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Hi Everyone! My Gotcha Day yesterday!

July 25th 2014 9:41 pm
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I has lived here for three years now! Isn't that a long time? It did lots of RAIN yesterday, we gotted all wet. Mummy wented to the cat rescue to play with shy kittens, I supposes I will let her as I was a shys kitten once too and I wants all the kittens to be friendly kittens and get great homes. Some kittens was sick and they didn't makes it. :(

I has been busy spreading seeds all around the place, they sticks to my fur and I has to groom them off. Mummy says it is how plants grow in new places. I don't wants plants growing on my fur!!


Thanks everyone!

May 12th 2014 11:10 am
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Thanks everyone for sending nice messages and leaving me lovely gifts for my CAT OF THE DAY annnnd my birfday! Mummy and Daddy wented on holiday just after I was cat of the day and when they came back I was sicks. The cat sitter tooked me to the emergency vet where I sometimes gives blood (I has done that three times now!) and then the next day he tooked me to the normal vet and then the day after that Mummy and Daddy tooked me to the normal vet and LEAVED ME THERE. I would have been mads and hissed but I was feeling so unwell. The nice nurses got me eating again and the mean doctors kept poking me. After two nights I decided I was hungry again and Mummy and Daddy broughted me home but kept trying to put nasty stuffs in my eyes and feeds me pills! ANYWAY I gots better and I is getting fat again, I got better just in times for my birfday.

I is working hards giving bloods to save other cats and Mummy and Daddy is working hard to help raise moneys to help other cats. They has done two concerts (I helps Daddy practise by jumping on the organ keyboard) and Mummy makes some calendars and they goes to see all the other cats and plays with them and strokes them. Sometimes I is generous and lets them borrow my old toys to use with the cats (or gives them the toys if I doesn't want them anymores). There is so many kittens all needings homes this year! Some peoples just don't cares enough to makes sure their cats doesn't has unwanted babies. I'm sure all your mummies and daddies takes care of their cats, it is sad not everycat gets looked after. Remember that your local shelter might want your old toys, beds, blankets, even towels! And always foods! And when your mummy and daddy's friends says "Oh your cat is the most pawsome cat in the world, he is so cute that now I wants a cat too", suggest they adopt a kitty insteads of buying one!

I hopes you is all having fun, the stupid rain keeps raining over here and makings me all wet. But sometimes it is sunny. We did not have that horrible snow stuff that is so cold this year but mummy said the kitties in America got loads! Hopes you all didn't has to live in igloos!


I is TWO!

May 9th 2013 8:53 am
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Well, problees! We isn't quite sures because we little kittens have allready been borned when we was rescued, but we weren't very old so the vet was able to make a good guess. Big thank yous to everyone who sended messages and those who sented me the fun gifts on my page!

We had speshul pate for breakfast, Mummy setted it on fire and then blewed out the fire and sanged me a song. Mayflower ated all her share of the pate really fast and then tried to eat mine! I had been too busy sniffing her tail to take more than a couple of bites. Mummy rescued it from Mayflower and gaved it to me again later when I had worked up a huge appetite! Then I ated it all up.

Mummy has putted a pikshur of my birthday on my page if you want to sees!



April 3rd 2013 12:25 am
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Hey everyone! There is some suns out at the moment and Mummy says later the CLOUDS will comes and takes it away, so I is going to be spending my morning getting a suntan! I will sees if I can make my white bits match my ginger bits!


Silly Snow!

March 31st 2013 4:30 am
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Hey furriends! That stupid cold snow stuff keeps coming down so we've been a feeling a bit cooped up, todays FINALLYS the sun has comed out and I has had a good sunbathe. Also we got some speshul paté for dinners today as we can't haves chocolate and Mummy and Daddy isn't going to be making yummy roast dinners for us today because they is going to see some friends. Normally on Sunday we gets some of their dindins but not today.

Mummy and Daddy gotted us a bed that hangs on a radiator but we hasn't been very sure about using it, until lately Mayflower discovered it gets some great sunshine for a brief time in the morning, so she now sometimes hogs it while I'm still busy going through my morning routine of going round getting mud everywhere.

Hope you is all having fun chasing bunnies for Easter!


Hey Everyone! I'm a blood donor!

February 19th 2013 11:49 am
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I knows we has been bad abouts keeping you updated! Winter is too miserable and not much great stuff happens except Christmas. That stupid white snow stuff come back and made us all cold and wet, it's not much funs going out in that to the toilet!

A few weeks ago I was a VERY BRAVE AND SPESHUL CAT! Guess whats I did? I donated blood to another kitty who was very very sick and needed "tumours" taking out of his head. The other kitty was called Otto but he was so sicks he was still asleep with the doctors when Mummy came to collects me from the hospital, so we doesn't know how well the operation wented. My fur they tooked off my leg and neck still hasn't comed back! The hospital ladies was all very nice and they letted me sleep while they tooked the blood out (Mummy said they probably wouldn't, but they did because it was my firsts time). Afterwards I did not want the yucky hospital foods or even my treat Mummy broughted along to put in my carrier when she pickeded me up. But when I got home I eated lots and lots of food so Mummy wouldn't worries anymore. I wasn't sleepy at all and kept running around, Mummy was getting all worried! Daddy finally letted me out of the house at "it's two in the bloody morning Mikey" o'clock because I kept headbutting and shoving the cat flap which they had lockeded up because the hospital lady said I shouldn't go out because I'd be sleepy! But I likes going out and I was not sleepies!

Anyway so now I has a manly bald patch on my leg (and on my neck, but my collar covers that up so it isn't so impressive looking). The hospital lady said no more going to the hospital to give more for two months at least, otherwise I will have no bloods left! Also they gave me a free bag of FOOOOOD with "thank you Mikey" on it.

When we was waiting for the hospital lady to be ready to takes me, Mummy showeded me a pikshur on the wall of a cat IN THE WATER! It was walking on a speshul treadmill underwater for pets who can't have normal "hydrotherapy" where they goes swimmings but still it would do them goods to be in the water doings some exercise. Brave kitty! Mummy says it is mostly for dogs.

After Christmas Mummy and Daddy gotted us some new toys (we also got a new ball and toy mousie on Christmas, and yummy pate for lunch). One is an annoying ball in a track and the ball won't come out! I has tried and tried. Mayflower only plays with it when Mummy puts catnips in it, then Mayflower is so destructives she just breaks it open and the ball comes out! Also we gotted a little house to sit in and it has scratching stuff in the bottom so I can sit and scratch in it. I likes sitting hiding in it then POKING Mayflower as she goes past!

Mayflower and I has been getting on mostly, she is letting me sleeps quite close sometimes. The other day I was sitting quite close and I was swishing my tail around (I don't like keeping it still except when I is asleeps!) and it was in her face, and she went "smack" and pinned my tail to the bed!! Cheeky! I pretended I hadn't noticed and gently swished it back out again. The other day she went to sleep on two of my favouritest toys and I was poking her and she didn't even get up enough for me to get them.

Today it was so nice and sunny we wented out in the back garden. While we was there Tigger camed along and wanted to be in the garden too. I ranned away into the kitchen but Mayflower stood her ground and tolded him off!! Then she graciously let him sleep on the patio while she was on the grass, so I camed back out and sat on the step.

Mummy will upload some pikshurs of us soon so check them out! Mummy also puts up pikshurs at if you want to see more, and there is other cats too. (And some doggies, they are boring though!).



August 31st 2012 11:47 pm
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Hey everyone I broughted in my VERY FIRST MOUSE! I bringed it in the cat flap and did a special meow, Daddy camed to see if I was hungries because usually when I come in and meow it's because I wants more dindins, and he sayed "Mikey has got a mouse, get the camera!" and Mummy camed running and tooked a pikshur and the next thing I knew they distracted me withs a meatstick treat and the mouse was GONED! Maybe it had runned away because I hadn't killeded it yet because I wanted to teach mummy and daddy hows to do it.

ANYWAY I still gotted my first mouse! Mummy says she thinks I was showings off because yesterday they went to see a friend who had just gotted two new cute kittens instead of spending all evening admiring and feeding ME.




August 21st 2012 9:28 pm
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Hi everyone IT IS NOT FAIR mummy and daddy hasn't gived me any wet food today or yesterday NOT FAIR there is dry food but that is so boring I don't want to eat it anyway I'm wasting away here, I wills soon be a skinny kitty! I has pounced them so much and yesterday I mewed and mewed and MEWED but still no food! Why won't they do what I say?! Give me my favouritest foods mummy! Mummy says "no because of your teefs" but I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants it! Where is it?!



July 25th 2012 8:43 am
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It has beened a whole year since I camed to live with Mummy and Daddy and Mayflower! I is much bigger now! When I camed here I couldn't even jump up onto mummy's bed, I had to climbed up the duvet instead with my claws. Mayflower used to jump up on the kitchen counters so I couldn't jumps up after her, and then she would GLOAT! Gloat and groom! But now she can't do that, I is big enoughs to jump too. Also I can goes out which I couldn't when I was littles!

I is enjoying all this lovely sunshines, it is almost TOO warms for me! Mayflower has been sleepings out in the garden today, underneath the barbecue... yesterday mummy and daddy had noms from the barbecue, but not today. Daddy has painted the special steps that go to our catflap so they is all red and posh, not just old and grey. We deserves fine steps!

Fanks to everyone who has sended pawmails and rosettes and gifts already today, it is great to be thought of!



June 18th 2012 4:22 am
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This week has been full of TEEFS! Firstly I hadded my teefs cleaned by the vet, and when I camed home I was running round and round and round because the vet sayed I had to stay warm and quiet so mummy and daddy didn't wants to let me out! Then I started fightings with Mayflower and mummy and daddy wasn't pleased (Mayflower wasn't pleased either). In the end Mummy letted me out for a little while because she thinked if I found out it was raining I wouldn't WANT to go out anymore! Which sort of worked. Anyways apart from that my teefs are much betters now, daddy tooked me to the vet again a few days later and it was a girl vet who thinks I am HANDSOME. I has to keeps eating my special dental foods because she says I is probably a cat who will always be prone to getting badness in my mouth. If I eats the dental foods it will be a few years before any teefs have to be taked out.

Then Mummy had to go to a people vet to have something doned to HER teefs! But somefing went wrongs with it and now her face looks all funny and she did not goes to work today. Mayflower has been sittings on mummy's lap and I is just napping quietly. A strange man camed to fix the internets (we has not been able to check Catster all weeks because it was broked again!) and that was all the excitement I could handle this morning. Especially as on Saturdays HUNDREDS of peoples came to the house. Mummy says actually it was only about ten but it felted like hundreds!

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