Our owners rescued them! My doggie sister is Tinkerbell! She's a chihuahua! And my hamster sisters are Buttercup and SweetPea! I love my family sooooooooooo much! Well I'm your usual cat, I'm a complete diva, I love my beauty sleep, and I absolutely love treats and cat nip! Talk about YUMMY! My moms a health nut so she always makes us yummy food! I get to sit in the window with my brother and sister, I get to go outside for the occasional walk on the porch, but hear me out I am totally not a tom boy! I hate getting dirt on me! But I do love to smell the fresh air and watch the birds and chipmunks and other critters run and play outside! I guess you could say were spoiled! But were not spoiled rotten! I can't believe it's almost Halloween either can my siblings! My hamster sisters have never celebrated a halloween before since they were born in July! But I have been living with my family since I was born! Well mommy's going to take me outside for awhile! Talk to you later friends!
Kitty Kisses and lots of purrrrrrrrrrr's,
Ashley :)



October 7th 2012 2:27 pm
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Hi Catster friends!! How are you doing? I'm doing really good, hope you are too! Today was a resting day for me and my siblings! It's reallllyyy cold out! BURRR! Good thing mommy put the heat on! I started the day with some yummy salmon! Then I took a short cat nap on my moms lap, then I woke up and she started brushing me again. After that I played with Tinkerbell, she keeps we awake all day because she always wants to play! That silly dog! She should know that I need my beauty rest! I took a quick self bath after playing, I can't go walking around with a dirty coat! Wait a minute... Tinkerbell just said she overheard mom saying that she was going to start brining up the Halloween decorations, could it really be Halloween time?! WOW I can't believe it's October! I better practice my scary tricks to play on Tinkerbell! Just kidding! But I really should look at some costumes for this year, yes I do like to dress up! Anyways do any of you fellow kitties know what there being for Halloween(if you like to dress up of course)


Hello to my fellow divas!

January 4th 2013 6:53 pm
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I haven't been able to get on the computer either! This is an outrage! Call my manager! I wanted to wish you all a happy holiday! :( I understand it's super late but, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I can't believe it's 2013! Luckily the world didn't end because that would have cut into my schedule too much, come on Mayans I have places to be! I had an AMAZING Christmas! I'm glad I got to spend it with my family, which is what it's all about. Everyone deserves to spend the holidays with their loved ones:) SOOOOOO, what did you all get? I guess my siblings and I were very good because we got lots of really nice stuff! My favorite gift was spending time with my family but catnip takes a close second! We also got new toys since Tinkerbell has destroyed most of them! I got a pretty pink mouse, my sister Starlight got a purple bird and my brother Onyx got a blue fish! All toys of course! Hope you all had a safe holiday! Talk to you soon! :D

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